5 CZ Sharptail Problems with Simple Fixes

The CZ Sharptail presents a fantastic choice for firearm enthusiasts, yet it isn’t without its problems.

During my research with this shotgun, I’ve encountered trigger heaviness as a sore point. Other CZ Sharptail problems include recoil spring issues, double firing concerns, and safety hurdles.

Addressing these concerns with proactive strategies ensures a smoother, more enjoyable time in the field with your CZ Sharptail.

In this article, I’ll examine the CZ Sharptail Problems and offer practical solutions based on my experience.

Let’s Go!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Recoil Spring IssueA thorough clean-up and fix with a new spring.
Double Firing ProblemThorough cleaning and replacement of suspect parts.
Heavy Trigger ProblemProper cleaning, lubrication, and replacement.
Problem with the Firing PinReassemble and lubricate the gun.
Safety IssuesConsult a certified gunsmith.
CZ Sharptail Problems
CZ Sharptail Problems

CZ Sharptail Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Recoil Spring Issue:

First, I’ve detected a fierce kickback, which can be harsh on the shoulder. This shotgun meets high standards but suffers from a lousy recoil spring. It causes the bull to beat after each shot.

Managing this recoil is crucial for maintaining aim precision, especially in the field or at the range.

Overcoming this issue often feels like wrestling with a ferocious opponent.

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After disassembling the shotgun and inspecting the recoil spring, the owners found it dirtier than their boots after a muddy hunt.

A thorough clean-up and fixing with a new spring ensured the right fit for the gun’s action, making the recoil more manageable.

Checking and replacing worn-out springs is crucial to ensure smooth shooting every time. This is especially true when facing harsh shooting conditions.

2. Double Firing Problem:

Using the CZ Sharptail can lead to startling moments when it unexpectedly shoots twice with a single trigger pull. It is a surprise that can be unsettling and risky during a hunt.

This issue, while infrequent, leaves you expecting only one shot but delivers a second without warning.

To address this issue and prevent such surprises, a thorough examination of the shotgun’s mechanism is necessary.


To tackle the double-firing issue with the CZ Sharptail, it’s crucial to first ensure the gun is unloaded before tinkering with it.

Owners often opened up the shotgun to check the trigger mechanism and internal components for any grime or dirt buildup.

A thorough cleaning and replacing suspect parts with genuine replacement parts are essential steps.

Afterward, reassemble the gun carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

This process ensures you’re back at square one with a reliable assembly that minimizes the risk of double firing.

3. Heavy Trigger Problem:

The heavy trigger on the CZ Sharptail can be a mess during target shooting. It feels like pulling a ten-pound weight every time you aim.

It makes precision shots harder, similar to pushing a sports car’s gas pedal to the floor.

The owner’s approach has been to fine-tune the trigger sensitivity, which significantly improves accuracy and comfort. This makes shooting sessions more enjoyable overall.


First, make sure the shotgun is empty and the safety is operating before attempting to deal with the CZ Sharptail’s heavy trigger.

I’ve found that cleaning and lubricating the trigger group and moving parts can improve the feeling of the trigger pull.

Sometimes, replacing the trigger spring with a new one can make a significant difference.

A more comprehensive fix is a do-it-yourself deep clean and component replacement. Trigger pull testing and careful reassembly follow to ensure a more pleasurable shooting experience overall.

4. Problem with the Firing Pin:

The firing pin is the heartbeat of any shotgun. But with the CZ Sharptail, it can sometimes act up, leading to frustration during hunts.

Owners have experienced instances where the firing pin misfired or caused abnormal discharges. This turned a perfect shot into a safety hazard.

It’s annoying as heck when you pull the trigger and nothing happens or worse, when it fires unexpectedly.


First, ensuring the shotgun is unloaded is crucial before beginning any repairs.

Often, a dirty or worn firing pin can show signs of wear and tear.

Sometimes, replacing the firing pin spring for good measure solves the issue, ensuring it isn’t weak or fired prematurely.

After reassembling and lubricating the gun, the firing pin often works like a charm.

5. Safety Issues:

Okay, so ensuring safety with the CZ Sharptail is essential to avoiding any compromised situations.

Owners had an alarming moment when the automatic safety failed to engage, potentially missing a shot or worse. This leads to the danger of accidental discharge, which can be frightening.

It’s crucial to stay vigilant and maintain proper safety practices to prevent any mishaps while enjoying your shooting experience.


Dealing with safety concerns on the CZ Sharptail can be a wake-up call for responsible gun ownership.

Consulting a certified gunsmith is crucial to addressing any automatic safety mechanism issues.

Owners have personally seen the pros of having these mechanisms fixed properly. It ensures reliable operation and peace of mind during every shoot.

CZ Sharptail Problems
CZ Sharptail Problems

My Final Conclusions:

Let’s summarize. After a full rundown with the CZ Sharptail, it’s clear this firearm has its strengths as a reliable shotgun.

However, there are notable areas for improvement, such as harsh recoil, occasional double firing, safety concerns, and heavy triggers. Fortunately, these issues are fixable through regular cleaning and part replacement.

Investing time in maintenance with the right tools ensures this shotgun remains a dependable choice for both hunting and sport shooting.

My Friends Feedback:

I’ve encountered invaluable feedback from fellow enthusiasts and friends alike. Their insights have been instrumental in understanding the nuances of this firearm.

Everything from conversations about how to deal with the double firing problem to tales of returning the 20-gram Sharptail under warranty because of light strikes emphasizes how important performance and dependability are.

Friends have highlighted their interactions with CZ USA for repairs and warranty claims. This contrasts them with experiences involving other brands like Brownings and Tristar.

Many praised CZ for their customer service, describing seamless processes like receiving RMA labels and quick turnarounds.

Discussions often touch on the gun’s design aspects, from auto safety mechanisms to the handling of lead in sporting scenarios.

Whether it’s tales from state competitions or local matches, the sharptail emerges as a contender. It bridges quality and user satisfaction in the realm of SxS shotguns.

Common Questions Asked About CZ Sharptail Problems:

Who makes CZ sharptail shotguns?

Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod (CZ to those of us who don’t live in the Czech Republic) is one of the 10 largest firearms producers in the world. In addition to offering handguns and rifles, the company’s shotguns are locally made by Brno and in Turkey by Huglu.

How much does a CZ Sharptail 16 gauge weigh?

The Sharp-tail 16 Gauge comes with a 28-inch barrel and fixed IC/MOD chokes. It includes a single selectable trigger, and manual safety, and it weighs approximately 7.3 lbs.

How much is the CZ Sharptail?

The Sharp-tail currently retails for $999, but owners purchased it from Reeds at a lower price! It’s designed mainly for upland and field use, and they also had fun shooting clay with it. Plus, you can receive a FREE case of Federal Ammo when you buy a new shotgun priced at $500 or more from Reeds!

Where are CZ shotguns made?

CZ imports, manufactures, and distributes pistols, rifles, shotguns, and suppressors in the United States. Alongside their line of rifles and pistols from Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod (CZUB) in the Czech Republic. They also import shotguns made in Turkey based on our designs.

What does CZ stand for in shotguns?

Česká zbrojovka a.s. (CZ, English: “Czech armory”) is a Czech-based armaments manufacturer located in Uherský Brod. The company is renowned for producing firearms for service, hunting, and sporting purposes.

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