4 Ruger American Ranch Problems & Solutions: Expert Advice

No doubt, Ruger American Ranch is famous for its reliability and performance. It can produce large target groups at times.
Also, it’s cheap and stupidly quiet.

But recently, I noticed a few Ruger American Ranch problems, including feeding, trigger, accuracy, and magazine problems.`

These problems have urged me to find amazing solutions with dedication, which I will share with you in this article.

Let’s delve in to find ease in life!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Cartridges have jammed during shotsWiden the difference between the follower and the feeding lips.
Stiff TriggerCleaning and replacement.
Accuracy IssueClean; use different ammos.
Problem with the MagazineAdjust the lips.
Ruger American Ranch Problems

Ruger American Ranch Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Cartridges have jammed during shots:

First of all, owners have encountered a few somewhat frustrating feeding issues. Despite its reputation for reliability, cartridges have jammed during shots. It is particularly true with certain types of ammo.

Upon inspection, it seems that the magazine follower may be catching on the inner wall of the magazine.

It causes the feeding issue. This doesn’t occur with every piece of gear; it’s a concern that needs to be addressed.

It affects the rifle’s performance and reliability.

Okay, so a reliable solution is crucial. Go and seek!

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Rather than immediately switching ammo, we inspected the magazine for any issues.

Sure enough, we found that the feeding lips had a slight gap that was causing the problem.

Instead of rushing to a gunsmith, we opted for a DIY approach by widening the difference between the follower and the feeding lips.

A little trim with a Dremel worked wonders, and the feeding issue has been resolved.

This research taught me the importance of understanding the mechanics of a firearm.

2. Stiff trigger:

The next is a stiff or hard trigger. This can make it challenging to shoot accurately.

This stuck moment during firing can be frustrating, especially after putting in hundreds of rounds.

I’ve searched for this problem firsthand. The trigger issue can detract from the overall shooting experience.

However, with some adjustments and practice, it’s possible to reduce this challenge and enjoy the full potential of the firearm.


So, with some cleaning and assembly adjustments, these problems can be resolved.

  • One is to ensure the trigger assembly is cleaned regularly with a quality cleaner and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely.
  • Also, replacing any worn or damaged components can improve the trigger quality significantly.

It results in a smoother and more enjoyable shooting day at the range.

3. Accuracy Issue:

An accuracy issue can be frustrating and confusing. Owners have noticed that groups are widening over time.

It leads to drifting and inconsistent results.

At first, they swear by the same ammo and scopes, but the problem persists. It leaves them puzzled about what happens.

This issue can be particularly disheartening for those who rely on the Ruger American Ranch for precision shooting or hunting.

It highlights the importance of addressing accuracy concerns to maintain confidence in the firearm.


So, what to do for a solution? Sometimes, a simple cleaning can make a significant difference in performance.

Besides, I’ve found that switching to a different ammo brand can sometimes alleviate accuracy problems.

However, if these basic troubleshooting steps don’t deliver results, it may be worth consulting a gunsmith to measure and adjust the free float of the barrel for optimal precision.

It’s important to remember that, when it comes to accuracy, there’s no one-size-fits-all rule.

Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the solution that works best for your specific firearm.

4. Problem with the magazine:

Last but not least, one recurring issue that some users encounter is related to the magazine.

There are instances where it refuses to cooperate. The feeling of frustration when the magazine fails to feed properly can be significant.

The gun should resolve this frustrating issue. Right?


There’s a straightforward solution that doesn’t require gathering the warranty.

Often, the culprit behind feeding issues is a gap between the magazine lips, causing reliability issues.

Instead of relying on DIY fixes that may void the warranty, a simple file can be used to adjust the lips and ensure smooth feeding.

This DIY approach not only addresses the issue promptly but also empowers gun owners to handle minor problems with confidence.

It keeps their Ruger American Ranch in top condition for all shooting attempts.

My Final Conclusion:

In my research with the Ruger American Ranch, it’s been a mix of joy and frustration.

There have been moments of feeding issues and accuracy hiccups that have dampened the sunshine.

However, these issues are often fixable with the right approach.

Whether it’s adjusting the trigger or experimenting with different ammo options, there are ways to enhance its accuracy. It makes it a more satisfying companion on outdoor excursions.

For those willing to invest the time and effort, the Ruger American Ranch can evolve from a source of frustration to a trusted firearm of one’s choice.

It’s about embracing the journey to truly appreciate the roses that come with it.

My Friends Feedback:

Some friends have had problems with the Ruger American Ranch rifle right from the start.

Issues like trouble ejecting casings and too much flash from the bolt have frustrated users.

Even after trying to fix these problems through customer service or at the gun shop, issues with parts like springs, ejectors, and extractors still exist.

People have also complained about the accuracy, noticing differences in how the barrel and action performed.

Many shooter friends still aren’t happy with how reliable the Ruger American Ranch is.

One friend who has the Ruger American Ranch in 300 Blackout has major problems with the bolt and using magazines.

Despite being advertised as working with AR magazines, it struggled to feed 223 rounds smoothly.

Trying different barrel and trigger setups at close range didn’t help. Even upgrading to a Leupold VX1 scope with proper tightening using a Wheeler fat wrench didn’t fix things.

Also, there were worries about the thread protector and how loud the rifle was.

Some people liked how light the rifle felt because of its plastic construction, but others switched to a walnut Boyds stock for better performance.

Some buyers are reconsidering their decision to buy the Ruger American Ranch.

Common Questions Asked About Ruger American Ranch:

Is the Ruger American durable?

For over a decade, the American-made Ruger rifle has set the standard for accuracy, durability, and performance among bolt-action rifles.

Is Ruger American Ranch a heavy barrel?

The American Ranch stands out with its 16.12-inch heavy barrel equipped with a Ruger muzzle brake featuring 11/16-24 threads.

Is Ruger 100% American-made?

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., commonly known as Ruger, is an American firearms manufacturer headquartered in Southport, Connecticut. They also have production facilities in Newport, New Hampshire; Mayodan, North Carolina; and Prescott, Arizona.

What is Ruger best known for?

Ruger holds the top position in the U.S. market for 22 LR Rimfire rifles. Their 10/22 semiautomatic rifle is widely favored and offers good value for its popularity.

What action is the Ruger American Ranch taking?

The Ruger American Rifle Ranch Bolt-Action Rifle.

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