Top 6 CZ P10C Problems and How to Solve Them

Two years ago, I bought a CZ P10C. I was very impressed by this firearm first. But soon, I discovered some CZ P10C problems.

This firearm was designed for both self-defense and military use. It has a polymer frame supported with glass fiber.

Its replaceable backstraps provide a customizable grip. It offers optimal performance and ease of use.

However, as I said earlier, it has problems. And addressing that problem often involves simple adjustments.

It is ideal to ensure proper maintenance and lubrication or to experiment with different magazine releases. I unlocked the full potential of CZ P-10 C by troubleshooting.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Slide ProblemClean and lubricate.
Trigger ProblemReplace trigger mechanism.
Firing Pin ProblemTroubleshoot gun issue before contacting CZ for repairs.
Frame ProblemSeek professional assistance.
Failure to FeedSwitch to 15-round magazines with +2 extended baseplates.
Failure to EjectInspect and clean/lubricate the extractor, considering ammo compatibility.
CZ P10C Problems

CZ P10C Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Slide Problem:

I encountered a persistent issue with my P-10 C, a slide that locks back prematurely. It was similar to what I experienced in Canik TP9 Elite Combat. It occurred when the magazine was not empty. It led to an out-of-battery problem and successive malfunctions.

This problem occurred due to factors like the recoil system and slide not returning to its original position. In some cases, dirt buildup or insufficient lubrication could exacerbate slide malfunctions. During assembly, it became important to clean and install all parts.


First, I cleaned my gun properly to prevent any harsh debris or buildup from interfering with its function. I ensured all parts were well-oiled to promote smooth movement and reduce friction.

Further, carefully disassemble and reassemble the firearm, paying close attention to the proper placement of components.

Following these steps and properly maintaining your CZ P10C, I address any slide problems and enjoy a steadfast firearm.

2. Trigger Problem:

I encountered a trigger problem with the CZ P10C. It particularly occurred after firing frequent rounds. The issue led to soreness in the shooting fingers.

This made it uncomfortable for extended shooting sessions. The trigger shoe could feel awkward and rough when the index finger contacts the guard, causing discomfort and affecting accuracy.


As a solution, I changed the trigger mechanism to address any underlying problems. This change could often lead to a significant improvement in the performance and dependability of the firearm.

It ensured a smoother shooting experience altogether.

3. Firing Pin Problem:

A firing pin problem? I know it is frustrating. In some cases, the firing pins are in poor condition. They lead to failures to fire.

This effect is often attributed to insufficient contact with the primer, failing the firing pin to torch the cartridge. Such problems can significantly impact the performance and dependability of the firearm. It highlights a manufacturing concern.


Before considering sending your gun back to CZ for repairs, it’s crucial to troubleshoot the issue yourself to determine if it can be resolved without professional assistance.

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4. Frame Problem:

I encountered an issue with the frame of the pistol. I experienced cracks developing after extended shooting periods, particularly with higher round counts.

These cracks appeared to originate from the rolling pin area. It suggested potential weaknesses in the structure’s surface area.

Further, I encountered an overly tight grip that surfaced, which led to the belief that the frame might be flat to damage when inserting or removing magazines.


One effective way to solve this issue was by seeking professional help to change the damaged frame. I contacted a CZ-authorized service center.

A skilled gunsmith could provide you with the expertise needed to resolve this problem effectively. By opting for a frame replacement, you can ensure that your CZ P10C continues to function reliably and safely.

5. Failure to Feed:

A common issue with the P-10 C was the feeding problem. It was particularly the failure to feed. I encountered instances where rounds got stuck on the feed ramp. It led to interruptions in firing.

This could be frustrating, especially when a magazine has 17 or more rounds. This exacerbated the chances of nose dips and feeding malfunctions.


As a solution, I used 15-rounders with a +2 extended baseplate. This modification could improve the feeding process by providing additional space for the rounds to stack properly in the chamber.

Besides, I ensured the feed ramp was clean and free from any obstructions, which could also help prevent feeding issues. I enjoy a smoother shooting experience with fewer interruptions by implementing these solutions.

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6. Failure to Eject:

I encountered stovepipe issues, where the pistol struggled with ejecting spent cartridges properly. This could be attributed to a worn extractor arm or inappropriate ammo choices.

Ensuring proper maintenance and lubrication could alleviate this issue.


The solution laid in a careful inspection of the extractor. If found damaged or dirty, replacing or cleaning and lubricating it accordingly was advisable.

Moreover, certain ammo types may not be compatible with the firearm and could further exacerbate the problem.

Top 3 Alternatives of CZ P10C:

Glock 19 Gen-5:

The Glock 19 Gen-5 stands out as a compact and striker-fired pistol chambered in a 9mm luger. It has a length of 7.28 inches, a height of 5.04 inches, and a weight of 23.99 oz. It offers a balance of size and firepower.

However, some users have encountered issues with certain ammunition types and noted the need for occasional maintenance to provide a smooth process.

Despite these challenges, its popularity remains high among firearm enthusiasts due to its dependability and versatility.

For those considering alternatives, the CZ P-10 C offers a similar option with a similar design. Although it’s 2.4 oz lighter and 0.1 inches shorter than the Glock 19 Gen-5, it boasts a different grip angle.

As with any firearm, it’s essential to test various models to find the one that best fits your shooting style and preferences.

Sig Sauer P320 X Compact:

The Sig Sauer P320 X Compact is a dedicated striker-fired compact pistol. It features a 4.02-inch barrel and a generous 15(+1) rounds capacity.

However, for those considering alternatives, the CZ P10C presents itself as a worthy alternative with its unique features and characteristics.

CZ P-10 F:

The CZ P-10 F is a full-size striker-fired pistol chambered in a 9mm luger. It has dimensions measuring 8 inches in length, 5.91 inches in height, and 28.2 oz. It offers a significant yet manageable size for various shooting applications.

Puffing similar features to its mates, this firearm provides a reliable option for those seeking a robust 9mm platform.

Its width of 1.26 inches ensures comfortable handling without compromising performance, making it a suitable replacement for other handguns in its class.

My Final Conclusion:

In concluding my exploration of CZ P-10 C problems and fixes, it’s evident that while this firearm has encountered its fair share of challenges, CZ has proactively addressed them.

Despite occasional setbacks, its reputation among customers remains strong, reflecting its overall reliability and performance.

My Friends Feedback:

The CZ P-10 C is a highly questionable pistol in my shooting circle. Some praise its optics cut slides and the vast collection of aftermarket parts, like HBI triggers and mag wells.

Others have experienced stoppages and malfunctions during range sessions.

The main concerns are failure to feed and stovepipes, which have prompted us to look for solutions like promotions and recoil spring adjustments.

These adjustments can fine-tune the pistol’s ejection pattern and ensure proper chamber fitment.

It is a great pistol, but one should be aware of its possible issues and take the necessary steps to ensure dependability and routine.

For those who choose the optics-ready version, it’s been reported that shooting experiences are much smoother. Particularly when using red dot sights like the 507C. Proper lubrication and addressing trigger variability are crucial to optimize performance.

Comparisons have been made between the smoothness of the HBI trigger and the stock trigger’s grittiness.

Manufacturers like CZ and CGW have responded to friend feedback by introducing redesigned end caps and trigger parts kits to mitigate problems like finger pinch and out-of-battery instances, thereby increasing overall reliability.

To optimize accuracy and ensure consistent performance, addressing trigger work and polishing are essential steps users should take. It is especially for those considering the pistol for EDC purposes.

Common Questions Asked About CZ P10C:

Was the CZ P-10 C discontinued?

The CZ P-10 C Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready model has been discontinued.

Is CZ p10 reliable?

The CZ P-10 C boasts a shootability that earns high marks, with its light recoil and easy handling. Its design allows for a comfortable, high grip, enhancing control and accuracy. As for reliability, it has proven itself consistently over years of use in various classes and matches, with no reported issues. Overall, its combination of shootability and reliability makes it a top choice for shooters.

Does a CZ P-10 C have a safety?

The P-10 C is a striker-fired semi-automatic pistol featuring a trigger system that prevents accidental discharges unless the trigger is fully depressed. It also includes a firing pin block for additional safety.

Is CZ still making guns?

CZ currently employs around 1,800 individuals and stands as one of the leading volume exporters in the Czech Republic, distributing its products to over 100 countries. It ranks among the top ten small arms manufacturers globally and is one of the five companies producing automatic firearms.

Is CZ P10C compact?

The P-10 series by CZ offers a range of sizes from supercompact to full-size, with models accommodating suppressors and red dot sights for enhanced customization.

Are all CZ p10c optics ready?

The P-10 C is optics-ready, allowing shooters to effortlessly mount various red dot sights for quicker target acquisition and enhanced accuracy.

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