5 Mossberg 817 Problems with Straightforward Solutions

The research journey about Mossberg 817 Problems was quite an eye-opener.

Unfortunately, these problems became even more evident. They made it hard to maintain a practical and smooth shooting guide.

These problems include loose pins, barrel problems, feeding, bolts, and trigger issues.

I am not grumbling about the Mossberg 817. But the Ruger 44 Carbine offers a more reliable aim. However, it faces similar issues to that of Mossberg 817.

Thankfully, there is a solution to every problem. You don’t need to bother with such minor, or sometimes critical, frustrations.

This article dives into these challenges and solutions to improve the overall experience of the Mossberg 817.

Let’s explore!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Loose PinFollow proper maintenance and safety guidelines.
Barrel IssueProper adjustment.
Feeding IssueThorough cleaning and adjustment.
Bolt ProblemThorough inspection.
Trigger IssueCleaning and maintenance.
Mossberg 817 Problems

Mossberg 817 Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Loose Pin:

One of the common problems with the Mossberg 817 is the firing pin. I’ve noticed that this issue can cause significant headaches.

The pin tends to become loose. Thus, it leads to instability and makes the gun unreliable.

I found that even a small amount of wiggle in the firing pin can escalate into a big problem. It affects the overall integrity of the firearm.

Trust me, unstable components can compromise safety and performance. It leaves little room for error when out in the field.

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For a solution, following proper maintenance and safety guidelines is essential. The right tools, such as a punch and hammer, are crucial.

To address this, ensure your firearm is unloaded, and then proceed cautiously.

First, delicately and then firmly tap the pin into place using a step-by-step approach.

Tightening everything snugly and securely ensures the problem is effectively solved.

This methodical process requires patience but guarantees success. Just try it.

2. Barrel Moving Forward While Chambering

Next, I noticed an issue with the barrel moving forward while chambering around.

This odd behavior started to compromise the accuracy and safety of the firearm.

During the process, this movement can create a chain reaction that affects the overall confidence in using the firearm.

I first noticed this issue during a hot day, and the heat seemed to exacerbate the problem. This caused a slight forward throw in the barrel each time a round was chambered.

It’s crucial to address this problem promptly to ensure safety and maintain the integrity of the shooting experience.


To address this, ensure the barrel assembly is properly secured with the screws. Using an Allen wrench, carefully tighten the screws without overtightening, as this can cause issues.

Before starting, make sure the gun is empty, safe, and has been thoroughly inspected.

Identify the culprit by checking each screw, ensuring they are set correctly.

After making adjustments, test the gun to confirm the problem has been tackled and that it operates stably.

If the issue persists, consider comparing it with similar models like the Ruger 44 Carbine to see if there are common solutions.

3. Feeding Issue:

One specific issue was the trigger’s inconsistency. It would sometimes fail to engage properly. Ultimately, it causes frustrating delays.

This feeding issue made it hard to focus in the field. When the rifle would jam or the round wouldn’t chamber, it often interrupted the flow of practice.

These jamming incidents meant I had to move swiftly to clear the chamber and continue shooting.


To solve this issue, start by breaking the gun apart and thoroughly cleaning all parts using a brush and solvent.

Pay special attention to any areas where dirt may originate and accumulate.

After a complete clean-up, inspect the spring and other components for wear and tear.

If any parts are worn, they should be replaced to ensure better performance.

Once the gun is reassembled and loaded, the action should be significantly smoother.

This particular maintenance routine helps to keep the Mossberg 817 functioning properly.

4. Bolt Problem 

Next, one common concern is the bolt issue. I noticed the bolt sometimes fails to cycle smoothly. This can cause it to stick and not fully close.

inconvenience can be a significant concern for both safety and reliability. I compiled a list of issues, and the Mossberg 817’s bolt problem was a standout.

Trust me, any inconsistency can mess with your shooting accuracy and confidence.


For a solution, it’s essential to start with a thorough inspection.

Begin by disassembling the firearm to check for any debris or signs of wear.

Regular cleaning and lubricating are crucial steps to fix minor issues and prevent them from escalating.

Pay special attention to the bolt, ensuring it moves smoothly and securely.

After cleaning, make sure to reassemble the firearm carefully and perform a safety check to ensure everything functions correctly.

This routine maintenance not only solves existing problems but also prolongs the life of your firearm.

The Mossberg 817 benefits greatly from regular care and attention.

5. Casing Getting Stuck in the Chamber:

Ahh, nothing is a bigger mood killer than dealing with casings getting stuck in the chamber.

This issue becomes a serious inconvenience when you’ve tried racking the bolt, but the casing won’t budge.

The stubborn casing not only disrupts the flow but can also pose a significant safety risk.

Owners recall a particular incident where a casing got so stuck that they were suddenly worried about a potential malfunction.

This unexpected problem required careful handling to avoid any mishaps.

It’s crucial to address these malfunctions to maintain safety and ensure a smooth shooting experience.


Let’s talk about a solution. Ensure the chamber is thoroughly cleaned after each use to prevent grime buildup.

Use a cleaning rod to gently and firmly clear any debris from the muzzle end.

Tap the chamber to dislodge any loose casings, and always point the gun in a safe direction when removing them.

This time-tested solution lies in proper maintenance and safe handling. This ensures a smooth shooting experience every time.

Final Verdict

Okay, let’s sum up. The Mossberg 817 rifle offers a promising shooting experience. But it’s not without its problems.

During field testing, some users reported loose pins and moving barrels. This affects feeding and bolt issues.

However, with proper maintenance and attention to detail, many of these downsides can be addressed with fixes.

It requires a bit of elbow grease and problem-solving to iron out the kinks. But there’s often a silver lining to be found.

Despite its initial problems, the Mossberg 817 can still be a reliable firearm with the right care and adjustments.

My Friends Feedback:

When you’re dealing with the Mossberg 817 rifle, you might run into some issues. But they’re not impossible to deal with.

One common problem is that it’s a bit picky about the kind of bullets you use. But don’t worry, you can usually fix this by tweaking the scope and trying out different types and brands of bullets.

I have a friend who bought a Mossberg 817 when it was on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and he thought it was a really good deal.

At first, he had some trouble getting accurate shots, but once he adjusted the scope and found the right bullets, it got a lot better.

Eventually, he was hitting the target consistently from 100 yards away, with groups of bullets that were only half an inch apart.

However, he did notice that certain types of bullets, like Hollowpoints, especially the ones made by Federal and Hornady, didn’t work as well.

And when it was windy outside, the rifle wasn’t as sturdy, but he liked that it was lightweight and easy to carry while hunting.

Overall, he suggested trying out different bullets and making sure the scope is set up right to get the best results.

Common Questions Asked About:

Is Mossberg still made in the USA?

Mossberg & Sons is a family-owned business and holds the title of the oldest family-owned firearms manufacturer in America. Although its corporate headquarters are still located in North Haven, most of the firearms production has shifted to Eagle Pass, Texas.

Are Mossberg shotguns good?

The Mossberg Model 500 pump shotgun is often considered one of the best options for both duck hunting and deer hunting, especially when you consider its affordability. It’s known for its versatility and reliability, making it a top choice among hunters.

Is Mossberg or Remington better?

Both the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 shotguns have smooth operations that tend to improve with use. Some users find Remington’s action bars attachment to be slightly superior to Mossberg’s, but both brands generally don’t have significant problems in this regard. The Remington 870 often feels tighter than the Mossberg 500, but this hasn’t compromised its reliability, as both shotguns are trusted by many hunters.

What shotgun was banned from war?

The Model 1897 shotgun was incredibly effective and instilled fear in its adversaries to such an extent that the German government attempted, unsuccessfully, to have it banned from combat use.

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