The Truth About Mossberg 715T Problems: Take Action!

As an avid firearms enthusiast, the Mossberg 715T has held a special place in my collection for quite some time.

However, like any rifle owner, I’ve encountered my fair share of problems along the way.

When considering the Mossberg 715T, it’s essential to address the common problems that may arise.

From failure to feed to ejection issues, and even jamming ammo, each challenge presents an opportunity to troubleshoot and resolve.

Today, let’s delve into the world of Mossberg 715T Problems and explore some solid solutions to ensure the best performance from this iconic firearm.

5 ProblemsWith Their Practical Solution
Ejection IssueUse quality ammo, clean ejection port for improvement.
Failure To FeedEnsure magazine alignment, clean feed ramp.
Problem with the Magazine LipsInspect for bends, realign with pliers or replace magazine.
Ammo JammingCheck ammo quality, clean chamber.
Threaded Barrel ProblemInspect threads, repair minor damage or consult gunsmith.
Mossberg 715T Problems
Mossberg 715T Problems

Mossberg 715T Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Ejection Issue:

One issue that has bothered many enthusiasts is the ejection problem.

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a smooth fire, and bam! Instead of a clear path, you find yourself facing a frustrating ejection issue.

The spent cartridge fails to clear the ejection port, leading to inconvenient disruptions in your shooting flow. By paying attention to the details, we can ensure a seamless shooting experience with the Mossberg 715T.


To solve ejection issues, it often requires a two-step process.

Begins with the quality of ammunition used. While low-quality ammo may seem like the culprit, switching to good-quality ammunition can significantly mitigate problems.

Another crucial aspect is ensuring the cleanliness of the ejection port and bolt. Gunk and debris can accumulate over time, affecting the ejection mechanism.

Regular cleaning with a gun-specific solvent can lead to improved performance without requiring rocket science.

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2. Failure To Feed:

Encountering a failure to feed with your Mossberg 715T can be disheartening, disrupting the natural rhythm of your shooting experience.

Picture this: You’re out on the range, ready to fire, but the next round fails to chamber, turning what should be a seamless process into a frustrating problem.

Beyond being a mood killer, this issue can also compromise safety, especially in high-pressure situations. Conducting thorough field tests is essential to pinpointing and addressing this concern effectivel


To fix the issue of failure to feed, a few simple steps can make all the difference.

  • Often, the culprit behind feed failures can be traced back to a misaligned or damaged magazine. Ensuring your magazine is in good shape and properly inserted can go a long way in preventing this problem.
  • Take the time to examine the feed ramp for any signs of wear and tear or dirt accumulation. Regular cleaning with a mild gun cleaner and a soft brush can keep it squeaky clean and ensure smooth feeding.

In my experience, these simple steps have almost entirely gone away with the issue, making shooting sessions much more enjoyable.

3. Problem with the Magazine Lips:

Problem with the magazine lips can significantly impact the performance of your rifle. You may notice that these tiny parts at the top of the magazine can become bent or misshaped, affecting the feeding of cartridges into the chamber.

When the magazine lips are misaligned, you’re likely to encounter feeding problems and jams during your shooting sessions.

This can turn what should be a fun day out in the field into a frustrating ordeal, messing up the smooth operation of your rifle.


The first step in resolving a problem with the magazine lips involves a close inspection to identify any bends or irregularities.

Once the issue is identified, a simple realignment using needle-nose pliers may suffice, especially for minor damage. For more severe damage, it might be necessary to replace the magazine altogether.

Investing in a new magazine can be a small investment for peace of mind, ensuring that feeding problems become a thing of the past.

With practical adjustments, the issue can be practically fixed, allowing you to enjoy a smoother shooting experience.

4. Ammo Jamming:

Experiencing ammo jamming can be a real headache.

Just when you’re feeling the groove of your shooting session, a bullet gets stuck halfway in the chamber, bringing your momentum to a sudden halt. It’s not only annoying but also a safety concern that warrants immediate attention.

When encountered with this problem multiple times, it’s crucial to figure out the root cause to safely resume shooting.

Whether it’s an issue with the ammo itself or a problem with the chamber, a systematic approach to troubleshooting is necessary to avoid future occurrences.


To address ammo jamming:

  • First, consider the quality of your ammunition. Switching to a different brand may show improvement.
  • Next, inspect the chamber for grime and ensure a thorough cleaning using a chamber brush and gun cleaner.
  • Additionally, refine your shooting technique to prevent issues like limp-wristing by adjusting your grip.

After making these adjustments, test your Mossberg 715T again. You’ll likely find that the issues are virtually gone, making for a smoother and more enjoyable shooting experience.

5. Threaded Barrel Problem:

The threaded barrel is crucial for adding various attachments like a muzzle device, suppressor, or compensator. However, over time, these threads can become damaged or wear out, especially after extensive field tests.

It’s concerning when the functionality of the threaded barrel is compromised, as it poses a potential safety risk.

This issue should not be taken lightly, as it could affect the performance and safety of your firearm


For a solution of threaded barrel problem, start by ensuring the muzzle device is removed. This allows for a good look at the threads for a detailed inspection.

It’s crucial to determine the extent of the damage. If there is only minor wear, you can smooth out the threads using a thread repair tool.

However, for severe damage, it’s best to consult a professional gunsmith. In some cases, it might be necessary to replace the threaded barrel entirely.

Ensuring the barrel is in top condition guarantees your Mossberg 715T is ready for action and fixable with the right approach.

My Final Conclusion:

After a thorough real-world test run of the Mossberg 715T, my verdict is a mixed bag. The rifle boasts undeniable perks: it’s versatile, easy to use, and generally a reliable firearm.

However, it does have its issues. Ejection problems and ammo jamming can cause bumps in your shooting experience.

The good news is that these are workable solutions. With attention to detail and regular maintenance, you can keep your gun running smoothly. These drawbacks shouldn’t discourage you, but rather highlight areas for improvement.

By taking proactive steps to optimize performance, you can unlock the potential of the Mossberg 715T as a dependable go-to firearm. With the right care, this rifle can serve you well for years to come.

My Friends Feedback:

When I asked my newbie friend about his experience with the Mossberg 715T Tactical, he raised a common issue: the bolt locking back after just a few shots. It’s annoying to have to keep opening the magazine during rapid fire.

He tried to fix it himself but eventually reached out to Mossberg Customer Service. Despite this hiccup, he found the gun to be accurate and appreciated its weight.

Another friend suggested that the feeding issues might be related to the type of ammo used. According to him, certain bullet shapes, like hollow points or blunt tips, may not function correctly. He found that solid point rounds or high-velocity rounds tend to cycle better.

Regular cleanings also helped; once he polished the magazine lips and ensured the spring tension was smooth, the rifle performed flawlessly.

Another friend shared his experience with his son’s Marlin Glenfield Model 60, which had similar locking back issues. After addressing and repairing the bolt hold open latch, located on the left side of the receiver, manually reloading became easier.

With the addition of a scope, they managed to achieve accurate shots at 50 yards. Meanwhile, another friend faced feeding issues with his AR-style .22 rifle.

The jams were frequent, requiring him to forcefully remove the bolt to clear them. Despite contacting technical support and sending the rifle for repair, the problems persisted.

The worst experience came when he was promised a replacement stock, only to find out it was out of stock. Mossberg’s warranty coverage was disappointing, leaving him frustrated with the lack of reliable customer support.

It seems that while the Mossberg 715T has its strengths, such as accuracy and versatility, it also has its share of technical challenges. However, with the right ammo, maintenance, and perhaps some DIY tweaks, it can still be a functional and enjoyable firearm.

Mossberg 715T Problems
Mossberg 715T Problems

Common Questions Asked About Mossberg 715T Problems:

Is a Mossberg 715T an assault rifle?

The Mossberg 715T, crafted by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, stands as a semi-automatic rifle, stemming from the renowned Mossberg 702 Plinkster. Distinguished by its AR-15-style stock and body, it embodies a variant tailored for modern preferences.

Where is the Mossberg 715T made?

Serial Number EMA362678: 22 Caliber Semi-automatic Rifle.

Does the Mossberg 715T have a threaded barrel?

This product features a 16.5-inch threaded barrel, equipped with a flash hider, designed for .22 LR ammunition. The receiver boasts a grooved design, finished in matte blue for a sleek appearance. Its synthetic stock, checkered for enhanced grip, comes in black. Plus, it includes a 25-round magazine for ample capacity.

Are Mossberg and Maverick barrels interchangeable?

In some instances, it may lead to compatibility issues, but typically, it enhances accuracy. Yes, a Mossberg 500 barrel can fit a Maverick 88 as they are essentially the same firearm manufactured by the same company. I routinely swap my 500 bird barrel onto my 88 without any problems.

What magazines are compatible with Mossberg 715T?

The Promag® Mossberg 715T .22LR 25-Round Magazine offers compatibility with the Mossberg® 715T™ rimfire rifle. It presents an economical option compared to factory magazines while still ensuring dependable performance.

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