Top 4 Mossberg 100 ATR Problems: Expert Advice Awaits!

The Mossberg 100 ATR is a popular field rifle that has garnered both praise and criticism. Not complaining, but everyone faces Mossberg 100 ATR problems.

Common issues include bolt sticking, inconsistent accuracy, and firing pin failures. The trigger can also be a concern for many shooters. These potential deal-breakers disrupt the whole shooting session.

But don’t worry; easy fixes are available.

By reading this article, you can solve these annoying problems with a relaxing approach.

Let’s delve in!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

4 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Stiff BoltDisassemble the rifle and use a nylon brush to clean the nooks.
Accuracy IssuesCleaning and maintenance.
Firing Pin Light StrikeThorough Cleaning.
Trigger Slack Tweak the existing trigger with this aftermarket.
Mossberg 100 ATR Problems

Mossberg 100 ATR Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Stiff Bolt:

First, the bolt of the Mossberg 100 ATR can cause significant headaches for users in the field.

Many find it far from smooth, often describing it as stiff and prone to awkward moments during chambering rounds.

This issue not only risks a potential catastrophe but can also slow you down when you need quick action. It affects the overall enjoyment of the firearm.

This common gripe among Mossberg 100 ATR users highlights the need for better bolt mechanisms to enhance reliability and performance. Right?

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For a solution, start by thoroughly disassembling the rifle and using a nylon brush to clean all nooks and crannies.

Be generous with oil, especially using high-quality gun oil on the moving parts.

After cleaning, reassemble the rifle and work the bolt repeatedly. This should result in a significant improvement.

This straightforward fix involves simple maintenance and can make the bolt action smoother. This makes a world of difference in the rifle’s performance.

2. Accuracy Issues:

Ahh! Dealing with an accuracy problem with the Mossberg 100 ATR can be incredibly frustrating. You expect the perfect shot. Instead, the bullet strays despite having a stable rest and proper sight alignment.

This accuracy problem can make the bullet not hitting the intended target a common occurrence.

Owning a tool like this should mean reliability. But these issues are critical for rifle enthusiasts.

However, hearing similar concerns from other owners suggests it may be a more widespread issue.


Fear not; there are several simple steps you can take to improve performance.

  • Start by checking if your scope is loose or misaligned.
  • Ensure you tighten the screws to keep them perfectly aligned with your aim.
  • Additionally, barrel cleaning is crucial, as residue buildup can significantly affect accuracy.
  • Make sure to maintain a clean barrel for more accurate shots.
  • It’s also beneficial to try different ammo varieties, as some rifles perform better with specific types.
  • By switching ammo, you might find a combination that works best for your Mossberg. It leads to a noticeable improvement.

These simple steps can make a big difference in your shooting experience.

3. Firing Pin Light Strike:

Next, there are firing pin light strikes. You expect your rifle to work every single time you pull the trigger. Instead, you’re met with a disappointing click due to a light strike on the primer.

This failure to ignite can be a significant letdown. This is especially true in the middle of a shooting session. Many shooters encounter consistent problems due to ammo issues or a prone firing pin.

It can also lead to dangerous scenarios if you’re relying on your rifle for critical situations like hunting or self-defense.

Trust me, addressing this issue becomes critical to ensure the reliability and safety of your firearm.


To address this, a thorough cleaning of the firing pin and its channel is necessary to remove any grit, grime, or old lubricant that may be hindering its function.

After cleaning, lightly oiling the firing pin can prevent it from attracting dirt and ensure smoother operation.

With this approach, many have found that light strikes can be resolved effectively. This ensures a more reliable hit with each shot.

4. Trigger Slack:

At last, trigger slack stands out as a primary concern. Shooters have noted that the trigger pull often feels spongy with way too much slack. It requires a considerable distance before the rifle finally fires.

This inconsistency can be both distracting and irritating. Especially when trying to aim precisely or time the perfect shot.

The need to dig into the trigger to get the rifle to fire can mess with the overall shooting experience and lead to frustration.

Addressing this trigger issue is crucial for enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the Mossberg 100 ATR.


Folks! There’s a DIY adjustment that can make a world of difference. If you’re comfortable fiddling with your trigger assembly, then adjusting the set screws can effectively reduce slack.

While some may opt for a professional gunsmith, tweaking the existing trigger with this aftermarket solution can lead to a more reliable trigger pull.

After the adjustment, many shooters find the trigger to be more responsive. It results in improved shooting.

Trust me, this easy fix can turn a frustrating experience into a more enjoyable one on the range or in the field.

Mossberg 100 ATR Problems

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s sum up. The Mossberg 100 ATR is a decent gun, but it’s got some problems.

The bolt and accuracy are okay, but the firing pin and trigger can be troublesome.

Still, no gun is perfect. With some care, it can still be useful.

Many issues can be fixed with TLC. A trip to a gunsmith can help too.

Most problems can be sorted out with the right care.

My Friends Feedback:

Many friends give their feedback on this rifle. One friend praised the older ones with a fluted barrel, noting they consistently shot within 1 inch at 100 yards with factory ammo.

However, they criticized the cheap plastic stock, labeling it common among budget guns.

Despite its flaws, this friend’s son found success after fitting it with an aftermarket wood stock in.270.

Others deemed it a bad gun compared to better options like Savages. On a positive note, one user reported a satisfying experience at the range. After morning adjustments, rounds from Hornady 100-grain interlock began shooting great.

Another friend took the rifle for a stroll in the deer woods. He felt good about its solid hold and performance.

However, they noted a need to tighten up their groups by changing ammo.

One recent purchaser of the Mossberg 100 ATR in 30.06 Springfield shared a less favorable experience.

After using Federal and Winchester 165 and 180-grain ammo, they discovered an unpredictable pattern.

Even after seeking assistance from professionals, issues persisted. Frustration grew as they realized the mount might be warped or improperly machined.

Despite remounting the scope and seeking advice on firing increments, the problem persisted.

Even a cheap $60 Tasco scope failed to remedy the issue. It leaves them to justify the expense and seek further solutions to achieve decent groups.

Common Questions Asked About Mossberg 100 ATR:

What scope comes on Mossberg 100 atr?

The combo rifle includes a 3-9×40 scope mounted on Weaver-style two-piece bases.

Are Mossberg guns good?

The guns have gone on to serve with police departments and the military, a testament to their reliability. Mossberg 500s are often the first shotgun for many hunters and experienced waterfowlers often keep a Mossberg 500 12 gauge as a bad-weather and backup gun.

How far can a Mossberg shotgun shoot?

You can typically count on a maximum range of 75-150 yards, depending on whether you’re shooting with a smooth-bore or rifled barrel shotgun.

Why is Mossberg better than Remington?

Mossberg’s skeletonized carrier offers advantages in fast loading and preventing stoppages. In Mossberg shotguns, the lifter is tilted up when loaded, while in Remington shotguns, it remains visible. The Remington lifter springs up to load the chamber and springs back down to cover the magazine tube.

Which is better, a shotgun or a sniper?

Data from actual shootings suggests that shotguns are the clear champions in terms of lethality, at least with a single shot. However, many of the advantages of shotguns diminish with distance, while those of the AR become more significant.

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