6 Common Mossberg MC2C Problems: Find Expert Fixes

The Mossberg MC2C has emerged as a fascinating option for enthusiasts seeking reliability and affordability. It is a sturdy piece of hardware.

But, recently, I explored Mossberg MC2C problems. The issues can hinder the shooting experience.

I am sure that you will face similar challenges with your Mossberg MC2C. So its better to know about them and their solutions beforehand.

Read this article to learn key information about your Mossberg MC2C!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Not Returning To BatterySeek professional assistance.
Feeding IssueProper cleaning and maintenance.
Trigger StuckMcarbo trigger spring kit, use of Kroil.
Light Primer StrikesThorough cleaning and replacement.
Firing Pin ProblemRegular cleaning and lubrication.
Failure to EjectRegular cleaning and lubrication.
Mossberg MC2C Problems

Mossberg MC2C Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Not Returning to Battery:

First, one prevalent issue with Mossberg MC2C pistols is the failure to return to the battery.

My range of experiences has underscored the frustrating nature of this failure. It often disrupts shooting sessions and erodes confidence in the firearm’s reliability.

Upon investigation, the extractor spring emerges as a potential culprit. It tends to malfunction when subjected to dirty extraction conditions.

I have assembled efforts to maintain a firm grip and precise trigger control.

The periodic failure of the slide to return to the battery remains a constant pain point.

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So, what to do for a fix? I find that the issue persists even with deep cleaning and the use of quality ammunition.

Some may opt for a quick fix by tapping the slide forward. It’s only a temporary solution. It indeed masks the underlying gunk buildup.

If the issue persists, seek professional advice.

2. Feeding Issue:

Ah, here is another issue. It is the failure to feed. It’s a frequent issue that afflicts many owners.

I have shed light on its multifaceted nature. Often, it stems from weak link components. These are magazine springs that fail to deliver rounds to the chamber.

The extractor mechanism sometimes struggles to engage with the cartridge rim. It exacerbates the situation.

Some attribute these mishaps to user errors like limp wristing or improper grip. A deeper examination reveals inherent flaws within the firearm design itself.

In such instances, one can no longer rely on the safety of their weapon. It urges a reassessment of Mossberg’s reputation for reliability, as in Tisas 1911 Problems.


The solution often lies in a blend of thorough cleaning and adept grip changes.

Many ignore the significance of chamber maintenance. Here, residual dirt and grease can wreak havoc on feeding reliability.

Regular cleaning routines coupled with a firmer grip during operation can work wonders.

Besides, replacing the magazine spring can make a notable difference in feeding consistency.

Consulting a gunsmith might be worth considering for more complex issues.

Mastering basic cleaning and grip techniques can often resolve the feeding fiasco.

3. Trigger Stuck:

Let’s delve into another issue. It revolves around the trigger.

It has a reputation as a reliable best friend for concealed carry. But the trigger pull weight can be rough. It leads to a less-than-ideal shooting experience.

The reset feels rough, and there’s a place where the trigger seems to stick. It hinders a smooth roundfire.

Some attribute this to the plastic sear or disconnector. It’s a notable flaw that impacts the general feel and performance of a firearm.


For a solution, I find that a Mcarbo trigger spring kit works wonders. It reduces the trigger pull weight and ensures a smoother reset.

Further, an approach involves the use of Kroil penetrating oil to clean and flush out the mechanism. It follows the 3K-grit emery paper to smooth out any roughness.

It improves general functionality.

Paying particular attention to the firing pin safety bump and cruciform components. This method delivers a final touch.

It eliminates regret and ensures a reliable performance.

4. Light Primer Strikes:

Another issue with the Mossberg MC2C has left me scratching my head more than once.

The anticipation of the bang is often met with a faint click. It brought the trigger pull to a screeching halt.

Ensure the primer sets and has a clean chamber. But what? The frustrating issue persists.

This infamous problem disrupts quality time at the range. It also raises doubts about the gun’s reliability.

The investigation points towards potential firing pin inconsistencies. It led to failed attempts to ignite the primer.

Addressing this recurrent concern is vital for Mossberg to uphold its reputation.


Okay, so what is the strategy? This issue often involves monitoring the striker and slide surfaces. It is for any signs of excessive friction.

A thorough lubrication regimen, focusing on key surfaces, can especially reduce the situation.

Yet, if the problem persists, it’s important to consider more drastic steps.

In my research, swapping out the factory striker spring with an aftermarket option worked wonders. It ushered in a notable improvement in reliability.

This shift into light primer strike territory necessitates a proactive approach.

But with the right interventions, a smoother shooting experience is within reach.

5. Firing Pin Problem:

Now, one recurrent issue with functionality is the firing pin problem. It strikes at the heart of a firearm.

From personal research, I’ve encountered instances where the pin gets stuck. It leads to misfired rounds and a cascade of frustrating consequences.

The culprit often lies in debris buildup or fouling within the firing mechanism. It exaggerates wear and tear over time.

Addressing this concern demands exact attention to maintenance and periodic inspection.


For a solution, it’s essential to conduct a thorough check for obstructions or debris within the mechanism.

Having disassembled the gun, inspect each component. Ensure no foreign matter hinders smooth operation.

Regular cleaning and lubrication of parts can prevent future jams.

Yet, if the jam persists despite these fixes, it’s time to seek the expertise of a qualified gunsmith.

Their pro-gun insight can diagnose and rectify problems that inexperienced gun enthusiasts might overlook.

Trust me, following these steps is effective in resolving firing pin dilemmas. It will restore your MC2C to optimal performance.

6. Failure to Eject:

Now what? One recurring annoying issue surfaces: failure to eject.

This inconvenience meets with frustration. It stems from various causes, ranging from weakened recoil springs to dodgy extractors.

It involves moments of wrestling with a stubborn casing stuck in the barrel. It disrupts the smooth cycle of operation.

Despite careful attention to ammo selection and trigger control, the slide halts mid-action.

It highlights the trouble inherent in this persistent flaw.


The solution demands a hands-on understanding of firearm mechanics. My research underscores the importance of regular maintenance to mitigate the failure to cycle.

Clean the firearm. Pay close attention to potential grime buildup. It can improve performance.

Additionally, opting for high-quality, full-power ammunition minimizes the likelihood of fouling the mechanism.

A proactive approach involves the periodic replacement of critical components like the extractor. It can make a large difference in the reliability of the shot.

Trust me, firearms owners can enjoy a smoother shooting experience without interruption.

My Final Conclusion:

Let’s wrap up everything:

I’ve had extensive knowledge of this piece of machinery. And let me tell you that it’s essential to acknowledge its strengths alongside its weaknesses.

Its manageable size and weight make it a compelling option for everyday carry.

That said, it has persistent flaws, such as failing to return to the battery. The light primer strikes have caused considerable headaches.

But, through upgrading certain parts and implementing a rigorous cleaning routine, many of these issues are solvable.

It makes the MC2C a more reliable companion on the range.

For those who want to invest time and effort, the reward of seeing this firearm perform is worth it.

My Friends Feedback:

In the realm of Mossberg MC2C problems, Bass Pro Shop encounters often surface as a topic of concern among firearm enthusiasts.

Conversations with peers shed light on recurring issues. It is reliable and has Winchester ammunition compatibility.

Its appeal is as a compact carry option. Reports of malfunctions like those with the Glock and Kahr P45 have given rise to skepticism.

My friends have faced hiccups during range sessions with various ammo types. This includes Blazer Brass and FMK 9C1G2.

The allure of the MC2C’s ergonomic design and pricing reduces its performance inconsistencies.

It prompts reflection alongside alternatives like the Ruger Security 380 and Taurus PT709 Slim.

Common Questions Asked About Mossberg MC2C:

What does MC2c stand for?

In 2020, Mossberg expanded its lineup with the introduction of the MC2c (Mossberg Carry 2 Compact). They built upon the popularity of the MC1 by offering a larger size and increased capacity.

Is the Mossberg MC2c optics ready?

The MC2c is a compact 9mm featuring 14-round and 16-round double-stack magazines, all in an ergonomically comfortable profile. Its optics-ready slide facilitates easy direct mounting of Micro Dot optics for enhanced versatility.

How much is the Mossberg MC2?

With an MSRP of $490, Mossberg continues its century-long tradition of providing customers with exceptional value. The MC2 proudly upholds this legacy by offering plenty of guns for the money.

Is Mossberg made in China?

O. F. Mossberg & Sons retains its status as a family-owned business and holds the distinction of being the oldest family-owned firearms manufacturer in America. While the corporate headquarters remain in North Haven, the majority of firearms production has shifted to Eagle Pass, Texas, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and growth.

What is the difference between the Mossberg MC2c and the MC2sc?

The MC2c stands out with its distinctive cross-slot rail feature, setting it apart from the MC2sc. When comparing specifications and examining options at the gun store, the Mossberg MC2sc competes favorably with popular micro nines like the Sig Sauer P365 and newer models such as the Smith & Wesson CSX.

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