Solve 3 Beretta 694 Problems with These Expert Tips

Researching for a Beretta 694 has provided enjoyable shooting experiences and a few challenges. This firearm is famous for its performance in the field, but like any complex machinery, it has its issues.

During my research with the Beretta 694, I faced three main issues: failure to eject, trigger problems, and inability to feed.

Despite these challenges, reviews often share practical tips based on real-world experience and analysis.

This article aims to help you have smoother shooting sessions with this strong shotgun.

Let’s explore!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

3 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Failure To EjectProper cleaning and lubrication.
Trigger IssueMake a small tweak to how the trigger is set up.
Failure to FeedA careful inspection of the magazine or replacement.
Beretta 694 Problems

Beretta 694 Problems with Their Practical Solution:

1. Failure To Eject:

A significant issue with the Beretta 694 is its failure to eject.

This problem occurs when spent shells get stuck in the chamber after firing. It causes a frustrating cycle of opening and closing the gun to clear the hulls.

The inconsistency, sometimes with the top barrel and other times with the lower barrel.

Often, the shell rim fails to engage with the chamber recess, causing it to stick. This can be due to debris or improper alignment, impacting the ejection process.

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Now, move on to fix this issue. First, ensuring that the ejectors are cleaned and thoroughly lubed can often provide relief from this problem.

Properly applying grease to critical points can prevent shells from being ejected smoothly, turning frustration into satisfaction with a simple fix.

This approach has worked wonders for anyone facing this issue. It eliminates the need for constant fiddling or sticks.

Sometimes, a slight adjustment in weights or a gentle tap on the hulls can also work as a quick trick to ensure smooth ejection.

2. Trigger Issue:

Next, my research revealed a common issue some users have encountered: trigger issues. Specifically, there are reports of the trigger not releasing properly after the first shot. This often leads to a hitch when trying to fire the second barrel.

This stubborn problem has perplexed many owners despite careful examination and testing of different loads.

It seems to worsen over time, becoming a growing concern among shooters.

Attempts to rule out issues with the hammer and shoulders have left some users refusing to fire freely.


Let’s talk about a solution. By making a small tweak to how the trigger is set up, it can make a big difference in the shooting experience.

This innovation can transform a potentially frustrating outing into an amazing one.

The key is to trust in the work of skilled gunsmiths who understand these intricacies.

3. Failure to Feed:

Last but not least, one issue that came up was failure to feed. It’s an alarming problem when rounds don’t move freely into the chamber.

A closer look often revealed a misaligned or worn-out magazine as the culprit. This random occurrence can significantly affect the performance of an otherwise reliable shotgun.


So, what’s the fix? A careful inspection of the magazine is key. Owenrs examined thoroughly for any visible cracks or damages.

In some instances, replacing it was necessary. They also checked the magazine spring to ensure proper tension.

If it was weak, they replaced the entire magazine.

This process was a learning experience, but their efforts paid off as the problem was completely resolved.

Beretta 694 Problems

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s concllude. While the Beretta 694 is famous for its quality, it’s crucial to address the issues uncovered during field testing. These issues range from failure to eject to failure to feed.

These challenges, though significant, do not overshadow the firearm’s overall potential.

With fixed solutions available and minor setbacks being addressed, Beretta demonstrates a commitment to maintaining confidence in its products.

As one of the well-known brands, Beretta continues to showcase its ability to resolve essential issues promptly.

My Friends Feedback:

Discussing Beretta 694 Problems with my shooting buddies revealed some interesting insights.

One mentioned how during a local club shoot with his almost newBeretta 694 Anniversary Edition, everything seemed perfect with sunny, dry weather conditions.

But after firing report pairs on the first stand, his gun jammed. The top lever became unmovable, and both barrels locked solid.

Despite trying to tap the buttstock lightly on the ground to reset the inertia trigger, it only moved easily after dry firing.

This frustrating incident wasn’t isolated. It occured randomly during shoots, affecting his confidence.

He shared on a knowledgeable forum that this issue isn’t uncommon but usually has a straightforward fix under warranty.

Another friend had a firing pin issue with his 694 B-Fast ACS, where the lower barrel refused to open after rounds.

Beretta acknowledged tight tolerances and replaced it promptly. Despite such setbacks, the 694 remains a great performer when it works well.

Common Question Asked Beretta 694 Problems:

What year did the Beretta 694 come out?

The Beretta 694, introduced in 2019, improves upon the 692 with ‘Steelium Plus’ taper-bored barrels for enhanced performance. Its stock features a fuller design than the 692, improving ergonomics, while a shorter fore-end iron enhances handling.

Does the Beretta 694 have mechanical triggers?

The trigger assembly features a three-position adjustable trigger and a fixed battery supported by two robust coil springs on spring guides. In the sporting version, a firing selector is integrated into the safety lever, which has been redesigned with enhanced checkering and ergonomic contours.

What is the difference between a Beretta 692 and a 694?

The 694 stands out from the 690 or 692 models in several key ways. Notably, its fences and stock head feature flutes designed to enhance peripheral target visibility, a subtle yet effective aesthetic enhancement. Additionally, the introduction of a new steel fore-end ‘iron’ is a notable change.

What choke does a Beretta 694 use?

The barrels are constructed as a monoblock with internal chrome plating. The trap version comes with fixed */ chokes, whereas the sporting version is equipped with a set of 5 Optima-Choke High-Performance chokes.

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