7 Beretta A400 Xplor Problems with Proven Fixes

The Beretta A400 Xplor is known as a versatile and reliable shotgun. It is available in various gauges and barrel lengths to suit different shooting needs. Whether you’re a hunter, a clay shooter, or looking for home defense, this firearm offers a lot.

However, some users face Beretta A400 Xplor problems with their use.

Common problems include jamming, firing pin problems, and ejection problems. There’s also the issue of ejector displacement and cycling issues that can affect performance. The extractor sometimes causes damage to the chamber lip.

This blog post will explore these problems and their solutions in detail to ensure a smooth shooting experience for you.

Let’s dive in!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

7 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Guage ProblemsCleaning, lubrication and replacement.
Jamming IssuesCleaning, use high quality ammunition.
Ejection ProblemsCleaning and lubrication. Adjust to slower-burning powders.
Firing Pin ProblemsRegular cleaning or replacement.
Cycling IssueDisassembly, installation, replacement, lubrication.
Ejector DisplacementCleaning and inspection.
Extractor Damaging Chamber LipRegular cleaning and lubrication.
Beretta A400 Xplor Problems

Beretta A400 Xplor Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Guage Problems:

Experiencing problems with the Beretta A400 Xplor can be frustrating. Many users report gauge problems where the shotgun has malfunctioned during use.

One common cause is the accumulation of debris and carbon buildup in the chamber and cylinder head clearance. A worn recoil spring or buffer tube assembly can become another cause.

A common issue involves cycling issues, often due to improper gas system adjustments. This can cause increased wear and excessive pressure, leading to an unreliable firearm.

Additionally, poor ammunition selection can create chamber problems. It affects both accuracy and reliability.

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Let’s fix this issue. Regular use of bore cleaners and lubricants is crucial to maintaining performance.

Buffer tubes and recoil springs might need replacement every year, depending on the usage rate and environmental conditions. They should be inspected for signs of wear or damage every 6 months.

Regular maintenance ensures the shotguns remain reliable and efficient.

2. Jamming Issues:

Jamming issues with the Beretta A400 Xplor can stem from various causes. One common culprit is the buildup of dirt and residue in the gun’s action, which blocks proper cycling.

This problem often occurs if the shotgun is not regularly cleaned and maintained.

Another fault could be faulty ammunition or an incorrect loading technique. It leads to improper chambering of the cartridges.

Also, weak springs or broken parts can prevent the shells from ejecting correctly. Result? Frequent jams.


There are simple steps to fix them. Keeping the shotgun well-maintained and clean is crucial.

Dirt and residue can block the action, so clean it after every use.

Using high-quality ammunition ensures that cartridges are correctly loaded in the chamber, which helps prevent jams.

Also, replacing worn parts like springs that might be causing jams is inexpensive and easy to do.

These measures can significantly improve the shotgun’s performance and reliability.

3. Ejection Problems:

Next, one of the common issues reported by users revolves around ejection problems. Some owners have encountered situations where shells fail to be ejected properly after firing.

The workings of this can be fairly complex: the primer is ignited by the firing pin upon a trigger pull, which causes the shell to explode and release gunpowder fumes.

These gases produce pressure, which forces the projectile out of the barrel and down the chamber of the shell.

However, if any empty shells remain, they can cause force imbalances. The size of the shell, the kind of powder, and even humidity can have an impact on this.

Finding the balanced interplay of these variables is crucial for ensuring smooth ejection and reliable performance.


To minimize these problems, attention to proper maintenance is key. Regular cleaning and lubrication with gun oil keep parts moving smoothly.

Adjusting to slower-burning powders and larger shot sizes can help apply more forceful pressure for better ejection.

Cleaning thoroughly and ensuring all parts operate smoothly ensures your shotgun operates without ejection hiccups.

4. Firing Pin Problems:

Gun owners often raise firing pin problems as a significant concern with the Beretta A400 Xplor. The firing pin system is an integral part of this firearm. It is responsible for striking the primer of each cartridge to ignite the round.

The A400 has a single firing pin and spring, which should produce more consistent strikes than models with two separate pins and two springs.

However, difficulties arise when diagnosing malfunctions such as failure to retract after striking or failure to move the trigger.

These issues can stem from contaminated or broken springs, worn components, improper assembly, or defective parts.


Let’s find a solution. Inspect this critical component for any damage or wear.

Sometimes, debris can affect its function, so ensure it’s clean and free of obstructions.

Beretta’s service center offers intricate troubleshooting and can provide replacement parts like mainsprings if needed.

Regular testing of the firing pin structure is essential to maintaining reliable performance.

By addressing these specific parts, you can keep your Beretta A400 Xplor in top shape for your next hunt.

5. Cycling Issue:

Now, let’s discuss cycling issues with the Beretta A400 Xplor. These semi-automatic shotguns rely on a precise cycle of operation to function properly. But misfires, jams, or other malfunctions can disrupt your shooting experience.

Understanding the potential causes is essential. Often, a weak recoil spring can hinder the shotgun’s ability to cycle rounds with enough power.

Sometimes, dirt or debris buildup in the action bars or magazine tube can impede normal operation.

So, a reliable fix is important in this case.


There are several fixes to consider.

  • Start by disassembling the shotgun and cleaning up any obstructions in the action bar assembly or magazine tube.
  • Ensure all components are correctly installed and free of dirt or debris buildup.
  • Check the recoil spring for wear and consider replacing it if necessary.
  • Lubricate all moving parts adequately to reduce friction and help the shotgun cycle rounds smoothly.

Performing these maintenance sessions regularly can prevent issues and keep your Beretta A400 Xplor performing at its best.

6. Ejector Displacement:

A frustrating concern: Ejector displacement. One common complaint involves the ejector at the back of the receiver, which sometimes becomes misaligned due to wear and tear or improper use.

This misalignment can cause the gun’s bolt not to completely open after firing. It leads to failures in feeding rounds from the magazine to the chamber and subsequently failing to eject fired rounds properly.

Owners often notice this issue visually, especially when inspecting the area around the receiver for any abnormality.


Here are some simple steps to consider.

  • First, remove any ammunition and ensure the firearm is clear of any obstructions in its operation path.
  • Next, inspect the ejector components to ensure they are securely fastened and free from visible damage or excessive wear and tear.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to reassemble the firearm before re-testing its functionality.

7. Extractor Damaging Chamber Lip:

Last but not least, one of the more troubling concerns is the extractor damaging the chamber lip. This small piece of metal can cause significant performance issues if not properly maintained.

Gun owners have reported malfunctions where the extractor fails to engage correctly, leading to failures to extract spent casings.

The primary reason behind this issue often points to improper firearm manufacturing or poor alignment of crucial components during assembly.

Extractors are one example of a part that can wear out with regular use and possibly sustain damage, especially when subjected to the force needed for ejection.

Incorrect maintenance practices can exacerbate these problems.

Additionally, materials prone to corrosion may further complicate the issue. They affect the reliability of an otherwise dependable firearm.


It’s crucial to ensure proper cleaning and lubrication of your firearm using suitable lubricants in moderation.

Surfaces should be regularly wiped down and kept free from excessive grease or worn-out parts that might cause the extractor to malfunction.

If the issue persists despite routine maintenance, it might stem from incorrect manufacturing or a need for parts replacement.

Consulting a qualified gunsmith for repairs and maintenance checks ensures your Beretta A400 Xplor is always working optimally.

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s conclude. The Beretta A400 Xplor is a versatile firearm that promises much and largely delivers on its aspects.

Through research, however, several problems emerged. Jamming and gauge issues were persistent, along with cycling malfunctions and firing pin inconsistencies.

Despite its overall performance, these issues required diligent inspection and care to resolve.

While these challenges are solvable, they can lead to practical solutions for the average user.

My Friends Feedback:

When discussing the Beretta A400 Xplor, my friend’s feedback highlighted some issues. His 20-gram model, which should be a dual-purpose shotgun for both field and casual clays, was expected to cycle flawlessly.

However, after shooting around 100 rounds of 1160 fps 1 oz loads, problems arose. The gun stovepiped a lot, and the bolt locked back from double feeds about half the time.

On the skeet field, clearing jams frequently required disassembling the gun and manually racking the bolt handle.

He even attempted fixes like polishing the parts with stone and using large 2.75″ (1 oz.) loads, but the problems persisted.

Sending it to Cole Gunsmithing for warranty work didn’t resolve the problems. The design seemed to have defective gas ports, requiring precise drilling to enlarge them for a better cycle of light loads.

While using a dry lubricant on the gas system and adding weight to the barrel proved to be temporary solutions, the ongoing problems left the experience feeling time- and money-wasting.

Common Questions Asked About Beretta A400 Xplor Problems:

Is the Beretta A400 worth the money?

The A400 Xtreme Plus aligns with the “buy once, cry once” philosophy, where investing in quality upfront saves money over time. Though starting at $1,899, it’s not a budget option, but this Semiauto shotgun delivers exceptional value through its low recoil and reliability.

Does the Beretta A400 kick?

The Beretta® A400 Xplor Unico Semi-Auto Shotgun is equipped with advanced recoil reduction systems, such as Kick-OffTM hydraulic shock absorbers in the stock and a Micro Core recoil pad.

What is a Beretta A400 Xplor?

The new Beretta A400 Xplor Action is a semiauto shotgun that merges the innovative A400 features with the classic elegance of walnut and blue. It offers fast shooting, low recoil, and easy maintenance, making it perfect for hunting outings and the clay range.

Why is Beretta so famous?

The Italian army used the Beretta Model 1918, one of the first submachine guns in history, in 1918. Beretta continued producing rifles and pistols for the Italian military until the 1943 Armistice between Italy and the Allied forces during World War II.

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