Solve 4 Common Aimpoint H2 Problems Effectively

Aimpoint H2 is a highly regarded optic known for its precision and reliability.

However, even the best tools have their challenges, and Aimpoint H2 is no exception.

Gaining an understanding of its potential difficulties and overcoming them is crucial. But if you own it or are considering purchasing this device, you have to learn about it.

In this blog post, we will delve into the Aimpoint H2 Problems and provide you with effective approaches and fixes.

Let’s dive in!

Issues & Fixes at a Glance

ProblemsQuick Solutions
Fading DotCheck the battery and replace if necessary. Contact Aimpoint’s customer service for further assistance if needed.
Zero ShiftEnsure the optic is securely mounted and tighten mounting screws. Practice consistent shooting techniques and consult an expert if zeroing issues persist.
Water WoesFasten lens caps properly to reduce water exposure. Ensure the optic is thoroughly dried after use in humid conditions.
Battery BluesUse premium batteries from reliable brands. Use a battery storage solution when not in use and keep extra batteries in your shooting bag.
Aimpoint H2 Problems

Aimpoint H2 Problems With Practical Solutions

1. Fading Dot:

A periodic occurrence that some Micro H2 users have reported is the fading or dimming of the red dot.

This issue can significantly impact visibility and aiming accuracy. This makes it particularly annoying in stressful shooting circumstances.

It’s a concern that requires attention, as a reliable sight is crucial for precision in critical moments.

Understanding this problem and seeking timely solutions ensures that your Aimpoint Micro H2 continues to be a dependable tool in your shooting armory.


For a quick solution, check the battery. Often, a dot that appears faint or inconsistent can be a symptom of a low battery.

Replacing it with a new one can swiftly resolve this problem. Also, pinching the brightness settings is a straightforward approach to increase visibility.

The Micro H2 offers multiple illumination settings. It allows you to find the ideal illumination for your specific shooting setting and significantly improves dot visibility.

It’s advisable to reach out for professional assistance. Contacting Aimpoint’s customer service and discussing the adjusting of brightness or battery-related concerns can often lead to a quick fix.

Remember, the company is committed to supporting its customers. It ensures your Aimpoint Micro H2 remains a reliable companion in your shooting endeavors.

2. Zero Shift:

A concern among Micro H2 users is the zeroing shift or drift over time. It can lead to decreased accuracy.

This issue has been noted in several instances, where the optic’s point of aim appears to change unpredictably.

Addressing this ensures your Micro H2 maintains its renowned precision and reliability.


As a solution, ensure it is firmly mounted on the weapon. Loose screws or a faulty mounting system can often lead to zero problems.

Regularly check and tighten the mounting screws. Also, using a thread locker can prevent them from losing due to recoil or tremors.

Also, purifying your shooting technique plays a crucial role. Sometimes, user error can interfere with the optic’s performance.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, it’s advisable to consult a skilled shooter or firearms expert. They can provide insights to ensure your Aimpoint Micro H2 is in the best possible condition.

Remember, precision in shooting comes not only from the equipment but also from the expertise and maintenance it receives.

3. Water Infiltration:

Micro H2 users have voiced worries about water infiltration. This is particularly true in rainy conditions. This can impair the performance of their optic.

Despite the Micro H2 being intended to be impervious, it’s important to take proactive measures to protect it against excessive exposure to water.

Understanding this exposure is key to maintaining the optic’s effectiveness. This is especially true when faced with a lot of rain.


To reduce water exposure to the Micro H2, a fundamental step is ensuring the lens caps are properly secured on the optic.

Consider using additional lens covers or a waterproof rain cover In environments where rainfall is constant. These add-ons provide an extra layer of defense against not just water but also debris.

In situations where your optic has been used in humid environments, it’s crucial to completely dry it before storage.

This practice helps avoid moisture from damaging the internal components of your Aimpoint Micro H2.

4. Battery Blues:

Micro H2 users have often reported a shorter-than-expected battery life. It necessitates frequent replacements.

This not only becomes a hassle but also adds to the overall cost of maintaining the optic.

Managing this issue effectively is crucial to ensure uninterrupted performance and user satisfaction.


For a solution, it’s essential to use premium batteries from dependable brands. Often, cheap or insufficient batteries fail to provide the anticipated battery life or steady power output required.

Aimpoint recommends lithium AAA batteries for powering the Micro H2. It ensures longevity and reliability.

Always check that your optic turns off properly when not in use.

A common management is leaving the optic in standby mode, where the dot remains illuminated. This leads to unnecessary battery drain.

Additionally, to maintain battery freshness, a battery storage solution can be beneficial. Keeping extra batteries in your shooting bag or range bag is also a practical tip.

Tested Alternatives To Aimpoint Micro H2

1. Aimpoint Micro T2:

The Aimpoint T2 emerges as a challenging alternative in the realm of red dot sights. This small yet powerful visual blends modern optics with an exact 2 MOA dot reticle.

The multi-layer coated lens ensures distinct and sharp aiming points. It is supported by outstanding light transmission.

It’s a choice that resonates with those who demand precision and clarity in their aiming systems.

Durability is a key feature of the Micro T2. Its tough aluminum housing is designed to withstand the worst conditions. This makes it a resilient partner for shooters.

The optic’s longevity is further enhanced by its single CR2032 battery. It is capable of operating for up to 50,000 hours.

Additionally, the Micro T2 offers tool-free windage and elevation adjustment.

2. Aimpoint PRO:

The Aimpoint PRO stands out as a tried-and-true red dot scope. It offers a blend of durability and precision.

It comes equipped with a 2 MOA dot reticle and boasts a notably long battery life of up to 30,000 hours.

Designed for versatility, the PRO’s tough housing is waterproof, impact-resistant, and recoil-resistant. This makes it a reliable choice in challenging environments.

`Additionally, when not in use, its lenses are shielded by front and back flip-up lens covers. The PRO is also appropriate for 24/7 operations. It is working seamlessly with night vision equipment.

3. Aimpoint Micro H1:

The Aimpoint H1 offers an affordable yet powerful alternative as a red dot sight.

It features a 2 MOA red dot reticle. It enables shooters to acquire targets precisely. A major highlight is its impressive battery life, with the Micro H1 capable of operating up to 50,000 hours.

In terms of build and usability, the Aimpoint H1 stands out with its lightweight yet strong aluminum construction.

This design offers both durability and maneuverability. It is essential for dynamic shooting scenarios.

Its parallax-free design helps shooters retain precision and target focus. Additionally, the H1’s complete waterproofness ensures dependable performance even in inclement weather. It makes it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.


My journey with the Aimpoint Micro H2 red dot sight has been a mix of admiration and challenges. This fantastic optic impressed me with its small and light design.

It features exceptional glass clarity and long battery life. However, this device has some issues.

The flickering dot was particularly troublesome. At times, the red dot flickered or dimmed, which was not only annoying but also interfered with my shooting experience.

In conclusion, while some users have reported issues like intrusion of water and battery life, there are workable solutions.

The Aimpoint Micro H2, with its mighty design and responsive customer service, stands as a testament to Aimpoint’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

Aimpoint H2 Problems

My Friends Feedback:

Gathering feedback from my friends and various users of the Aimpoint H2 has provided a diverse perspective on this high-end red dot sight. One common issue noted was with the front lens appearing canted. This raises concerns about its alignment.

Some friends who used the optic on slide-mounted firearms noticed issues related to recoil. They speculated that pressure or suction caused by handling might affect the lens’s alignment.

However, there was a split opinion on whether this was a significant concern or an acceptable characteristic of the optic.

A friend who’s an enthusiast in tactical shooting shared his experience with the Aridus Industries forend and CROM mount setup.

He emphasized the importance of having a reliable co-witness with the irons. It is especially during intense (vortex optics amg uh 1 problem) TCinVA classes or Virginia DCJS shotgun qualification sessions.

Another user, a veteran shotgunner, brought up a unique point regarding the 12 gauge recoil. He had noticed that after intense use, his Aimpoint’s adjustment turrets needed recalibrating.

This led to a discussion on whether the recoil impact of certain firearms could be too harsh for even the sturdiest red dot like Sig Romeo 1 pro problems.

As for alternatives, a few users mentioned exploring other brands like Primary Arms and Holosun for their microdots. They were curious about the performance of these brands in comparison.

Understanding the nuances of different brands can be crucial when making an informed choice. Ensuring that users are aware of both the strengths and potential sig sauer romeo 5 problems associated with each option.

However, it’s essential to note that every optic may have its share of challenges, and some users have reported leupold carbine optic problems with certain models.

Overall, while there are occasional concerns about certain aspects like lens cants or recoil effects, the consensus among my circle is that Aimpoint H2 remains a dependable optic.

Common Questions Asked About Aimpoint H2

Why is the red dot not working on my Aimpoint?

The battery might be discharged, replace battery. The battery might not be installed correctly, please see user manual for installation instructions. 

What is the difference between Aimpoint h1 and H2?

There is a difference in flip covers. As the ones on H-2 are well made, they always stay on the red dot itself. On H-1, there are classic bikini covers which can easily get lost and are not so comfortable for use. 

How accurate is Aimpoint?

The PRO is no more or less accurate than any other red dot. Dot size may make it more or less precise, but I would submit that at 50 yards, it’s hard for most to see the difference between a 1 or 2 or 4 MOA dot. Ammunition, barrel, position stability, etc.

Can I use my gun and the Aimpoint Micro H2?

With its adaptable design, the Aimpoint Micro H2 can be mounted on a variety of firearms.

Is the Aimpoint Micro H2 usable in various lighting situations?

Yes, the Aimpoint Micro H2 is built to perform well in a variety of lighting situations.

Is the Aimpoint Micro H2 water-resistant?

Aimpoint Micro H2 is completely waterproof

Has the Aimpoint Micro H2’s parallax been adjustable?

Aimpoint Micro H2 is a parallax-free optic by design.

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