4 CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems? Get the Solutions Here!

When I first tested the CZ Bobwhite G2 in the field, I was excited to see how it would perform. However, problems quickly caught my attention.

First, it wouldn’t fire when I needed it to. Then, I noticed something wrong with the barrel. To top it off, the trigger was too heavy, and the cross-bolt was also a problem.

These annoying problems can throw off your aim and become nasty when you’re in the field and need precise shots.

Don’t worry!

In this article, I will provide insights into these CZ Bobwhite G2 problems and suggest practical solutions.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Failure To FireRegularly clean the firing pin channel.
Barrel IssueAlign barrel by careful inspection and adjustment.
Problem with the Heavy TriggerLubrication and slight adjustment.
Cross Bolt ProblemEnsure the cross-bolt is realigned and tightened securely.
CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems

CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Failure To Fire:

Encountering a failure to fire with the CZ Bobwhite G2 can frustrate any shooter. I’ve faced this hiccup myself, where after pulling the trigger, nothing happened.

In such situations, you’re left in a disappointing and potentially dangerous position, mainly if you’re relying on the gun for a critical shot.

When this happened, I quickly knew it was a situation that needed immediate attention. It’s not just an inconvenience but also a safety concern.


So, what’s the solution? A simple clean-up of the firing pin channel can make a significant difference. Grime and dirt can clog the channel, preventing the gun from firing properly.

I’ve found that taking the time to thoroughly clean and inspect the firing pin channel can often do the trick. Ensuring the channel is free of grime and dirt can prevent simple issues from becoming frustrating issues in the field.

In this case, regular maintenance can save you from disappointing encounters when you need your CZ Bobwhite G2 to perform reliably. Additionally, understanding potential CZ 1012 Problems can further help ensure your firearms are always in top condition.

2. Barrel Issue:

Now, move on to the next barrel issue. During aiming, I noticed an irregularity in the barrel that unexpectedly affected accuracy.

This felt issue can throw off your expectations when lining up a shot, leading to frustration when your shots don’t land where you expect them to.

When faced with this barrel issue, diving deeper into inspection and seeking expert advice is essential. Sometimes, what may seem like a minor issue with the barrel can significantly impact accuracy and performance.


Fixing barrel issues requires close examination and a keen eye for proper alignment. When I realized an accuracy problem, I knew it was time for a quick fix.

Sometimes, a simple adjustment to properly align the barrel can make a difference. Ensuring the barrel is perfectly lined up can eliminate accuracy issues that may have gone unnoticed.

With a quick fix and a keen eye on alignment, the solution to the barrel issue is often more straightforward than expected.

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3. Problem with the Heavy Trigger:

Pulling the trigger can sometimes feel like a workout.

The heavy trigger pull can lead to inaccuracy and discomfort during prolonged use, affecting aiming and precision. Many shooters struggle with this, especially when precision is crucial.

When faced with this issue, it’s essential to understand how the heavy trigger pull can impact your shooting experience.

Some shooters may adapt to it over time, while others may seek adjustments to lighten the trigger pull for more comfortable and accurate shooting.


Dealing with a heavy trigger can be a significant headache for shooters aiming for precision.

The trigger tension affects the feel and responsiveness of each shot, potentially causing it to lose that satisfying smooth pull needed for accurate shooting.

However, there’s a fix that can turn this inconvenience into a minor adjustment.

A small tweak and a bit of lubrication can make a significant difference. The trigger will be more responsive and smooth, enhancing your overall shooting experience with the CZ Bobwhite G2.

4. Cross Bolt Problem:

When you engage the cross-bolt, it should feel secure and reliable. During my time in the field, I noticed that the cross bolt wasn’t engaging correctly, which made the Bobwhite G2 feel less safe.

This issue is quite unsettling; it shouldn’t happen with a well-made gun. The cross-bolt problem detracts from the overall experience, making a solid firearm feel unreliable at crucial moments.


What’s the solution? Realigning the cross bolt and tightening it properly made a significant difference. This resolved the issue by ensuring the bolt was sturdy and secure.

Paying close attention to this detail and making the necessary adjustments made the cross-bolt more reliable and solid than ever.

This simple fix significantly improved the overall functionality of my CZ Bobwhite G2.

My Final Conclusion:

My experiences with the CZ Bobwhite G2 have been mixed. I’ve exposed shortcomings in the field, such as the failure to fire and the cross-bolt issues.

However, these problems are manageable. With some understanding and a bit of tinkering, the solutions proved to be simple yet effective.

Despite these drawbacks, the gun still retains its charm and functionality. My adjustments have only increased my appreciation for the Bobwhite G2.

It’s far from perfect, but it has become a reliable and enjoyable shotgun with these tweaks.

My Friends Feedback:

Several friends have used the Bobwhite in various models. One friend with an early model experienced issues with the case-hardened receiver and blue barrels. The shell would chamber but sometimes failed to fire.

Additionally, the lever on the right side didn’t engage the barrels properly, leading to a hinge issue. The firing pin extended too far, piercing the primer and causing it to hang and not retract properly.

This issue arose from an estate sale, and the people selling it needed to learn about the gun’s history. Without help, my friend fixed the butt stock himself instead of shipping it to a gunsmith.

Another friend bought a brand new G2 BW in 20 gauge in December 2020 and quickly found issues with shooting. The shells often failed to fire or only partially discharged.

Despite contacting CZ for warranty service, he encountered long hold times and a terminated call. The firing pin and spring failure were the culprits, and the lack of customer service was disappointing.

Another friend’s CZ Bobwhite 20 gauge was well-balanced but could have been better for SASS due to its stiff action. The shells dragged against the receiver, causing them to fall out when opening the gun.

This was due to inadequate spring tension, which caused the gun not to fully close with factory loads. They found that using an MEC base sizing grabber and a C and H sizing die for brass shells helped fit and reduce drag.

For those facing the issue of the lever not picking up the shells in a straight line, some had to push the lever with their thumb to keep the gun fully open. Others replaced the factory springs with stiffer ones to solve the problem.

A competent, respected CAS gunsmith suggested polishing the chamber using a 12-gauge brush, steel wool, and Flitz metal polish on a drill, significantly improving shell shucking.

One consistent issue was firing with new guns straight out of the box. A friend who bought a G2 in December 2020 experienced failed rounds and CZ’s lack of customer service. Sending the gun for factory replacement through FedEx resulted in a lengthy turnaround.

Despite these hurdles, many agreed that the CZ Bobwhite G2 could still be a functional and enjoyable shotgun with some tinkering and finding the right solutions.

CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems

Common Questions Asked About CZ Bobwhite G2 Problems:

Is the CZ Bobwhite G2 discontinued?

The CZ Bobwhite G2 Project Upland was discontinued in 2023.

What chokes does CZ Bobwhite G2 use?

The shotgun features 28-inch barrels with threaded choke tubes and includes five flush chokes ranging from Cylinder to Full.

What is the difference between CZ Bobwhite and Bobwhite G2?

The updated Bobwhite G2 combines traditional styling with modern advancements. It features a CNC-machined receiver and enhanced internals, resulting in a slimmer action and improved durability and reliability. Equipped with double triggers and an English-style straight grip, it allows for quick and easy choke adjustments on the go.

Where is CZ Bobwhite made?

The Bobwhite G2 has received robust support from CZ-USA, a manufacturer known for its extensive range of shotguns. They offer a diverse lineup of scatterguns, including repeaters and break actions, all crafted in the state-of-the-art Huglu factories in Turkey.

Is CZ still making guns?

CZ employs approximately 1,800 individuals and stands out as a leading exporter from the Czech Republic, distributing products to over 100 countries worldwide. Renowned as one of the top ten manufacturers of small arms globally, CZ is also recognized as one of the five companies producing automatic firearms.

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