Top 3 CZ Woodcock Problems You Should Know About

The CZ Woodcock boasts a robust design ideal for hunting, yet it isn’t without its challenges. Understanding these issues is crucial for maximizing performance in the field.

As someone who has spent considerable time in the field, I’ve encountered and addressed several safety issues, failure to fire and recoil problems associated with this firearm.

But don’t fret! I’ll identify these CZ Woodcock problems and provide clear solutions to ensure you can optimize your shotgun’s performance.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

3 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Safety IssueRegularly toggle safeties on unloaded firearm for smoother operation.
Failure To FireEnsure barrel opening and trigger reset for reliable firing.
Recoil ProblemReplace with a slip-on recoil pad for enhanced shooting comfort.
CZ Woodcock Problems

CZ Woodcock Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Safety Issue:

When discussing safety issues with the CZ Woodcock, one notable concern is the occasional stuck firing mode switch. This issue can be a significant headache during critical moments in the field.

Ensuring the barrel is properly aligned and addressing minor issues promptly are non-negotiable practices for maintaining safe operation.

This problem demands a quick fix to prevent any mishaps because safety should always be the top priority when handling firearms.


What’s the solution? Safeties can sometimes be a stiff challenge, especially when breaking in a new firearm. From my experience, I’ve found that toggling the safeties while the shotgun is unloaded helps in making them more responsive over time.

Initially, the safeties may feel stiff, but with gentle manipulation and time, they tend to break smoother and operate freely when needed.

This method not only enhances the safety of handling the firearm but also adds to the overall charm of mastering its nuances.

2. Failure To Fire:

Experiencing failure to fire issues can be frustrating, especially during critical moments in the field.

This issue typically arises when the shotgun is loaded and aimed, yet the trigger fails to fire when expected. This uncertainty can lead to missed opportunities and affect your success rate in the field.

During my time using the CZ Woodcock, I noticed that half the time, the top barrel would fire without any issues, but the bottom barrel occasionally cut it close, causing delays in shooting.

Understanding these issues is crucial for improving your handling techniques and ensuring better performance at the range.


For the solution of failure to fire issue requires understanding its action and trigger mechanisms. From my experience, focusing on the top barrel and ensuring it is fully opening after each shot can prevent this issue.

Sometimes, the kicker mechanism needs to be reset to ensure sufficient action for the trigger to engage with the shell properly. For the bottom barrel, ensuring the action is smooth and the trigger reset is quick enough after the first shot can significantly reduce this problem.

By paying attention to these details, I’ve found that the failure to fire issue can be effectively solved, improving overall shooting performance with the CZ Woodcock.

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3. Recoil Problem:

Another notable issue is the recoil felt which can affect your comfort and accuracy in shooting sports.

Compared to standard expectations, the recoil can feel a bit much, especially with the soft rubber butt plate. This setup, while comfortable initially, tends to absorb less recoil than anticipated, which can affect comfort and shooting performance.

During shooting sessions, this issue becomes apparent, as the soft rubber tends to amplify the recoil, making it deeper and potentially uncomfortable for prolonged use.


Now, move on to fix recoil problem.

One effective fix is to replace the factory butt plate with a slip-on recoil pad. This simple adjustment is designed to reduce the felt recoil, making shooting more comfortable and enjoyable.

By switching to a recoil pad specifically designed to mitigate this issue, shooters often find a quick fix that significantly improves their overall shooting comfort.

My Final Conclusion:

In conclusion, the CZ Woodcock stands out as a perfect shotgun for upland shooting enthusiasts seeking a reliable piece.

While it isn’t without its problems, such as a stubborn safety switch and intermittent failure to fire, these issues can be addressed with straightforward fixes. The surprising amount of recoil is also manageable with the right adjustments.

Overall, I would recommend the CZ Woodcock for its quality and performance, though it’s essential to consider its drawbacks alongside its pros and cons.

With a few tweaks, the CZ Woodcock can be tailored to fit your shooting preferences effectively.

My Friends Feedback:

When I first picked up my CZ Woodcock at the store, I was eager to take it to the range. However, as soon as I started shooting, issues with the top barrel emerged.

The failures to fire were frustrating, especially when the fire mode didn’t engage despite my efforts with the safety and barrel selector. The mechanisms seemed stiff, and the sliding safety and barrel selector switch didn’t work as smoothly as expected.

Even after breaking in the shotgun and trying to smooth up the mechanism, the side-to-side action of the barrel selector was problematic. It was disappointing to encounter these issues with a brand new shotgun.

One friend, Javy12, shared similar experiences. He noted that while the CZ Woodcock performed well on the range initially, issues arose with failures to fire on the top barrel. He described trying to pull the trigger repeatedly, only to find the shotgun didn’t fire. Javy12 tried closing the action, toggling the safety on and off, and even dry firing to troubleshoot, but the firing on the top barrel remained inconsistent.

Opening the action to reset the trigger and extract the shell often seemed like the only reliable method to proceed. Despite these challenges, Javy12 mentioned that the bottom barrel generally performed better.

Another friend, who purchased the CZ Woodcock for pheasant and quail hunting, shared mixed feelings. While he appreciated the reliability of CZ over/under models in the past, he encountered fit and finish issues with this particular shotgun.

The hard safety and trigger felt subpar compared to other models he had used. Despite paying extra for a new gun, he found himself happy with its performance when it did work.

However, he cautioned that the quality seemed to vary, as he noticed issues with firing pins and the top lever snap back during use, especially in warm weather or when wearing gloves. Switching to the back trigger for the second shot sometimes led to complications, although he admitted that his experience might vary from others’.

In summary, the CZ Woodcock receives mixed reviews from my friends. While it shows promise for shooting clays and handling seasoned game, there are evident quality issues that may affect its reliability over time.

Common Question Asked About CZ Woodcock Problems:

Does the CZ Woodcock have ejectors?

The Woodcock model features ejectors for the 12 and 20 gauge options, while the 28 gauge and .410 models come with extractors.

What’s better, over under or side-by-side?

The over-under shotgun offers superior pointability due to its narrower, single sighting-plane. To achieve an accurate gun mount with a side-by-side, more cast in the stock is often necessary

Does any military use CZ?

CZ service firearms are widely adopted by the armed forces and police agencies of the Czech Republic, as well as numerous international military forces.

Is the CZ Woodcock a good gun?

Yes, it’s an excellent firearm that shares similarities with the Redhead model, distinguished by its unique receiver finish.

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