3 Canik METE MC9 Problems: What Are They and How to Fix?

The Canik METE MC9 has caught my attention recently. This gun could be better: I have faced a few Canik METE MC9 problems.

Issues with returning to battery have been a prominent concern. Repeatedly showing this problem during usage has raised questions among users.

It’s essential to understand the complexities of the Canik METE MC9’s mechanism and ammo compatibility to delve into the failure to feed and failure to Fire issues.

Solutions may involve slide, spring tension, or magazine design adjustments. It aims to improve reliability and performance.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main Problems faced by the Canik METE MC9 and address them based on hands-on Experience.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

3 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Not Returning To BatteryMaintenance and attention.
Failure To FeedRegularly clean and lubricate the feed ramp and chamber.
Failure To FireRegular maintenance and understanding of the pistol’s mechanics.
Canik METE MC9 Problems

Canik METE MC9 Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Not Returning To Battery:

I encountered a persistent issue with Canik METE MC9: the pistol did not return to the battery smoothly after firing. This recurring problem could be frustrating for users. It caused frustration, especially during repeated shooting sessions at the range.

Despite trying to diagnose and address the malfunction, the firearm may fail to fully enter the battery consistently. It impacted the shooting experience negatively.

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The solution lies in proper maintenance and attention to the gun’s condition. I ensured a smooth shooting experience by caring for my firearm and promptly addressing the issue.

It eliminated the problems that came with a pistol not returning to battery.

This simple fix worked wonders for me. It allowed me to enjoy my Canik METE MC9 without worrying about malfunctions or performance issues.

2. Failure To Feed:

Failure to feed! It was a persistent issue. Despite troubleshooting efforts, rounds were consistently getting caught during the feeding process.

Some attributed this to roughness on the feed ramp. Which interfered with the smooth operation of the gun.

It was assumed that dirt or debris might be causing this issue, Which resulted in the unreliable chambering of rounds.


I dealt with failure-to-feed issues in the Canik METE MC9. I addressed the feed ramp and chamber. It was crucial. Regularly cleaning and lubricating these areas could prevent further problems.

It was essential to carefully ensure that the feed ramp and chamber were polished using a polishing compound.

Consulting the manufacturer for guidance on proper maintenance could significantly affect the gun’s performance. These simple fixes could have a significant impact on the overall functionality of the firearm.

3. Failure To Fire:

This Canik METE MC9 problem proved concerning and frustrating. Despite pulling the trigger, the pistol was experiencing weak firing pin issues. It led to a failure to fire reliably.

This issue raised doubts about the pistol’s reliability and rightness for self-security or range use.

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The key to addressing failure-to-fire issues with the Canik METE MC9 was accurate maintenance and a thorough understanding of the pistol’s mechanics.

I followed a systematic approach to cleaning and lubrication. I confirmed that the firearm was in optimal condition for firing. It ensured reliable and operational performance.

My Final Conclusion:

The Canik METE MC9 has gained attention for its versatility and unique features. However, some drawbacks have been found after in-depth testing.

The problems include not returning to the battery, Failure to feed, and Failure to fire. While these issues can be concerning, solutions are available to address them. It ensures a practical and effective performance.

Despite these minor flaws, the Canik METE MC9 presents a flat picture overall. It has a user-friendly design and a reliable option for various scenarios.

It remains a competitive choice in the market. However, users must maintain and adjust the firearm according to their needs to optimize its performance fully.

My Friends’ Feedback:

The Canik METE MC9 has received mixed reviews from my friends. Some friends have reported issues with reliability and durability, such as Failure to cycle and slide out of battery instances. It raises concerns about the pistol’s performance in critical moments.

While others have found the gun to perform well at the range when functioning correctly, problems such as loaded chamber indicators and Failure to return to battery persist for some friends. It indicates underlying production defects.

Despite generally positive feedback about the grip and size of the MC9, friends have expressed frustration with the low-impact recoil spring and its negative impact on the trigger mechanism.

Some have likened the experience to a microgame, where training and confidence are crucial factors in overcoming issues.

Despite waiting for warranties and hoping for design flaws to be addressed in new models, friends’ doubts about reliability and accuracy persist. It detracts from their overall experience with the pistol.

Comparisons with other tier 1 brands like Sig and HK have highlighted the MC9’s moving parts and friction issues. It indicates areas for improvement in future iterations.

While some friends have praised its ease of shooting and accuracy, others have encountered shooter-induced problems such as light primer strikes and Failure to feed scenarios.

As Canik continues to innovate and release new models like the MC9, addressing these malfunctions and defects will be crucial in enhancing the pistol’s reliability and performance in various everyday carry systems.

Common Questions Asked About Canik METE MC9:

Is mete MC9 reliable?

The Viridian RFX11 optic is explicitly tailored for everyday concealed carry. Two crucial attributes of a concealed carry pistol are reliability and accuracy. The Mete MC9 demonstrated its reliability with various practice- and defense-grade 9mm ammunition, utilizing four factory magazines.

Is the Canik MC9 snappy?

I appreciated the slim profile, excellent trigger, and all the qualities typically associated with Canik firearms. However, during shooting, I found it to be a bit snappy.

Does Canik Mete MC9 have a safety?

The CANiK METE MC9 9mm semi-automatic striker-fired pistol is equipped with integrated safety and boasts a standard smooth trigger take-up, crisp break, and short reset.

Is the Canik MC9 optic ready?

All optical sights compatible with the METE series, except the Trijicon RMRcc, can be effortlessly attached to the METE MC9. Featuring the “co-witness” capability, the METE MC9 enables simultaneous use of both the optical sight and the classic rear sight. This facilitates quick and easy target engagement for the shooter.

How much is a Canik MC9?

The CANIK METE MC9 is priced at $399.99.

What is the Canik Mete based on?

This marks the introduction of Canik’s newest iteration of its polymer pistols, known as the METE (pronounced met-ay). Building upon the foundation of the TP9SF, the company has implemented enhancements and improvements influenced by valuable customer feedback.

What rail does a Canik Mete MC9 use?

The MC9 features a polymer frame with integrated steel rails for secure slide attachment and other components. The model tested today is in FDE (Flat Dark Earth) color but is also offered in black or a black/FDE combination. The striker assembly is housed within the slide and includes the recognizable Canik striker indicator visible from the backplate.

What is the footprint of Mete MC9?

The Canik Mete MC9 utilizes a modified RMSc footprint, allowing for direct compatibility with any Holosun K Series Optic, as they share the same footprint.

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