Common CZ 1012 Problems with Reliable Solutions

As a lover of a CZ 1012 shotgun, I searched about CZ 1012. While its reliability and performance are impressive, like any tool, common CZ 1012 problems can arise.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 6 common problems that owners of the CZ 1012 shotgun may face and provide practical solutions to ensure a smooth, trouble-free shooting experience.

Let’s dive in for a closer look at the common issues and how to address them effectively.

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

6 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Ejection Issue
Regularly clean, lubricate, and maintain the shotgun.
Cycling Issue
Regular cleaning, lubrication, and proper adjustment of the gas system and recoil spring
Jamming Problem
Regular cleaning, lubrication, and use of high-quality, compatible ammunition.
Failure To Fire
Use high-quality, compatible shells, maintain regular cleaning, and check the firing pin alignment.
Problem With Choke Tube
Consult experienced shooters or gunsmiths.
Barrel Problem
Regular cleaning with appropriate tools and products, prompt replacement of worn-out parts.

CZ 1012 Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Ejection Issue:

Encountering ejection issues with your CZ 1012 shotgun can be a frustrating setback during shooting sessions. These problems are not only disruptive but can also affect the overall experience in the field.

The ejection issue may stem from a variety of factors, including improper maintenance, worn-out parts, or ammunition choice.

Addressing these issues promptly ensures smoother shooting and a more enjoyable experience with your CZ 1012.

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Addressing common CZ 1012 Problems like ejection issues requires a proactive approach.

To alleviate this problem, thoroughly clean and lubricate your shotgun regularly to ensure smooth operation.

Additionally, inspecting and replacing damaged, worn-out parts in the ejection system can significantly improve performance.

Ensuring you use high-quality ammunition that matches specifications is crucial for optimal performance.

2. Cycling Issue:

The cycling issue is a common CZ 1012 problem that can be frustrating for any gun owner. It can disrupt your shooting rhythm and affect the overall performance of your firearm.

Improper lubrication or dirt build-up in the action system are frequent causes of this issue.

Here, a solution is necessary for a smooth shooting experience.


To solve CZ 1012 Problems related to cycling, it’s essential to clean and lubricate moving parts regularly. Pay close attention to bolts, rails, and springs, as they are crucial for smooth cycling.

Check the gas system to ensure it’s properly adjusted for the type of load you’re using.

Factors like a weak, worn-out recoil spring can be addressed by replacing it with a new one to significantly improve reliability.

So, you can enhance the performance of your shotgun for seamless shooting experiences both in the field and at the range.

3. Jamming Problem:

Experiencing jamming issues with your CZ 1012 shotgun can be frustrating, whether in the field or at the range.

The last thing you need is for your firearm to fail due to possible causes like dirt or debris building up inside the gun.


To improve CZ 1012 performance and prevent jams, regularly cleaning and lubricating your shotgun is crucial.

Consider the type of ammunition you use—opt for high-quality, compatible loads to reduce the chances of experiencing jams.

Additionally, checking and properly adjusting the gas system can alleviate jamming issues by ensuring it’s in proper working order. Thus, it prevents future issues during shooting sessions.

4. Failure To Fire:

Have you experienced frustration with your CZ 1012 failing to fire? This common problem can occur for various reasons, such as dirty, worn-out, or damaged firing pin springs or issues with the ammunition.

Addressing these reasons is crucial to resolving this issue and ensuring your firearm’s reliable performance.


To make sure your CZ 1012 functions reliably, start by using high-quality shells that are compatible with your shotgun.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, make sure the firing pin is correctly set and clear of any debris by looking at it.

If these solutions don’t work, it’s worth consulting a gunsmith to inspect your CZ 1012 for deeper underlying issues causing failure to fire.

Remember, safety comes first when dealing with firearms; never overlook potential problems and address them promptly for reliable performance.

5. Problem with the Choke Tube:

A real frustration: the problem with the choke tube in the CZ 1012. It’s essential to understand this common issue that owners often face.

The choke tube plays a crucial role in controlling shot dispersion. A malfunctioning tube can significantly affect shooting performance, leading to loose fittings, misfires, and inconsistent patterns.


To resolve the underlying problems causing erratic shot patterns and difficulties in adjusting the shotgun’s spread, consulting experienced shooters or gunsmiths can provide valuable insights.

They can assist in selecting the right choke tubes tailored to specific shooting needs.

Experimenting with different chokes allows fine-tuning of the CZ 1012 for optimal performance under varying conditions.

Trust me, addressing these issues promptly and effectively enhances the shooting experience.

6. Barrel Problem:

Encountering barrel problems with your CZ 1012 shotgun can be a frustrating issue for owners.

This common problem often stems from barrel fouling due to lead buildup, leading to decreased accuracy and performance over time.

Issues such as improper installation or alignment can also contribute to malfunctions like misfires.

Rust and corrosion further impact the barrel’s effectiveness, potentially shortening its lifespan.


To prevent issues with your CZ 1012 shotgun’s barrel, it’s essential to clean it regularly using the right tools and products.

This practice is crucial to replace worn-out parts promptly and avoid further complications.

Ensuring the barrel is correctly installed and following manufacturer guidelines is key to optimal performance.

Storing your CZ 1012 in a dry place and using protective coatings during use helps extend the life of the shotgun’s barrel. Results: This keeps it functioning smoothly.

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s conclude. The CZ 1012 is a firearm known for its exciting blend of design and functionality, making it highly appealing to enthusiasts.

However, research reveals some challenges with ejection issues, FTF, jamming issues, and barrel complications.

These shortcomings require attention and care but are addressable with proper solutions and maintenance routines.

Regular cleaning and timely checks can prevent significant intervention, ensuring the overall performance remains high.

The CZ 1012 can be a reliable and satisfying tool for the passionate shooter when approached with the right care and attention.

My Friends Feedback:

When it comes to CZ 1012 problems, feedback from fellow enthusiasts and users has been invaluable. One recurring issue that surfaces in discussions is feeding.

For some, the shell interrupter seems to be a persistent challenge, often stopping the second shell from cycling properly.

From their experience and interactions with the community, solutions vary. Some have opted for a replacement trigger assembly, while others have found success by adjusting the interrupter upward.

Local gunsmiths or contacting CZ USA directly have been recommended avenues for those seeking a fix. Interestingly, cost-effective solutions often involve switching to a cheaper shotgun if the issue persists.

Common Questions with CZ 1012 Problems

What is the problem with the CZ shotgun?

CZ-USA has recently discovered a safety concern involving the CZ All American Single Trap shotguns. It has been found that these shotguns may inadvertently fire if the trigger is pulled while the safety is engaged, or if they are dropped, even when the safety is engaged.

Is CZ a good shotgun brand?

In the realm of affordable and dependable firearms, CZ stands out as a leading contender, and the CZ Drake is a prime example. While CZ does offer more expensive models exceeding $1,000, many of its shotguns are priced well below that threshold. The Drake exemplifies this affordability while delivering a performance that surpasses its price point.

Is the CZ 1012 gas-operated?

Rather than redirecting gas from the barrel to operate the action, the 1012 series employs a different mechanism: a spring housed within the bolt. This spring absorbs energy during the shotgun’s recoil. Afterward, it utilizes this stored energy to rotate and unlock the twin lugs from the barrel extension, subsequently extracting the spent shell.

What are the advantages of CZ?

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is a synthetic crystal produced in a laboratory, which is its primary advantage. Unlike diamonds mined from conflict zones using slave-like labor, CZ ensures you don’t have to worry about purchasing a “conflict stone.”.

Where is CZ made?

Today, CZ manufactures handguns in the Czech Republic (EU) and offers them worldwide.

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