6 EOTech EXPS2 Problems Exposed: Read Now Their Solutions!

As a seasoned shooter and an active member of the gun enthusiast community, I’ve often been involved in discussions regarding the EOTech EXPS2 problems.

My focus here is on what happened with the EOTech EXPS2, my experiences, and suggestions for fixing the problem.

From dealing with battery drainage to addressing the optic’s susceptibility to temperature changes, I’ve encountered my fair share of hiccups.

But let’s take a different angle here. Instead of looking at these problems as deal-breakers, consider them as part of the journey of mastering this tool.

By understanding the nitty-gritty of its operation and maintenance, you become a more informed user and appreciate the craftsmanship behind this optic.

In the following sections, I will share some practical insights and tips that have helped me and many others in the shooting community overcome these challenges.

This way, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to keep your EOTech EXPS2 performing at its best, ensuring that your shooting experience is efficient and enjoyable.

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Zero Shift in Extreme Weather ConditionsAdjust sight to temperature changes; use thermal shield.
Battery DrainageProperly turn off to extend battery life.
Washout in Bright LightUse kill flash or sunshade to reduce glare.
Mounting IssuesFollow manufacturer’s instructions when mounting the sight.
Blurry or Distorted ReticleUse a microfiber cloth, avoid harsh cleaning agents.
Parallax ErrorAlign sights properly for centered reticle in view.
EOTech EXPS2 Problems

EOTech EXPS2 Problems With Practical Solutions

1. Zero Shift in Extreme Weather Conditions:

Are you frustrated by your EOTech EXPS2’s zero shift?

As someone who often aims at a target in varying environments, I’ve frequently experienced this issue. It’s a common problem when moving from hot to cold or vice versa.

The sight is forced to recalibrate to zero due to bad weather conditions.


To tackle the zero shift in your EOTech EXPS2 due to temperature changes, it’s crucial to let your sight become accustomed to the environment before using it.

Consider utilizing accessories like a thermal shield or a sight hood to prevent potential damage from sharp temperature fluctuations.

These additions can significantly mitigate the impact of sudden environmental changes on your sight’s performance, ensuring more reliable aiming in diverse conditions.

2. Battery Drainage:

Users of the Eotech EXPS2 should be aware of the battery drainage problem.

It’s a common source of dissatisfaction, especially when you find a dead battery when you need your sight the most.

This issue often occurs if the sight is not turned off after use or left on for a prolonged time. Battery depletion can be a nuisance.


A practical approach to prolonging the life of the battery in the EOTech EXPS2 is to ensure you correctly switch off the sight after use.

This simple habit can significantly extend the battery life, ensuring your optic is ready whenever needed.

3. Washout in Bright Light:

Every shooter who’s experienced the frustration of lining up for an ideal shot only to lose sight of the reticle in direct sunlight or other intense light sources knows the challenging visibility issues with the EOTech EXPS2.

This washout effect, where the reticle appears scrubbed out and challenging to see, can seriously undermine the success of your hunting trip or shooting accuracy.

In these circumstances, the optic’s performance in bright light becomes critical, demanding attention for an enhanced shooting experience.


A practical solution for the washout issue in bright light with the EOTech EXPS2 is to enhance your sight by employing accessories like a kill flash or sunshade.

These additions effectively lessen the glare and increase reticle exposure, allowing you to maintain focus and consistently hit your target.

By adapting your equipment to counteract harsh lighting conditions, you ensure your optic performs optimally, keeping your aim precise and your shooting experience uninterrupted.

4. Mounting Issues:

A lousy mount can destroy the effectiveness of your shooting experience with the EOTech EXPS2.

Issues like incorrect mounting or an unsecured mount prevent the optic from mounting correctly and pose the risk of it coming loose during use.

This is a common frustration among users, as a shaky or misaligned mount can significantly impair accuracy.


The solution to mounting issues with the EOTech EXPS2 lies in meticulously following the manufacturer’s directions.

Ensure that you mount your sight as per the guidelines provided. Regularly inspect the mount for any damage or signs of wear and make sure it’s in place firmly. A well-mounted sight not only stays secure but also assists in hitting your target precisely.

It’s about being prepared and confident in your equipment, ensuring that the sight is an asset, not a hindrance, in your shooting endeavors.

5. Blurry or Distorted Reticle:

Dealing with a blurry or distorted reticle in the EOTech EXPS2 can be a frequent problem and quite aggravating for any shooter.

Often, you might find yourself straining to see through what seems like a fuzzy image.

A common culprit for this issue is a dirty lens. This can lead to misinterpretation of the reticle’s clarity, making it a misleading blame for the optic’s performance.


A microfiber cloth can work wonders to resolve a blurry or distorted reticle in the EOTech EXPS2.

Regularly wiping the lens with it can maintain an unobstructed view, which is crucial when you can’t afford to fail to take a shot. It’s one of those easy steps that often gets overlooked.

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents that could potentially ruin the lens. If the problem persists and the reticle appears broken, don’t hesitate to contact the maker for a substitute or a fix.

Keeping the lens clean ensures that your EOTech EXPS2 remains a reliable partner in your shooting endeavors.

6. Parallax Error:

Many shooters get annoyed when their sight is on the thing they aim at, but they still miss. Often, the parallax error is to blame.

This frequent problem arises when the shooter’s eye is not aligned correctly with the sight’s optical axis. It’s a subtle issue that can throw off even the most skilled shooters.

Parallax Error’s Solution:

The key to overcoming parallax error in the EOTech EXPS2 lies in proper sight alignment and eye relief adjustment.

These ensure that the reticle is centered in your field of view. Spend time setting up your sight correctly before each shooting session for the best outcomes. This practice improves accuracy and enhances your confidence in hitting targets effectively.

Remember, a correctly aligned sight can make all the difference in ensuring your shots are precisely where you intend them to be, leaving no room for error or misjudgment.

Tested Alternatives To EOTech EXPS2

1. Eotech EXPS3:

In tactical optics, the Eotech EXPS3 is a noteworthy alternative to the EXPS2.

This lightweight and portable sight is incredibly simple to handle and move around, making it a favorite among enthusiasts and professionals. Its compatibility with night vision equipment sets it apart, enhancing its versatility in various operational conditions.

The robust design and waterproof capability of the EXPS3 ensure it can endure adverse weather conditions and unintentional drops, making it a reliable choice for rigorous use.

A standout feature is its quick-detach mount, allowing users to effortlessly connect and detach it from their guns. This ease of use is a significant advantage in scenarios where speed and efficiency are paramount.

Priced between $600 and $800, the EXPS3 may seem like an investment, but it offers considerable value for those seeking durability and functionality. Its design and features make it a top contender for anyone looking to upgrade from the EXPS2 or explore other options in high-quality sights.

2. Eotech XPS2:

For those considering alternatives to the EOTech EXPS2, the Eotech XPS2 presents itself as a compelling option. This model is renowned for its unlimited eye relief, offering users a more convenient viewing position while aiming.

Its compatibility with Night vision equipment broadens its application range, making it suitable for various lighting conditions. Powered by a CR123 battery, the XPS2 stands out for its lasting power and the accessibility of its power source.

A notable feature of the XPS2 is its lower 1/3 co-witness mount, which is adaptable with the majority of guns and ensures that sights are aligned efficiently for optimal accuracy.

Priced between $500 and $600, it’s a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality or performance. This balance of affordability and functionality makes the Eotech XPS2 a worthy consideration for casual and professional users looking for a reliable sighting solution.

3. Aimpoint PRO:

In exploring alternatives to the EOTech EXPS2, the Aimpoint Pro stands out for its robust features.

This optic has a 2 MOA dot reticle, enhancing precise aiming and accuracy. Its limitless eye relief makes prolonged aiming more comfortable, a significant advantage during extended use.

The Aimpoint Pro is powered by a 3V lithium battery, renowned for its ability to function continuously for up to 30k hours, providing users reliability and peace of mind.

Another impressive feature is its waterproof capability, withstanding depths of up to 150 feet. The QRP2 mount offers a simple and speedy solution for mounting the optic onto a weapon, ensuring ease of use and quick adaptability in various situations.

Priced between $400 and $550, the Aimpoint Pro offers a balance of quality and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable sighting solution without breaking the bank.

My Final Experience With EOTech EXPS2

My journey with the Eotech EXPS2 has been one of good fortune and discovery. As someone who deeply enjoys shooting and hunting, I’ve found this sight to be a reliable companion.

My experience with the EXPS2 has been a mix of luck and learning. Like any piece of machinery, the sight has its own set of restrictions, but it’s these challenges that have sharpened my skills as a shooter.

One notable issue I encountered was the rapid warmth changes, which caused significant shifts in zero. Adapting to this required a keen understanding of the sight’s mechanics.

Another concern was the battery life, which drains fast, a known model drawback. Despite these challenges, the EXPS2 remains an excellent option for its precision and durability.

To sum up, the Eotech EXPS2 sight is a highly effective tool that has greatly assisted in achieving a precise aim. Yes, it has potential disadvantages, but understanding how to prevent problems and operating it at its peak is critical.

This involves adhering to the manufacturer’s upkeep and usage directions. Whether you’re a proficient shooter or just getting started, the EXPS2 is unquestionably a model to think about. I do so confidently when I grab my weapon, load it, and fire with the EXPS2, knowing it has my my back.

My Friends Feedback:

When discussing the EOTech EXPS2, EXPS3, and EXPS2.0 with friends and fellow users, I’ve gathered a wealth of feedback. Many have had the good fortune of experiencing brand-new sights, appreciating their effectiveness in shooting and hunting.

However, some users have expressed disappointment due to various issues.

A few problems were mentioned with their EXPS3.0, like glue residue inside the rear glass or receiving used and scratched units. While turning on the sight, the slow response raised doubts about Eotech’s quality control.

Despite these drawbacks, the Eotech brand remains an excellent option for many.

Some users pointed out that rapid warmth changes affect the zero of sight, and the battery of the EXPS2 models drains fast. This issue is also seen in ade rd3 006x green dot problems, which was particularly frustrating for those needing reliable performance.

Regarding operation, the second the buttons were clicked, some sights responded instantly, while others required a steady, firm press.

Users who enjoyed home invasion training noted these response times crucially, especially when dealing with canik mecanik mo1 problems.

The Eotech models, particularly the EXPS3 with G33, were praised for their performance in freezing cold and rain, maintaining accuracy and durability.

However, older models like 511 had endemic issues with Meprolight M21, such as battery drain.

Regarding purchases, there were warnings about buying high-end optics like Eotech from Amazon due to the risk of receiving fakes or returned, damaged units. In contrast, purchases from Bass Pro Shops or directly from manufacturers like Aimpoint Pro were more positively received.

Interestingly, Eotech’s optics were often compared to Aimpoint and Trijicon, with some users preferring the latter for their battery life and reliability. The Aimpoint’s rheostat issue, however, was a noted drawback.

In summary, the Eotech EXPS2 and its variants have been met with a mix of praise and criticism, which vary greatly based on personal experiences, usage scenarios, and individual preferences.

Common Questions Asked About EOTech EXPS2

What is the controversy with EOTech?

In 2015, the U.S. Government sued EOTech’s former parent company, L-3, for civil fraud, accusing it of covering up defects in the sights it knew about as early as 2006. The first defect was “thermal drift,” which causes the aiming point to shift in high or low temperatures by as much as 12″ at 300 yards.

Do eotechs go bad?

All EOTECH Product is designed to give many years of trouble-free performance and reliability. Nonetheless, failures do sometimes occur even with equipment as well-built as EOTECH’s.

Has EOTech fixed their problems?

EOTech maintains that it has fixed two other problems that have affected its sights’ accuracy. One issue was moisture incursion, also called reticle fade, Baily said, explaining that EOTech replaced a component in the sight that fixed the problem in 2014.

What is the battery life of the EOTech EXPS2?

The battery life of the Eotech EXPS2 is up to 1,000 hours on setting 12.

Can the EOTech EXPS2 be used with night vision?

Yes, the EOTech EXPS2 can be used with night vision devices.

Is the EOTech EXPS2 waterproof?

Yes, the Eotech EXPS2 is waterproof up to 33 feet.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in EOTech EXPS2?

Eotech is against using any kind of rechargeable batteries in its sights.

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