Overcome 4 Common Glock 27 Problems Right Now!

My excitement was noticeable as I embarked on the journey of testing the Glock 27, eager to explore its unique challenges. 

However, this initial thrill was soon replaced by unforeseen issues that surfaced during the field test. 

The Glock 27, which was initially a source of joy, revealed unexpected quirks, from temperamental rounds and a grating slide to a recoil spring that seemed to have a mind of its own.

Despite these hurdles, this article is here to guide you towards practical solutions, ensuring a smoother performance with the Glock 27. 

By sharing personal encounters, we hope to help you embrace the reality of these nuances, understand them, and optimize your Glock 27 problems.

Whether it’s addressing feeding failures or dealing with unpredictable recoil, mastering these challenges is not just important; it’s the key to fully enjoying this firearm’s capabilities.

Problems & Solution at a Glance

4 ProblemsQuick Solutions
Rounds not FiringTrying different ammo types might resolve firing issues.
Recoil Spring Causing DamageSeat recoil spring firmly in barrel notch to prevent damage.
Difficulty in Racking the SlideAdjust the recoil spring assembly for smoother slide operation.
Failure to FeedExperiment with various ammo and mags for Glock.
Glock 27 Problems

Glock 27 problems with practical Solutions

1.Rounds not Firing:

Cradling the Glock 27 in my hands, the initial thrill at the range morphed into a mysterious challenge, Rounds Not Firing. 

The routine trigger squeeze, anticipating the satisfying pop, was met with an unsettling quiet, turning the momentary joy into hands-on troubleshooting. 

Navigating the intricacies of primer and recoil, I discovered that addressing the rounds not firing was more than just a technical puzzle. It demanded an understanding of the firearm’s temperament. 

The dance between trigger and recoil, the turn of the primer – these nuances became crucial in deciphering this issue.

In the quiet of the range, grappling with rounds not firing transformed into a unique hands-on experience, unraveling the complexities of this particular Glock 27 issue.


To resolve the mystery of Rounds not Firing, I tried rotating various types of ammo. 

Experimenting with PMC, Blazer, and different ammunition proved enlightening. Swapping between these options became a strategic move to address the persistent issue of rounds not popping every time. 

Each attempt worked to suggest a potential solution, unraveling the complexities of this particular Glock 27 problem. 

My hands-on experience taught me that the key lies in diversifying and exploring different ammunition types to find the perfect match that keeps the Glock 27 running smoothly.

2. Recoil Spring Causing Damage:

As I delved deeper into the troubles plaguing my Glock 27, the issue of Recoil Spring Causing Damage reared its ugly head. 

With each trigger pull, the recoil spring seemed hell-bent on making a mess inside the firearm, adding insult to injury. 

The pops of rounds echoed through the range, but inside, it looked like a war zone. This was not the kind of day I had in mind at the range. 

As I sorted through the aftermath, I couldn’t help but talk about the frustration of dealing with such an unexpected problem. 

It was a stark reminder that even the most reliable firearms can have their share of internal troubles.


In the face of woes caused by a pesky recoil spring, despair among Glock 27 owners was palpable. However, seasoned folks know a simple fix can turn things around. 

To ensure this, the key is to ensure the spring is seated at the bottom notch of the barrel. A firm push with your thumb can do the trick, ensuring it’s centered at the end. 

This thumb dance, a subtle maneuver, has been my go-to trick to tackle the persistent issue of the recoil spring causing damage. 

This experience makes it evident that sometimes, the most effective solutions lie in the simplest gestures.

3. Difficulty in Racking the Slide:

The difficulty in racking the slide seemed impossible to solve. 

Each attempt to rack the slide and chamber a round felt like a nightmare, with the factory mags grinding against the next. 

What should have been an incredible feeling of readiness turned into frustration and doubt? However, through persistence and experimentation, I discovered subtle adjustments that made a world of difference. 

With a few tweaks and techniques, the once daunting task of racking the slide became a smooth and effortless motion. 

This journey taught me that even the most stubborn problems can be overcome with patience and a willingness to try new approaches.


In pursuing a solution for the difficulty of racking the slide, considering a different setup for the recoil spring assembly proved to be the antidote for my slide-racking troubles.

Trying various configurations helped greatly alleviate the persistent challenges associated with the slide, turning the once frustrating task into a smoother and more reliable process. 

This hands-on approach provided a fix and imparted a deeper understanding of the Glock 27’s mechanisms. 

Experimentation can be the key to finding personalized solutions for seemingly insurmountable firearm issues.

4. Failure to Feed:

Picture yourself outdoors, letting off steam with your Glock 27. Forty rounds in, and then it happens – the dreaded Failure to Feed strikes.

 Despite three perfectly loaded 9-round mags firing flawlessly, the fourth refuses to feed. It’s an old FTF problem that Glock owners hate to encounter, disrupting the rhythm of an otherwise smooth shooting session. 

As frustrating as it is, understanding the nuances of this issue and exploring potential solutions can turn this hitch into a mere hiccup in your shooting experience.


When faced with the Fear of Failure to Feed problems, finding a workaround becomes essential. 

Magazine-related issues often manifest as slide pushback, but the real culprit is sometimes caught in the choice of ammo. 

Using the same ammunition with a different mag often solves the issue, shedding light on the importance of exploring various combinations. When all else fails, a gentle touch to your Glock can sometimes ship the problem away.

Sharing detailed accounts of these problems can help fellow owners navigate similar hurdles with their factory mags, ensuring a smoother shooting experience for all.

My Final Conclusion:

Navigating the complexities of the Glock 27, my hands-on experience revealed both the allure of this compact firearm and the hurdles inherent in its design.

While it presents an enticing proposition, the journey could have been smoother. 

Encountering and overcoming challenges became a celebrated learning experience, transforming potential pitfalls into opportunities for improvement. 

The rigorous field-testing sessions were an eye-opener, highlighting the need for continuous refinement of this revered firearm.

In conclusion, the Glock 27 is a testament to the philosophy that challenges are inherent in any pursuit of excellence. 

Each encountered obstacle became a stepping stone towards mastery, offering valuable insights and refining the firearm’s performance. 

This journey underscores the significance of hands-on experience and continuous learning, making the Glock 27 not just a compact powerhouse but a dynamic tool for those willing to engage with its design nuances.

My Friends Feedback:

My recent acquisition, the Glock 27, sparked diverse feedback from fellow enthusiasts. While some reported occasional hiccups, particularly FTF issues after firing rounds, others hailed its flawless performance even under limp writing. 

Concerns about plastic shaving and frame damage were raised, prompting calls to Glock for resolution. A mix of praise and critique painted a vivid picture of the Glock 27 landscape. 

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In my six-year journey with the Glock 27, rounds from premium ammo brands revealed subtleties. Recoil sensitivity became apparent, prompting considerations for a firm grip. 

Trigger upgrades and experimentation with different ammunition brands brought both challenges and enhancements. The quest for reliability unfolded through insights from Glock Armorer School, emphasizing the delicate balance between grip and recoil sensitivity. 

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The community’s collective expertise surfaced trade secrets for Glock 27 owners.

Users offered solutions to navigate the nuances effectively, from a more extended, smoother recoil system to magazine extenders. The consensus leaned towards a firm grip, eliminating the possibility of weak holds causing malfunctions. 

As a Glock enthusiast, this exploration of user experiences unveils the Glock 27’s intricacies, presenting a nuanced perspective on this compact powerhouse. 

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Common Questions asked about Glock 27 Problems

Is the Glock 27 reliable?

The Glock 27 is a durable, dependable firearm ideal for discreet carry and fully equipped to serve in self-defense scenarios with utmost effectiveness.

Is the Glock 27 controllable?

Exceptionally precise and easy to manage, the GLOCK 27 offers the convenience of having 10 rounds of 40 S&W caliber readily accessible. Despite its compact size, this firearm is suitable for carrying in a pocket or ankle holster.

Is a Glock 27 drop safe?

The secure, straightforward, and rapid system lets users focus entirely on shooting without requiring extra steps to disengage and reengage safeties. This ensures safety even if the firearm is dropped and remains functional within a temperature range of -40° to 122° Fahrenheit.

Is a Glock 27 automatic?

GLOCK G27 Generation 3 Subcompact Semi-Automatic Pistol.

What are the weaknesses of a Glock?

Although Glocks are typically dependable, they may encounter problems like misfired rounds, damage to the recoil spring, challenges in racking the slide, and failure to feed.

How many rounds will a Glock 27 last?

The Glock 27 has a capacity for 10 rounds of 40 S&W caliber and is compact, suitable for carrying in a pocket or ankle holster.

Will a Glock 27 stop a bear?

Indeed, a Glock 27 has the potential to halt a bear, but it is advisable to use hard cast or bonded ammunition for effective penetration. Standard ammunition might only result in a superficial flesh wound.

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