5 Mossberg MVP Scout Problems with Quick Fixes Guide

The Mossberg MVP Scout is popular among rifle enthusiasts for its versatility and robust design.

But, with time, Mossberg MVP Scout problems occur—particularly, these range from stiff bolts to feeding issues.

These problems can turn a shooting session into a frustrating experience. They disrupt the flow and undermine confidence in the rifle’s performance.

Thankfully, many of these issues have practical solutions.

This article allows shooters to address them effectively and restore the rifle’s reliability and performance.

So, scroll down and enjoy!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Stiff BoltUse regularly, tighten or loosen the bolt.
Magazine Release IssueCareful milling and sanding of the release mechanism.
Light Primer StrikesCarefully inspect and clean the pin area.
Heavy TriggerAdjust the trigger pull. Contact a gunsmith.
Cartridge Feeding IssueCleaning and inspection.
Mossberg MVP Scout Problems

Mossberg MVP Scout Problems and Practical Solutions

1. Stiff Bolt: 

First and foremost, it is a stiff bolt. It is especially true when you’re out in the field. I’ve noticed that the bolt can sometimes stick. The result? It affects the overall shooting experience.

I noticed the stiffness of the bolt right away. Initially, this made the action less enjoyable and somewhat frustrating.

Trust me, this problem requires a fast solution!

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Are you experiencing a stiff bolt? Just hang in there. By surpassing the 100-round mark, the stiffness began to wear off. With regular use, the action will improve.

You’ll find shooting much more satisfying in the long run.

Tightening or loosening the bolt might help initially. But consistent use is key to a lasting solution.

2. Magazine Release Issue:

The next frustrating problem is with the magazine release. During a shooting session, the magazine often fell out unexpectedly. This was highly distracting and made it difficult to maintain focus.

This issue was serious, as it interrupted the flow and aim. The tolerances related to the magazine release seemed off. You know? Hitting the release button sometimes made the magazine slip out instead of staying securely in place.

Additionally, the slide action when cycling the next round felt bulky. This made what should have been an enjoyable time quite frustrating.


Let’s talk about a solution. After some adjustments and testing, owners found a trick to make the release action smoother.

It involves cautious milling and sanding of the release mechanism. This ensures it functions seamlessly.

This solution not only addresses the current issue but also prevents it from recurring in the future.

If you’re facing similar issues, I recommend consulting a professional gunsmith for the best results.

3. Light Primer Strikes:

Next, owners encountered a persistent issue: light primer strikes. Here, the trigger click doesn’t result in a bang, which can be incredibly frustrating. Especially during critical moments.

It’s disruptive and throws off your shooting rhythm. It forces you into a sleuthing mode to identify the culprit.

I found that the issue often lies in the ignition process, where the firing pin fails to strike with sufficient force to ignite the primer.

This problem can arise due to various factors. These range from trigger mechanics to the condition of the firing pin itself.


Let’s come to a solution. The position of the firing pin is crucial to its function.

Sometimes, due to wear and tear or improper maintenance, the pin may not be protruding adequately. It leads to inconsistent firing.

One effective solution is to carefully inspect and clean the pin area. Ensure it moves freely and is in the correct position.

Additionally, replacing worn-out parts can significantly improve firing reliability.

By addressing these problems systematically, you can enjoy a smoother shooting experience with your Mossberg MVP Scout.

4. Heavy Trigger:

Ahhh! The trigger issue. Despite its reputation for reliability, the heavy trigger proved to be a problem during accuracy testing.

Each pull felt unreasonably resistant. It disrupts aim and compromises the fluidity of the shooting experience.

Such a trigger issue can be particularly frustrating for focused sessions. Here, precision is essential.


Fret not, as there’s a solution to this problem. One approach is to adjust the trigger pull, which can significantly enhance the enjoyment of using your firearm.

However, it’s crucial to consult a gunsmith or follow step-by-step guidelines to ensure safety and avoid any mishaps.

It’s time well spent, as a comfortable trigger pull can make your shooting experience much more enjoyable and precise.

5. Cartridge Feeding Issue:

Last but not least, it is a feeding issue. During a recent session, frustration happened when the rifle consistently failed to properly feed.

It tries to chamber a round but often gets stuck. It requires owners to clear the firearm multiple times before it functions smoothly again.

This issue can be incredibly unsettling. It is especially true when you’re relying on your rifle for precision and reliability.


First and foremost, always check for the obvious.

Make sure your ramp is clean and properly lubricated. Often, disappearing magazine feed issues can be resolved simply by ensuring no debris obstructs the feeding process.

If the issue persists, it’s time to delve deeper.

Research and understand the mechanics of your firearm’s magazine system. Look for any deformities or irregularities that may impede feeding. A thorough inspection often works wonders.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smoother shooting experience with your Mossberg MVP Scout.

My Final Conclusion:

Let’s conclude. It’s important to recognize its flaws. Despite its good reputation, this gun has some issues.

A common problem is with the bolt and magazine, which can cause inconsistent primer strikes during intense shooting sessions.

Other problems are feeding issues, heavy triggers, stiff bolts, and many others. This can be frustrating. However, each problem can be fixed.

With the right approach, you can often solve these issues and improve your experience with the Mossberg MVP Scout.

Mossberg MVP Scout Problems

My Friends Feedback:

In my circle, the Mossberg MVP Scout rifle has sparked some discussion.

While it’s praised for its fun and simple handling, especially in SHTF-type situations, some issues keep cropping up.

The bolt action can be rough and catches easily. It leads to inconsistent feeding.

However, my friends have found solutions through modifications, particularly in widening the magazine lips and filing down the follower.

Interestingly, those with broken-in rifles seem to experience fewer problems suggesting that minor gunsmithing might be necessary for optimal performance.

Additionally, there’s a consensus on the importance of using quality magazines to mitigate feeding issues.

While the MVP Patrol in 7.62 is noted for its stiff and gritty action, the 5.56 Thunder Ranch Edition stands out for its smoothness.

Despite these quirks, many appreciate the rifle’s general-purpose utility and its compatibility with AR-type magazines.

Common Questions Asked About:

Is the Mossberg MVP Scout a good rifle?

These dependable, all-purpose rifles are perfect for the range or the ranch, as well as for tactical situations. They offer the convenience of AR-magazine compatibility along with bolt-action accuracy and reliability.

What is the difference between the Mossberg MVP Scout and Patrol?

The scout rifle features a forward rail section, while the patrol rifle does not. Your preference determines whether you want a forward-mounted scope with long eye relief or not.

How much is the Mossberg MVP Scout?

The Mossberg carries a recommended retail price of $623.

Does the military use Mossberg?

The Mossberg 500 variant used by the US Army and several federal agencies features a steel receiver, whereas the civilian 500 model is equipped with an aluminum receiver.

Are scout rifles good for home defense?

Rob Pincus highlights the unique features of the Scout Rifle, as defined by Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsite. He demonstrates how these versatile features, including the three-point sling and redundant sighting system, make it a valuable weapon for hunting, survival, and close-quarters home defense.

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