Top 8 Beretta A300 Ultima Problems: Tips for Quick Fixes

Let’s dive into the Beretta A300 Ultima and what users say about it. This shotgun enhances many features from its predecessors and resembles previous versions with some upgraded elements.

Despite its decent reputation, some users have encountered Beretta A300 Ultima problems.

Specifically, issues range from trigger and safety lock-up during firing to cycling issues that affect shot performance. Another concern is chokes, which can be hard to remove after use.

However, at first glance, the A300 Ultima promises solid performance and reliability. This makes it crucial to consider these aspects before purchasing.

In this article, we’ll discuss common Beretta A300 Ultima problems and their reliable solutions.

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Issues and Fixes at a Glance

8 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Jammed ChokesProper cleaning.
Triggers and Safety JammingReplacement of metal struts.
Broken Front SightContact Beretta.
Harder to Change Mag CapacitySeek professional guidance.
Cycling IssuesThorough cleaning and lubrication.
Failure to FireCleaning and replacement of the firing pin.
Failure to EjectThorough cleaning and use of high-quality ammunition.
Hammer IssuesThorough cleaning.
Beretta A300 Ultima Problems

Beretta A300 Ultima Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Jammed Chokes:

Let’s talk about jammed chops on the Beretta A300 Ultima. From what I’ve heard, users have sometimes complained about issues with choke installation.

Even with a brand-new gun, some have faced trouble when trying to swap or remove chokes due to rough threads or smooth installation problems.

This can be frustrating in critical situations where you need to quickly adjust for different shooting conditions.

Make sure your choke threads are kept in good condition and the process runs smoothly to prevent any unneeded hiccups during your shoot.

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What about the solution? Sometimes, chokes can get stuck due to dust or debris in the thread of the barrel. Here is a trick:

  • First, always clean the barrel threads thoroughly to remove any particles that might cause problems.
  • When installing or removing chokes, ensure everything is clean and dry.
  • If the factory chokes are hard to remove, a proper choke tube tool can assist in smooth removal and installation.

This simple step ensures your Beretta functions smoothly. It prevents any hiccups during your shooting sessions.

2. Triggers and Safety Jamming:

Discussing the Beretta A300 Ultima, one prevalent issue that owners sometimes encounter is safety and trigger jams.

A friend who owns one shared his experience with me recently. He said that the safety mechanism might not engage smoothly or the trigger might stick occasionally, especially on older models.

It’s not a common problem, but it can be frustrating during a hunt or at the range.

Despite these occasional hiccups, he still appreciates the reliability and performance of his Beretta for shooting sports and hunting outings.


Recently, a YouTuber demonstrated a common issue where metal struts inside the gun cause the hammer to jam when moving.

The cause was pinpointed to a slight curve in these metal struts, disrupting their conjunction with the hammer.

The solution proposed was a replacement of these metal struts with a redesigned part that ensures smooth operation.

Trust me, this fix addresses the problem effectively.

3. Broken front sight:

Next, there is a common problem: a broken front sight. Some users have complained about the front sight on their Beretta A300 Ultima.

They’ve noticed that the fiber optic sight can get damaged easily during shipping or might arrive defective.

It’s frustrating, but fortunately, it’s a problem that can usually be resolved quickly.


For a solution, dealing with Beretta was surprisingly smooth. They offered a free replacement without hassle.

Finding the right sight was easy too; their official site has a variety of choices for Beretta shotgun sight sets.

You can mix and match to your liking, ensuring you get the perfect replacement.

Having spares on hand is smart; it’s a quick fix and keeps you ready for any mishaps.

Beretta makes it easy to keep your gun in top shape.

4. Harder to Change Mag Capacity:

Next, one issue that stood out was that it was harder to change the mag capacity. According to users, the magazine limiter plug can be difficult to remove.

This makes it troublesome to increase the magazine capacity when needed. This can be frustrating for those looking to adapt their shotgun for different shooting scenarios or competitions.

The challenges with the magazine limiter plug have been noted as a point of improvement by several users.


When seeking solutions, a qualified gunsmith advised against DIY attempts, stressing the need for professional help.

Acquiring the tools and understanding to personally change the magazine’s capacity can be complex.

It’s crucial to ensure modifications align with safety standards and legal requirements.

Seeking professional guidance ensures proper action without compromising firearm performance or safety.

5. Cycling Issues:

Another frustration? Yes, cycling issues. Straight out of the box, some users have reported this common issue where the gun doesn’t cycle smoothly.

It seems there’s a break-in period required to get it properly broken in.

Once it’s broken in, many users find the Beretta A300 Ultima to be reliable and smooth-operating, a testament to its build quality and performance.


After some research, My friend found a simple solution: he advised users to thoroughly clean and lubricate the Beretta A300 Ultima.

This solution worked wonders, and now the gun cycles flawlessly. This ensures a smooth shooting experience every time.

6. Failure to Fire:

The next problem is the failure to fire with the Beretta A300 Ultima. This issue has caught the attention of field users, as it can be both annoying and frustrating.

Several factors contribute to this, including dirty or blocked firing pin channels. They can prevent the firing pin from striking the primer effectively.

Poor-quality ammunition is also a common culprit. It causes misfires due to inconsistent primers.

Over time, a worn firing pin can exacerbate the problem.

Understanding the root cause of failure to fire is essential for maintaining reliable performance with this shotgun.


The solution? Cleaning the firing pin and ensuring it’s free from debris has solved this problem on occasion.

For a more permanent fix, replacing the firing pin with a high-quality, fresh one can address underlying causes and restore the firearm to its proper function.

It’s all about hands-on solutions to keep your Beretta A300 Ultima running smoothly with every shot.

7. Failure to Eject:

Talking about the Beretta A300 Ultima, my research with it revealed a consistent problem: the failure to eject.

This issue became apparent on various occasions during the shooting experience. It’s an inconvenience that can disrupt the flow.

The causes range from a dirty extractor to inappropriate ammunition or even a malfunctioning magazine.

Sometimes, it’s just a user error.

Finding an effective solution is key to ensuring a smoother shooting experience without these hiccups.


My friend suggested a methodical approach to resolving this issue.

  • First, ensure thorough cleaning of the extractor and check for signs of damage that might need to be replaced.
  • Using quality ammunition is crucial for compatibility with your firearm.
  • Also, verify that the magazine is loaded correctly and inserted properly.

This ensures smooth operation and minimizes failure to eject issues.

8. Hammer Issues:

When discussing the Beretta A300 Ultima, a common topic that pops up is the hammer issue. My friend’s experience with this shotgun has been mostly positive. But the hammer problem is both perplexing and frustrating.

During testing, he noticed a failure to drop consistently, which affected the firing pin engagement.

This resulted in light primer strikes and insufficient force to fire. These hammer problems can spoil an otherwise enjoyable experience, even though some people might consider them to be a minor annoyance.


The solution involved a thorough examination of the hammer spring, which was crucial.

Over time, wear and dirt can cause damage. After a thorough cleaning, the owners replaced the spring and ensured it was properly seated.

After reassembling the gun, they tested it thoroughly.

This professional approach and precision resolved the issue.

My Final Conclusion:

Let’s summarize. This shotgun is reliable. But my research on it highlights a few problems. Issues such as occasional misfeeds and adjustments needed for different loads are notable. Other issues like FTF, FTE, hammers, triggers, and safety are generally serious.

Fortunately, most issues are easily fixed with minor tweaks.

Compared to its predecessor, the Beretta A300 Outlander, the Ultima offers improvements in accuracy and a smoother shooting experience.

The Ultima delivers on its promise of being a fast and reliable shotgun, even with its periodic hiccups.

My Friends Feedback:

Here, my friend’s feedback was mixed. He initially purchased the shotgun excitedly for dove hunting with his daughter.

However, it failed to eject properly. It caused frustration after just a few rounds were fired. Hoping it was a break-in issue, he cleaned and lubed the barrel and bolt with CLP and quality gun oil.

But the issues persisted. The customer service from Beretta was also lacking; after being sent back for repair, the shotgun still refused to cycle efficiently with various loads—slugs, buckshot, or bird shot.

Disappointingly, the semi-auto function he expected didn’t live up to its price point reputation.

Despite trying different cleaning and oiling techniques, the piston and bolt release lever continued to be problematic. This highlights a letdown from an otherwise reputable manufacturer.

Common Questions Asked About Beretta A300 Ultima Problems:

Is the A300 Ultima worth it?

The A300 Ultima Patrol offers Beretta’s legendary reliability. It combines essential tactical shotgun features. Despite a $1,100 retail price, it often sells for less than a thousand dollars.

Has Beretta fixed the A300 Ultima trigger?

The gun was sent back to Beretta, and they replaced the trigger group. Twice, Beretta shipped a replacement trigger group. Swapping out the trigger group took about 5 minutes, and since then, the gun has run flawlessly with regular cleaning through over 1000 rounds.

Can the Beretta A300 Ultima shoot slugs?

The sights are quick to acquire with buckshot and very accurate with slugs. Beretta equipped the A300 Ultima Patrol with a short Picatinny rail in front of the ghost ring rear sight for mounting optics. It features a full-length magazine tube capable of holding seven 2 ¾” shells.

Which Beretta is full auto?

The Beretta 93R is an Italian selective-fire machine pistol developed by Beretta in the late 1970s. Derived from the semi-automatic Beretta 92, it was designed for police and military applications.

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