Beretta APX Centurion Problems with Quick Fixes

When examining the Beretta APX Centurion, it’s crucial to engage with the array of challenges it presents.

From occasional reliability hiccups stemming from operating systems to ergonomic hurdles encountered during extended use, understanding and addressing these nuances is essential.

By reading this article, users can fully embrace the potential of the Beretta APX Centurion while ensuring a rewarding experience in the world of firearms ownership.

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Issues and Fixes at a Glance

8 ProblemsTheir Quick Solution
Weak EjectionEnsure high-quality springs, allow gradual break-in, and experiment with reliable ammunition.
Case RupturesStrengthen the recoil spring.
Poor AccuracyExplore alternative targeting methods and invest in the aftermarket.
Extractor Blowing OffContact Beretta for repair.
Magazine IssuesEnsure regular inspection and replacement of worn springs.
Firing Pin ProtrusionContact Beretta for assistance.
Shorter Slide StopConsider installing an oversized slide stop.
Spare Part IssuesFind spare parts for the APX firearm.
Beretta APX Centurion Problems
Beretta APX Centurion Problems

Beretta APX Centurion Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Weak Ejection:

This Beretta model faces common issues like weak ejection of spent casings. This occurrence can disrupt the shooting experience, often stemming from the firearm’s unique internal design mechanism.

Users may find spent casings failing to eject properly. This impacts their shooting rhythm and overall performance.

Factors such as a strong recoil spring can exacerbate this problem, necessitating adjustments in handling technique.

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To resolve the issue of weak ejection, shooters can take several proactive measures.

  • One approach is to ensure the use of high-quality springs that are less prone to failure or degradation over time.
  • Additionally, allowing the firearm to break in gradually can sometimes lead to improved ejection performance as components settle into place.
  • Experimenting with different types of ammunition, including various rounds known for their reliability, can also help address weak ejection issues.

By adopting these strategies, shooters can optimize the performance of their Beretta APX Centurion.

2. Case Ruptures:

Next, one significant issue that may arise is case ruptures during firing.

This occurrence can be particularly dangerous, as it involves the round exploding within the chamber.

The Beretta APX’s chamber design and slide dynamics play a crucial role in this scenario.

If the slide is not slightly out of battery when firing happens, the potential for hot, sharp metal shrapnel flying from the receiver is big.

Case ruptures are a serious concern that demands attention from firearm users.


One suspected solution to the case rupture is strengthening the recoil spring.

Ensuring the spring remains robust, helps the battery slide longer during firing, potentially mitigating the risk of case rupture.

However, the exact modifications required are not always stated. This leaves users to explore alternative versions or aftermarket barrels for the best long-term solution.

Additionally, seeking detailed explanations from experts can provide insights into the issue and potential fixes.

3. Poor Accuracy:

Among the issues users have reported is poor accuracy, a concern that can significantly impact the shooting experience.

This problem has been mentioned by some users and warrants attention.

One Beretta APX feature that may contribute to poor accuracy is its unique Combat Sighting System.

Unlike traditional sights, this system differs in its design and functionality.

While some shooters may adapt well to this system, others may find it challenging to achieve consistent accuracy.


Adapting different aiming methods can significantly improve accuracy.

By exploring alternative aiming methods, shooters can find a more suitable choice that enhances their accuracy and makes them feel more comfortable.

Investing in aftermarket sights is another viable solution to improve accuracy with the Beretta APX Centurion.

Whether it’s purchasing aftermarket sights or opting for a Beretta Fiber Optic Adjustable Sight Kit.

Additionally, incorporating accessories like a laser or tactical light can further enhance aiming capabilities and overall shooting performance.

4. Extractor Blowing Off:

One such issue that shooters may encounter involves the extractor detachment, which can lead to a host of complications.

This dilemma typically occurs during the ejection process, where the extractor fails to maintain a secure grip on the chambered case. This results in its rupturing or even the base of the case blowing off.

Consequently, this can lead to a dangerous release of high-pressure gas within the receiver.


Here, finding a fix can be daunting due to the scarcity of spare parts. Contacting Beretta for repair is the recommended solution, as they typically cover shipping both ways and replace damaged parts.

This ensures that the firearm is returned in proper working condition without the hassle of sourcing spare parts independently.

5. Magazine Issues:

Next, one significant issue that arises is magazine issues.

Encountering magazine issues often proves frustrating for shooters, as they disrupt the flow of shooting and require adjustments in handling technique.

The inconvenience stems from various factors, including magazine design flaws or inconsistencies in ammunition feeding.


The solution requires careful consideration and maintenance.

While stretching the spring is a natural occurrence, shooters can take proactive measures to mitigate its impact.

Regular inspection and replacement of worn springs can ensure optimal functionality and reliability.

By maintaining proper spring tension, shooters can effectively prevent issues with slide lock and ensure smooth operation of the Beretta APX Centurion.

6. Firing Pin Protrusion:

One issue that may arise is related to the firing pin. The firing pin in a Beretta APX may become stuck in the forward position, causing it to protrude from the slide.

When the firing pin becomes stuck and protrudes from the slide, it creates a dangerous situation for the shooter.

In such instances, the firearm is susceptible to out-of-battery detonation, where the cartridge ignites before it is fully seated in the chamber.

This can result in catastrophic case ruptures and potential gun failure, posing significant risks to the shooter and those nearby.


When faced with an abnormally protruding firing pin, it’s crucial to immediately document the issue with photos and contact Beretta for assistance.

They may provide a new slide or request the old one for testing to determine the root cause of the problem.

Addressing this issue promptly and effectively is essential to restoring functionality and confidence in the Beretta APX Centurion.

7. Shorter Slide Stop:

Among these concerns is the shorter slide stop, a feature that can prove problematic for users with larger hand sizes.

This design aspect can lead to difficulties in manipulating the firearm efficiently, particularly during reloads.


The shorter slide stop presents challenges for users seeking a comfortable and efficient shooting experience.

Installing an oversized slide stop provides an opportunity to address this issue effectively.

This alternative allows users to obtain and install a slide stop that better suits their needs and preferences, enhancing the usability of the APX series firearms.

8: Spare Part Issues:

One area of concern that shooters may encounter is spare part issues.

Finding spare parts for the Beretta APX can be challenging, given its unique design and the limited availability of certain components.

Owners faced the frustration of trying to source spare parts for their Beretta APX due to their scarcity in the marketplace.


When deciding to purchase a Beretta APX, it’s essential to consider the availability of spare parts.

Frequently, holsters and other accessories may be more readily available than critical components.

This limited availability can potentially lead to costly and inconvenient situations for shooters who plan to carry their firearms for concealed purposes.

My Final Conclusion:

In my opinion, the Beretta APX is a well-made pistol that offers a balance of performance and versatility.

While minor issues may occur from time to time, they’re often well worth it for shooters seeking a dependable firearm.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a newcomer to the shooting scene, the Beretta APX provides well-fitting options that cater to various needs.

Despite the abundance of information available on the internet, nothing beats firsthand experience to truly understand the capabilities of this firearm.

My Friends Feedback:

It is crucial to address the prevalent issues with the Beretta APX Centurion firearms. Numerous users have reported malfunctions, particularly with the striker-fired pistol design.

While some consider the firearm underrated and a great revelation, there are noted problems such as double feeding and issues with cheap reload ammo.

Conversations about the accuracy of the Beretta APX Centurion vary.

While some praise its accuracy, others claim it’s exaggerated, especially concerning the sighting system. Users also discuss factors like limp wristing and the break-in stage.

Additionally, discussions cover ammunition compatibility and performance compared to Sig models.

Users frequently discuss the cost of Beretta firearms, their shooting experience, malfunctions, and the flat recoil spring.

Holster selection and the availability of aftermarket parts are also significant talking points.

Common Questions Asked About Beretta APX Centurion Problems:

Can you dry fire a Beretta APX?

Is it safe to dry fire a Beretta APX? Dry firing, which entails firing a firearm without ammunition, can potentially cause damage to the striker of your Beretta APX A1 pistol if done extensively over time.

What is the difference between the APX and APX Centurion?

In 2018, Beretta unveiled three additional versions of the APX: the APX Centurion, featuring a slightly reduced frame, slide, and barrel size; the APX Compact, boasting a subcompact frame, slide, and barrel dimensions; and the APX Combat, equipped with a threaded barrel and a slide mounting plate for optics.

Is the Beretta APX reliable?

While the Beretta APX is generally praised for its reliability and accuracy, some shooters may encounter minor accuracy issues with it. For instance, you might notice an unusually large group size and struggle to achieve consistent groupings with your APX.

How many rounds does a Beretta APX Centurion hold?

Spare or replacement magazines designed for your 9mm APX Centurion or APX A1 Compact Pistol. These magazines are available in a 15-round capacity and come in a sleek black finish. The Beretta APX magazine is a convenient double-stack device that enables swift reloading of the pistol, with the standard 9mm magazine capacity set at 15 rounds.

What are the features of the Beretta APX Centurion?

“Controllability and ergonomic design are key priorities for the APX: featuring a low bore axis, ambidextrous slide catch, reversible magazine release, aggressive slide serrations, and a trigger breaking at 6 lbs with a distinct tactile and audible short reset.”

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