4 Top CZ 75 Problems [Expert Solutions]

You must actively research about your firearm to solve any problems and enhance your shooting experience.

As someone who loves shooting, I searched for a CZ 75 some time ago. I had heard great things about the CZ 75 for competitions, but when I tried it, it had some problems.

I encountered issues ranging from trigger malfunctions to magazine glitches. User-related errors can exacerbate these problems, necessitating careful observation. So, I figured out that maintenance and testing are essential practices.

By reading this article, you can address all your CZ 75 problems and guarantee a seamless shooting encounter.

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

4 ProblemsTheir Quick Solution
Magazine ProblemsContact CZ for reliable replacements, ensuring performance.
Trigger IssueRegularly clean trigger, prevent grit buildup and ensure smooth operation.
Failure To EjectClean CZ 75, upgrade extractors for solution.
Extraction ProblemReplace the weak extractor and clean the chamber for resolution.
CZ 75 Problems
CZ 75 Problems

CZ 75 Problems with Their Practical Solution:

1. Magazine Problems:

Magazines are essential components of the CZ 75 pistol, yet they frequently present significant challenges.

Both 15-round and 10-round variants are prone to jamming and feeding issues, causing frustration among users.

Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, magazines tend to wear out quickly. It is especially the plastic separator that leads to reliability concerns.

This unexpected recurrence of issues with magazines detracts from the overall reliability of the CZ 75 and warrants further investigation and potential modifications.


In addressing magazine troubles with the CZ 75, finding a reliable solution is essential. When dealing with problems and complications from bulky magazines, owners promptly contacted CZ for assistance. They received new replacements that transformed their performance.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to CZ when you encounter magazine issues.

The value of having reliable mags outweighs dealing with faulty ones, with CZ’s commitment ensuring a seamless process for replacements.

2. Trigger Issue:

When it comes to the CZ 75, one notable issue revolves around the trigger. Specifically, the double-action mechanism can feel excessively gritty when pulling it.

This sensation resembles dragging a brick across gravel, significantly impacting the shooting experience.

This grittiness has been a noticeable problem, leading to frustration and diminished enjoyment during shooting sessions.


In addressing the annoyance of a gritty trigger in the CZ 75, it’s crucial to tackle the root cause through regular cleaning.

Some may try to cut corners by avoiding disassembling the whole mechanism, but this approach can’t be trusted to keep the trigger clean.

This is particularly important to consider when dealing with firearms prone to issues like the CZ P10S.

Ensuring the trigger is thoroughly cleaned may seem simple, but it’s an effective solution.

3. Failure to Eject:

Imagine pulling the trigger on your CZ 75 and expecting the familiar pop of gunfire, only to hear nothing.

The gun fails to fire, leaving you puzzled and frustrated. This issue typically occurs when the spent cartridge overstays its welcome in the chamber, refusing to eject.

The root cause of this problem often lies with the extractor, the part responsible for yanking the spent case out of the chamber.

When the extractor fails, it fails to eject. It disrupts an otherwise smooth shooting experience.


To tackle the failure-to-eject issue with your CZ 75, start by disassembling the firearm and thoroughly cleaning it to remove accumulated gunk.

Neglecting this step can lead to extractor malfunctions, disrupting firearm function.

For those keen on enhancing the reliability of their CZ 75, aftermarket extractors designed to address this issue are available.

Proactively addressing the failure-to-eject problem ensures a smoother shooting experience and maintains the overall performance of the firearm.

4. Extraction Problem:

Encountering an extraction problem with your CZ 75 can disrupt shooting sessions, whether live-firing or during practice.

The weak extractor spring and worn extractor claw are common culprits, hindering efficient casing ejection.

Identifying these issues is crucial for effective troubleshooting and maintenance, ensuring optimal firearm performance.


If you’re battling an extraction problem with your CZ 75, there are simple solutions on your handle. A weak extractor spring can often be the trick.

Consider replacing it with a stronger one for instant improvement. Similarly, swapping out a worn extractor claw can alleviate the grief it’s been giving you.

When dirty chambers are the issue, cleaning becomes the first step in troubleshooting.

These go-to fixes are likely to bring back smooth shooting. So, give them a try, and you’ll be back on track with your CZ 75 in no time.

For more insights and troubleshooting tips, check out our comprehensive guide on addressing common CZ 75 Compact problems.

My Final Conclusion:

The CZ 75 stands as a truly remarkable firearm, characterized by its reliability and performance.

While no gun is perfect, the CZ 75 comes close, with real hiccups few and far between. From magazine issues to gritty triggers and extraction snafus, these challenges can occasionally arise. However, none proves insurmountable.

The crop of issues often includes straightforward fixes, such as replacing magazines, cleaning the trigger mechanism, or swapping out a faulty extractor.

These solutions can swiftly restore the gun to its former glory.

So, before jumping the fence and buying a new firearm, consider these sorted solutions.

With the CZ 75, the shooting experience remains pretty darn hard to beat.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends recorded their experiences with various firearms, and the CZ 75 didn’t start on a high note. There’s an argument that its design, while best in many aspects, has its weak points.

Glocks face issues with trigger springs and locking block pins, much like the CZ-75.

Overuse of the slide lock or release may lead to flaws in its semi-auto action. Despite these flaws, the CZ-75 is a durable weapon, enduring thousands of rounds before parts like the slide stop or recoil spring need replacement.

However, my friends note a few failed components, such as the trigger return spring. Slide stops on the CZ 75 may break, especially after shooting at high volume, but the CGW is a simple replacement for it.

It is imperative to perform routine maintenance, as certain parts need to be serviced after 20,000 rounds or every couple of years.

Notwithstanding these drawbacks, CZ pistols are still well-liked by conscientious shooters who closely monitor possible problems like damage to the firing or retention pins.

They also advise against forced dry firing, as it may damage critical parts.

CZ 75 Problems
CZ 75 Problems

Common Questions Asked About CZ 75:

What is the failure rate of the CZ 75?

The handguns successfully endured a battery of rigorous tests, which included firing 15,000 rounds with an impressively low failure rate of only 0.06% to 0.08%. Additionally, they excelled in an exhaustive parts interchangeability examination. As a result of these achievements, CZ was approved to commence production.

Is the CZ 75 discontinued?

The CZ 75 Tactical Sport was discontinued in 2018.

What is the difference between CZ 75 and CZ 75B?

The classic 75 model lacks a firing pin block safety mechanism in the slide, as well as the corresponding actuator within the sear cage. CZ stopped manufacturing non-B 75 models in the early to mid-1990s.

Is the CZ 75 a good first gun?

Absolutely! While it may come at a slightly higher cost and be heavier compared to some budget alternatives, the CZ75 stands out for its precision, durability, and unmatched popularity as the most replicated 9mm design. It serves as an excellent choice for someone starting out in pistol shooting.

Is CZ 75 Made in USA?

The CZ 75 is a semi-automatic handgun crafted by the Czech firearm manufacturer ČZUB.

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