About Us

Greetings from sunny California! I’m Dave, an experienced shooter and proud native of this beautiful state. Join me in exploring our website dedicated to the captivating world of red dot sights.

My love for shooting started in the diverse landscapes of California. From the local range to the enchanting woods, I developed a strong connection with firearms while facing the challenge of pursuing game animals. Each shot, each adventure with my trusty rifle, further fueled my passion for the craft.

As the years passed, my focus sharpened on target shooting. The allure of the long-range shooting challenge captivated me, leading to experiments with various firearms and different calibers. The satisfaction of hitting a distant target evolved from a skill to a personal triumph.

Fueled by curiosity, I continually seek new gear and explore advanced shooting techniques. This passion inspired the creation of this platform a space where I can share insights, cater to enthusiasts, and provide a wealth of information on guns and hunting.

This digital space is more than just a site; it’s a journey into the world of guns and hunting, designed to appeal to shooters and hunters of all experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or someone curious about topics related to guns, you’ve found a place to explore, upgrade, and maintain your Red Dots knowledge and skills.

If you’ve recently acquired a new gun or have burning questions about firearms, I’m here to offer guidance. Welcome to a digital haven where the wonderful world of firearms unfolds, and the spirit of shooting comes alive.

Dave Bridgman

Dave Bridgman