Facing 6 CZ P10S Problems? Here’s What You Need to Know

In the realm of firearms, the CZ P10S boasts decent performance. However, shooters face challenges, from common malfunctions like feeding mishaps to rare occurrences like primer strikes.

Ejection difficulties and slide malfunctions underscore the need for careful consideration during routine field tests.

Additionally, gripping and trigger control present challenges that impact comfort and accuracy.

Addressing these CZ P10S problems demands a thorough understanding of the pistol’s machinery and adaptation of maintenance routines.

Ensuring shooters can fully appreciate its capabilities while minimizing frustrations.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Slide IssueCritical precision in maintenance and cleaning.
Trigger IssueDIY solutions or seeking expert guidance offer.
Ejection ProblemClean, lubricate extractor arm, select ammo carefully.
Feeding IssueSlide lock, magazine insert, routine maintenance.
Gripping ProblemEnhanced grip, stability, accuracy boost.
Light Primer StrikesReplace pin/spring, clean, lube, quality ammo.
CZ P10S Problems
CZ P10S Problems

CZ P10S Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Slide Issue:

As a seasoned firearms enthusiast, encountering issues with the slide of the CZ P10S during field-testing sessions is not uncommon.

On several occasions, the slide unexpectedly locked back after firing, proving frustrating and disrupting the feeding process.

Despite attempts to troubleshoot the malfunction, including consulting with other owners and applying paint to mark the magazine position, the problem persisted, indicating a potential design flaw that requires further investigation.


Addressing issues with the slide of the CZ P10S requires meticulous pistol maintenance, akin to a spa day for your firearm. Thorough cleaning, proper lubrication, and precise reassembly are essential for optimal performance.

However, if you’re encountering persistent problems, it’s worth exploring resources like forums or user groups dedicated to troubleshooting specific firearm models, such as the Canik METE MC9 problems thread on relevant online platforms.

This maintenance routine fosters a deeper understanding of your pistol while effectively addressing underlying problems.

Proper lubrication is crucial to maintain smooth operation and extend the lifespan of your firearm, resulting in flawless performance upon reassembly.

2. Trigger Issue:

Encountering trigger issues with the CZ P10S firsthand during field operations is a disconcerting experience.

The sudden sensation of a slack rubber band and a loss of tension in the trigger, happening multiple times, undermines confidence and accuracy when every shot counts.

These issues demand immediate attention, as they directly impact the shooter’s performance and overall experience with the firearm.

The inconsistency in trigger response can lead to hesitation and compromised shooting outcomes.


When trigger issues arise with the CZ P10S, I swiftly resort to DIY solutions, unafraid to tackle the problem hands-on. Seeking guidance from experts or adjusting components myself ensures smooth shooting experiences.

For DIY enthusiasts, addressing trigger problems at home is a rewarding part of ownership. Many issues can be resolved independently with proper tools and care, minimizing reliance on external assistance.

3. Ejection Problem:

In my experience with the CZ P10S, an ejection problem emerged during rigorous testing sessions. I noticed an odd occurrence of spent cartridges staying in the chamber instead of being ejected properly. This happened not just once but a couple of times, which was concerning as it disrupted the shooting flow. Encountering such problems is concerning, especially when you imagine needing to fire multiple shots quickly in a defensive scenario.


When facing an ejection issue with the CZ P10S, a thorough look-over of the extractor arm can often provide a solution. Ensuring it’s well-lubricated and clean can prevent joint problems. Be cautious with ammo choice to avoid any potential mess.

Regular maintenance routines, like cleaning and oiling, prevent issues from occurring. If ejection issues persist, try different fixes with caution. Sometimes, a simple adjustment can resolve the problem.

4. Feeding Issue:

Encountering a feeding issue with the CZ P10S can be a real headache, disrupting shooting sessions and causing frustration.

Whether it’s a double feeding failure or rounds failing to eject properly after an attempt to chamber, each malfunction significantly impacts the shooting experience.

Persistent problems sometimes require consulting with experts or seeking professional assistance to restore the smooth function of the CZ P10S.


When faced with a feeding jam in the CZ P10S, taking action promptly is crucial. The intended solution involves ensuring the slide locks back after the magazine racks it, then inserting a new magazine and letting the slide fire to prevent future ejection issues.

Maintenance plays a pivotal role in addressing failure. Keeping the firearm clean and well-lubed is essential to prevent issues from arising. This routine maintenance not only ensures smooth operation but also aids in resolving feeding concerns.

5. Gripping Problem:

When handling the CZ P10S, users may encounter a gripping problem that poses challenges, especially for those with larger hands. Despite being a subcompact gun ideal for concealment, achieving a solid hold can take time, leading to struggles in maintaining proper aiming.

From personal experience, I’ve encountered difficulties in finding the ideal grip on the CZ P10S. The palm swell felt like a mere pebble in my hand, which affected my aiming precision.

Addressing this gripping issue is crucial to ensure comfort and effectiveness in firearm handling.


There’s promising news for those facing the gripping issue with the CZ P10S: a solution is within reach. Investing in an extended magazine is a game changer, providing extra real estate for the hands and enhancing security and aim.

From personal experience, utilizing an extended magazine has significantly improved my handling of the CZ P10S. This simple yet effective solution has transformed the grappling experience, offering a more secure grip and noticeable enhancements in aim precision.

6. Light Primer Strikes:

Encountering light primer strikes with the CZ P10S can be perplexing, leaving shooters scratching their heads at the unexpected silence following a trigger pull.

This issue is frustrating during field testing, potentially compromising safety in critical situations. In my experience, grappling with light primer strikes adds an unsettling layer of uncertainty to shooting sessions.


Addressing light primer strikes in the CZ P10S necessitates examining potential causes like the firing pin or spring, often the main culprits behind malfunctions.

Thorough inspection and replacement of these parts can effectively solve the issue, ensuring reliable firearm performance.

Maintaining the firearm through regular cleaning and lubrication is crucial, preventing damage and enhancing ammunition quality.

Switching to higher-quality ammunition and ensuring the proper function of internal components mitigates the occurrence of light primer strikes with the CZ P10S.

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My Final Conclusion:

In my assessment, the CZ P10S presents a mixed bag of experiences for firearm experts. On one hand, it boasts a robust build and compact design, making it an attractive addition to any weapon.

The upside shines through in its smooth trigger action and ergonomic grip, providing shooters a comfortable and natural experience.

However, the CZ P10S has its share of issues. From occasional machinery mishaps to feeding and ejection troubles, users may encounter some initial bumps on the road.

However, most of the time, you can fix these problems. And once sorted, the firearm performs like a champ, proving its reliability in shooting scenarios.

Despite its tolerable flaws, the CZ P10S remains dependable for those seeking a compact and reliable handgun. Proper maintenance and attention to detail can be valuable for both seasoned shooters and newcomers.

My Friends Feedback:

My friend noted issues with the CZ P10S related to grip and ammunition. Despite efforts to mitigate problems like slowing the slide down or using gloves, issues persisted, leading to potential mechanical extraction problems.

Cleaning and lubrication did not resolve the many issues encountered, proving disappointing.

Upon further inspection of the firearm, malfunctions were observed, including random slide locks and double feeds. Despite seeking assistance from dealers and CZ, no immediate fixes were found.

Nose dive jams persisted, prompting solutions like polishing and widening the feed ramp by Cajun Gun Works.

Discussing ammunition shortages, various bullet components were tested to understand weight, profile, and performance.

Insights revealed the CZ P10S as a rare model, catering to specific shooters with unique grip and trigger reset features, suitable for occasional carry.

CZ P10S Problems
CZ P10S Problems

Common Questions Asked About CZ P10S:

Is the P10S reliable?

The P-10 S demonstrated commendable accuracy for a subcompact firearm. Achieving impressive groupings at 20 yards despite its 3.5-inch barrel length was notable. Additionally, I encountered no reliability issues throughout my testing of 500 mixed rounds.

Is the CZ P10 drop safe?

Yes, it includes a trigger safety mechanism ensuring drop safety.

What is the capacity of the CZ p10 S?

The S model within the P-10 line, a sub-compact variant, offers a capacity of 12+1 rounds in 9mm, designed to be compact and lightweight for effortless daily carry.

When did the CZ P10S come out?

In October 2018, CZ unveiled two new models within the P-10 lineup: the P-10 F, a full-size variant, and the P-10 S, a subcompact version. Contrary to the 4.02-inch (102 mm) barrel of the P-10C, the full-size model features a 4.5-inch (110 mm) barrel, while the subcompact is equipped with a 3.5-inch (89 mm) barrel.

What is the trigger pull weight of the CZ P10S?

Utilizing the CZ factory disconnector alongside the Apex Trigger and Slide Cover Plate yields a sharper trigger break upon striker release, achieving a trigger pull weight of around 5.5 lbs.

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