6 CZ P07 Problems You Should Know Before You Buy This Gun

As a firearm lover, I searched for CZ P07. And as you can tell, I faced a few CZ P07 problems.

I’m not complaining: It is a high-performance gun that travels the landscape of creation.

With its polymer frame and 15-round magazine capacity, the CZ P07 represents the essence of reliability and precision.

It transitions seamlessly between double-action and single-action firing modes. It promises an unparalleled shooting experience.

However, the journey with this gun is not without challenges. I have a spectrum of issues, from failure to feed to slide problems.

However, these hurdles transform into opportunities through collective friend feedback and expert solutions.

Each CZ P07 specialist achieves perfection in their shooting endeavors through time and expert insights that I will share with you today.

Let’s explore!

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Firing Pin ProblemUse snap caps during practice and regularly inspect the firing pin for wear.
Failure to FeedSwitch to compatible ammunition, ensure firearm cleanliness and lubrication.
Failure to EjectInspect, clean, and replace extractor.
Double FeedingClear obstructions, test functionality, and maintain regular cleaning.
Slide ProblemTroubleshoot, clean, lubricate, and seek professional help.
Magazine ProblemContact CZ for magazine replacement to resolve CZ P07 magazine problems.
CZ P07 Problems

CZ P07 Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Firing Pin Problem:

Owners encountered a firing pin mechanism, particularly the retaining pin. They observed that it became deformed over time, leading to misfires.

Several factors contributed to this issue. These included excessive dry firing, which put unnecessary stress on the gun’s components.

When the firing pin touches the primer of a cartridge, the force exerted could cause deformation if not properly managed.

Further, repeated contact with the shoulder of the chamber wall during cycling could accelerate wear and lead to pin failure.

While these were common triggers, there might be other possible reasons contributing to firing pin issues.

It warranted a thorough investigation and swift resolution.

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Here, owners addressed firing pin issues in CZ P07 with a versatile approach. Dry firing was beneficial for practice.

It could strain the firing pin. Utilizing snap caps or dummy rounds during practice sessions can prevent damage.

Also, regular service intervals were crucial. During service, the firing pin should be thoroughly inspected for any signs of wear or deformation.

If found, it should be promptly replaced to maintain optimal performance.

Furthermore, they ensured the firearm was cleaned and maintained regularly. It contributed to the longevity of its components.

2. Failure to Feed:

A stubborn issue! Yes, the failure to feed. Owners encountered it after shooting thousands of rounds. The use of FMJ ammunition might aggravate the problem.

One possible cause of feeding issues was a dirty magazine. It could hinder the smooth movement of rounds into the chamber.


Some types of ammo might not be fully compatible with the gun, leading to feeding problems. In such cases, it was advisable to switch to compatible ammunition to ensure smooth operation.

Besides, ensure the firearm is clean and lubricated.

It could prevent feeding issues caused by dirt or friction within the magazine or slide.

If feeding problems persist, it might be necessary to replace magazine springs or bullets that were causing obstructions during loading into the chamber.

By addressing these factors, the problem of failure to feed could be effectively fixed.

It ensured a reliable shooting experience with the CZ P07.

3. Failure to Eject:

Amm users experienced failure to extract fired cartridges. It could leave them stuck in the chamber. This issue is caused by a worn or dirty extractor.

It failed to properly grip the case during the ejection process. As dirt builds up inside the gun, it could exacerbate this problem.

It led to more frequent failures to eject.


Owners resolved the failure to eject issue with deep care. They took a close look at the extractor mechanism.

Figuring out what might be wrong, whether it’s dirt built up or a broken component, was essential.

Regular cleaning could often resolve ejection problems.

But if the extractor was broken, it might need to be replaced with a new one to ensure reliable operation.

4. Double Feeding:

Next, users encountered the issue of double feeding. The firearm attempted to feed more than one round into the chamber simultaneously. The culprit? A bad magazine spring.

When the extractor attempted to remove a spent brass casing from the chamber, the slide might have inadvertently attempted to feed a new round from the top of the magazine.

This led to double feeding.


The solution involves careful instructions and action. It began by locking the slide back and stripping the magazine. Then, they racked the slide several times to ensure any obstructions were cleared.

Upon reassembly, they inserted the magazine and fired a few rounds to test for any lingering issues.

Another step involved fixing any underlying failure to eject issues or ensuring the firearm was maintained with regular cleaning and lubrication to prevent such occurrences from happening again.

5. Slide Problem:

Users encountered multiple problems with the slide, a critical component of the P-07.

They experienced trouble with the slide failing to lock back after firing the last bullet. It required them to manually engage the slide by racking it with an empty magazine.

This issue could disrupt the shooting experience and potentially impact performance in critical situations.


The solution began by identifying any obvious issues, such as wear or damage to the slide components.

Ensured that the slide was properly cleaned and lubricated, as friction could sometimes be a factor in locking problems.

If necessary, seek professional assistance to address any underlying mechanical issues.

By addressing the problem directly and taking proper action, the slide issue could be effectively resolved.

6. Magazine Problem:

Magazine problem? Ahh, it was frustrating. Users encountered it in older versions and Duty models. One problem commonly encountered was a faulty follower or spring.

It could lead to disruptive rattling noises.

This audible issue not only affected the shooting experience but might also indicate potential feeding problems during use.


To resolve the magazine problem, contacting CZ for assistance was often the best course of action.

If the issue persists despite attempts at troubleshooting, it may be necessary to have the magazine replaced by professionals to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Tested Alternatives of CZ P-07

1. CZ-75:

Among the tested alternatives to the CZ P-07 is the CZ-75. It is a famous 9mm Luger pistol known for its reliable performance.

With a capacity for multiple rounds and durable steel construction, the CZ-75 offers a manufactured grip for enhanced handling.

Its fixed-dot sights and slide-in design contribute to accurate aiming and easy maintenance.

It is available in both single-action and double-action variants. The CZ-75 boasts a smooth recoil and barrel tilt mechanism, ensuring precise shooting.

It is an alternative to the CZ P-07. The CZ-75 provides a dependable firearm option for lovers and professionals.

2. GLOCK 19 Gen3:

A prominent alternative to the CZ P-07 is the GLOCK 19 Gen3.

It is a popular semi-automatic 9mm handgun famous for its reliability and performance.

It has a compact magazine and a manageable overall length and weight.

The GLOCK 19 Gen3 shares identical characteristics with the CZ P-07.

It makes it a compelling choice for shooters seeking a versatile firearm. It has a standard capacity and size, and the GLOCK 19 Gen3 offers consistent handling and accuracy.

This makes it a trusted option among devotees and professionals.

3. Smith & Wesson CSX:

The Smith & Wesson CSX presents itself as an effective alternative to the CZ P-07. It boasts an aluminum-framed design and a micro-form factor, making it ideal for concealed carry.

As a 9mm handgun featuring a hammer-fired single-action system, the CSX offers a capacity for multiple rounds.

It ensures reliability and performance in various designs. It is comparable to the P-07 in its compact double-action configuration.

CSX prioritizes ergonomics and shooting ability. This makes it a suitable choice for users seeking a reliable firearm for everyday carry.

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s conclude. It becomes evident that it stands as a reliable concealed-carry option for many. However, certain minor issues need addressing.

From my research, it’s clear that these problems can be fixed with the right solutions.

I wholeheartedly believe that the CZ P07 is an excellent choice for those seeking a polymer-framed.

Despite the possible reasons for concern, investing in this firearm is undoubtedly worthwhile.

With the necessary fixes executed, the P07 stands as a remarkable testament to creation and quality in the firearms industry.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends shared various details about the CZ P07. One of them recently acquired a CZ P-07 and encountered a common issue during the break-in period while using 9×19 rounds.

He experienced failures to feed, with rounds getting stuck halfway in the chamber.

The slide cycled slowly. Sometimes in slow motion, with a noticeable “CA-CHUNK” sound.

After searching for solutions, he discovered that adjusting the extractor and experimenting with different ammunition brands like Sellier & Bellot or Fiocchi helped address the problem.

Despite these challenges, many friends expressed satisfaction with the CZ P-07 after overcoming these issues.

It was important to promptly address any concerns through customer service or warranty claims.

Giving personal attention to cleaning and maintenance could significantly improve the overall shooting experience with the CZ P-07.

Additionally, some friends reported experiences with polished trigger breaks, paper clip angles causing malfunctions, and broken slide cycling.

Others noted issues with edge burrs, stiff magazine springs, and rocks in the chamber.

Despite occasional frustrations, many attributed these problems to the break-in period and found solutions through forum discussions and personal adjustments.

Common Questions Asked About CZ P07:

Does CZ P07 have a safety?

The established OMEGA trigger presents a straightforward and dependable mechanism, offering users the option of selecting between two safety modes: manual or hammer decking onto the safety notch.

Is the CZ 75 P07 a good gun?

CZ P07 Duty 9mm: My Trusted Companion in Iraq, Serving Me Admirably – The Czech-produced 9mm CZ-75 stands proudly alongside iconic pistols like the M1911, Beretta 92FS/M9, and Glock 17, earning its reputation as one of the finest combat auto pistols in history.

Is CZ a reliable brand?

It’s a reliable choice for everyone. The CZ 75 is renowned for its dependability. Back when I was working on the Gun Digest Book of 9mm Handguns, I extensively tested the CZ 75 with various types of 9mm ammunition. It comes with a cleaning rod, brush, and a couple of magazines.

Is CZ better than Glock?

In straightforward terms, the CZ 75 delivers a superior shooting experience. It’s rare to encounter someone who would disagree with that assessment. However, it’s entirely possible to achieve the same level of performance with a Glock 19.

Which country made the CZ 75 pistol?

Today, the CZ factory is situated in the Czech Republic (EU), and the handgun is available worldwide.

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