4 Ruger PC Carbine Problems: Expert Tips For Solutions

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As a rifle lover, I liked the Ruger PC Carbine. I searched about this gun and faced Ruger PC Carbine Problems. I specifically searched for four annoying problems.

However, the PC Carbine boasts impressive features and is generally well-regarded. However, gun owners must know these potential issues and seek solutions to ensure optimal performance. I am with you in this difficult time!

Come, here are problems and solutions!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Empty Casings aren’t Kicked OutTweak and adjust the extractor; consult a gunsmith.
Trigger ResetCheck the trigger mechanism; use aftermarket assemblies.
Jamming IssueTighten the barrel nut to secure the barrel in place.
Feeding ProblemInspect the cartridge before loading it into the chamber.
Ruger PC Carbine Problems

Ruger PC Carbine Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Empty Casings aren’t Kicked Out:

First of all, the annoying concern is the ejection problem. It’s frustrating when empty casings aren’t kicked out as they should be after a round is fired. It disrupts the shooting flow.

This often results in delays as shooters have to manually clear the bolt-closing mechanism.

Trust me, a simple solution is very necessary to tackle this problem.

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Alright, there is a solution that has proven effective for many: addressing the bent ejector.

Tweak and adjust the extractor. By possibly even filing down any rough edges, you can often resolve these ejection problems.

Some may feel comfortable attempting this themselves with the right tools.

It’s always advisable to consult with a licensed gunsmith if you’re unsure.

Many have reported a noticeable difference in ejection performance after implementing these adjustments.

This makes the Ruger PC Carbine a more reliable and enjoyable firearm to use.

2. Trigger Reset:

Secondly, the problem revolves around trigger reset.

While the boom of each round firing is satisfying, a rare glitch in the trigger reset can throw off your shooting mood.

This issue can be particularly frustrating during shooting competitions or in scenarios where self-defense might be necessary.

It’s essential to address this trigger reset issue promptly to ensure consistent and reliable performance.


Let’s seek a solution.

  1. One common suggestion is to check the trigger mechanism for any signs of wear or a stretched return spring.
  2. Aftermarket assemblies are also available for those who prefer a more customized approach.
  3. I found that a smidgen of lubrication on the trigger components significantly improved trigger reset.

This process requires some notice and familiarity with firearm mechanics.

It’s worth it to ensure a smooth and reliable trigger action.

For those facing similar issues, reaching out to Ruger or a trusted gunsmith can provide additional work to resolve the problem efficiently.

3. Jamming Issue:

Next, jamming issues in the Ruger PC Carbine can be a mood killer during what should be an enjoyable shooting practice session.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having rounds stuck mid-fire. This not only disrupts the flow of shooting but also raises serious concerns about the reliability of the gun.

Upon research, I discovered that the barrel nut had come loose. It causes a gap between the barrel and the stock. It affected the alignment of the barrel during firing.


So, the solution was relatively simple: tightening the barrel nut to secure the barrel in place.

Since making this adjustment, I’ve found a significant improvement in the PC Carbine’s performance. There were fewer jamming incidents during shooting sessions.

4. Feeding Problem:

Last but not least, one issue that some shooters encounter is feeding problems. It may occasionally struggle to chamber rounds smoothly, leading to interruptions in the shooting experience.

This can be frustrating, especially during high-pressure situations such as competitions or self-defense scenarios.


Finally, let’s talk about a solution. One pro tip to address this issue is to inspect the cartridge before loading it into the chamber.

Look for any signs of damage or dents that could impede the feeding process.

Additionally, ensuring proper maintenance and lubrication of the firearm can help minimize the occurrence of feeding issues.

So, you must have a smooth shooting experience after following all these steps.

My Final Conclusion:

Let’s sum up. I’ve researched a few problems that may affect shooting performance.

Ejection and feeding issues have been reported by some users. They lead to jamming and trigger resetting challenges.

However, these issues are often fixable with minor adjustments and tuning.

The carbine itself is quite versatile and is recommended for its reliability and blast.

Make the right solutions and adjustments. You can provide a satisfying shooting experience without breaking the bank.

My Friends Feedback:

When discussing the Ruger PC Carbine with friends, they have encountered feeding issues with certain magazines.

Some have experienced jams and failures to feed or extract. This is particularly true when using Glock mags or aftermarket options like the ETS 30 rounder.

A friend of mine, a retired police officer, faced a frustrating issue with his PC carbine when it consistently failed to eject properly

He ordered and installed MCarbo parts such as the extractor and bolt pins, but the failure persisted. It led to a loss of trust in the firearm in crucial situations.

This feedback highlights the importance of reliability and performance in firearms.

Some friends have reported issues with ejection, noting cases that are partially blackened. It suggests a gas or blowback problem.

While some have found success with aftermarket parts and thorough cleaning, others have had to resort to replacing the firearm altogether due to ongoing issues.

The Ruger PC Carbine may be a great choice for many.

But for others, the reputation for reliability doesn’t always align with their experiences.

Common Questions Asked About Ruger PC Carbine:

What is the maximum effective range of the Ruger PC Carbine?

A 16-inch barrel Ruger PC carbine is designed for 50 meters but can handle 100 meters. With basic 115-gram FMJ rounds, hitting a man-size target at 150–200 yards requires skill.

Is the Ruger PC Carbine +P rated?

Ruger PC carbines can safely use +P ammunition.

Why is a carbine better than a rifle?

Pistol caliber carbines are lighter and have less recoil compared to rifle calibers, making them easier to handle.

What is a PC carbine used for?

The PC9 (9mm) and PC4 (.40 S&W) are based on Ruger’s popular Ruger 10/22 rimfire carbine. They’re designed for law enforcement but are also sold to civilians.

Why is it called a carbine?

“Carbine” originates from the French word “carabinier,” meaning “rifleman.” It was first used in 1693, during the Battle of Neerwinden. Soldiers found longer muskets difficult to handle on horseback, leading to the adoption of carbines.

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