Top 5 CZ Reaper Magnum Problems You Must Know

The CZ Reaper Magnum shotgun is known for its powerful punch. However, several problems have emerged from real-life testing.

Common CZ Reaper Magnum problems range from ejection issues to fire concerns.

These issues can be extremely annoying during use. Practical solutions are very crucial for a smooth shooting session.

In this article, I’ll discuss these problems and offer their practical solutions for your ease and safety.

Let’s Explore.

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

5 ProblemsTheir Effective Solutions
Ejection IssueProper cleaning and replacement.
Jamming ProblemCleanliness and proper maintenance.
Double FiringClean, adjust and use high quality BBs.
Barrel IssueThorough cleaning.
Firing IssueCleaning and examination.
CZ Reaper Magnum Problems
CZ Reaper Magnum Problems

CZ Reaper Magnum Problems and Their Effective Solutions

1. Ejection Issue:

Many users of the CZ Reaper Magnum have reported ejection issues where shell casings fail to clear the chamber after firing.

Ejection issues with the CZ Reaper Magnum often stem from a gummed or grimy ejector.

This disrupts the cycle, affecting the shotgun’s reliability and posing a potentially dangerous issue.

During testing, it was noted that the problem was consistent. It led to frustration among owners.

CZ should address these concerns to ensure the Reaper Magnum meets the expected standards of performance.

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Okay, let’s find a solution.

  • The first step is to thoroughly clean the ejector by carefully wiping it down with gun cleaner to remove any gunk.
  • If the ejector is worn, it might need to be replaced. This method has worked like a charm for many users.
  • Frequent cleaning can prevent future issues and is a valuable lesson learned about regular maintenance to combat wear and tear.

2. Jamming Problem:

Jamming with the CZ Reaper Magnum can be a major headache. Many shooters have encountered this issue, where the gun jams after pulling the trigger.

When this happens, it can put a damper on the shooting experience and pose a safety risk.

Unfortunately, the CZ Reaper Magnum is not immune to such jams, and these moments of malfunction can be frustrating.


Here, the key lies in cleanliness and proper maintenance.

Low-quality or high-grade ammo can affect performance, so choosing cartridges that meet manufacturer specs is crucial.

Develop a habit of regularly cleaning your firearm after each use to prevent jam-prone situations.

Ensure thorough lubrication of all moving parts. Trust me, this simple yet effective step can significantly reduce the rare event of jams during operation.

By maintaining these practices, you can enhance the reliability and longevity of your CZ Reaper Magnum.

3. Double Firing:

The double-firing problem with the CZ Reaper Magnum can be frustrating for shooters. It causes BBs to be wasted and affects accuracy.

This odd occurrence isn’t uncommon in airsoft guns and can stem from various issues, such as magazine spring tension or a malfunctioning hop-up unit.

While it’s often a minor inconvenience, frequent double-firing can become a major issue. It compromises the reliability of the gun during gameplay.


To resolve the double firing problem with the CZ Reaper Magnum, a thorough fix involves a comprehensive checklist.

  • Start by ensuring the magazine spring is strong enough to feed consistently without jams.
  • Next, give the hop-up unit some TLC cleaning and adjusting it can significantly improve action reliability.
  • Also, using higher-quality BBs tends to yield better performance and fewer issues overall.

These steps combined should address the low-quality firing incidents effectively.

4. Barrel Issue:

Okay, let’s talk about another frustration: Barrel issues. It’s crucial to monitor shots fired for accurate performance.

Regularly inspecting for signs of warping or carbon fouling is essential, as these can affect the aim.

Overheating due to overuse is a common concern. It impacts the longevity and precision of firearms.


Here, it’s crucial to regularly cleanse the barrel to prevent carbon buildup.

Consider a thorough cleaning regimen and periodic checks for warping to maintain optimal performance.

If issues persist, a trip to a skilled gunsmith may be necessary for professional cleaning and inspection.

These steps can help ensure your CZ Reaper Magnum functions reliably over the long term.

5. Firing Issue:

The last issue revolves around firing. Shooters may encounter a frustrating scenario: the trigger pulls, but instead of a bang, there’s a disappointing click.

This misfire could stem from various factors, like a worn-out firing pin or debris obstructing the mechanism.

Such failures to fire can significantly impact your shooting experience.


Let’s find a solution. It’s essential to start with cleaning the firing pin channel regularly to prevent occasional light strikes caused by debris or gunk buildup.

If problems persist despite cleaning, consider examining the firing pin for signs of wear and opting for replacement if necessary to ensure consistent performance.

Regular maintenance and thorough inspections can significantly improve reliability and resolve these common issues.

CZ Reaper Magnum Problems
CZ Reaper Magnum Problems

My Final Conclusion:

In conclusion, the CZ Reaper Magnum proves to be a solid firearm despite occasional issues with ejection and double firing.

Some users have reported barrel problems, jamming concerns, and firing glitches.

These are generally manageable through basic maintenance and, if needed, part replacements.

Overall, it offers robust performance with its powerful punch and reliability in most shooting conditions.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends shared their thoughts on the CZ Reaper Magnum.

Lucie mentioned her frustration with the red dot sighting and divergent patterns when hunting turkey, leading to missed shots.

Jack had issues with the rail and found the barrel alignment inconsistent, especially at longer distances.

He noted that customer service took six weeks to respond to his replacement request.

Ammie highlighted the double firing problem and the loud “click” of the safety, making the gun unreliable for her needs.

All three agreed that the CZ Reaper Magnum had potential. The recurring issues and poor customer service overshadowed its benefits.

Common Questions Asked About CZ Reaper Magnum Problems:

What does magnum mean on a shotgun?

“Magnum” sometimes means a longer case or shell, both longer and loaded to a higher pressure, and sometimes just higher pressure. A shotgun “magnum” shell is just longer, with no extra powder charge. A rimfire magnum, like .22 WMR, has both a longer case and higher load pressure (psi).

Where are CZ shotguns made?

CZ imports, manufactures, and distributes pistols, rifles, shotguns, and suppressors in the United States. Along with their line of rifles and pistols from Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod (CZUB) in the Czech Republic, they also imports shotguns made in Turkey based on our designs.

What is a magnum-loaded shotgun shell?

Magnum shotshells give shooters more recoil, more muzzle blast, and longer shot strings. All of which are often unnecessary.

Why is a magnum so powerful?

The 44 Magnum is based on the 44 Special case, but it is lengthened and loaded to higher pressures for greater velocity and energy. Famously called “the most powerful handgun [cartridge] in the world” by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, the 44 Magnum has a legendary reputation.

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