4 Annoying Mossberg MC2SC Problems You Need To Know

The Mossberg MC2SC is a compact and reliable handgun.

Owing it can be an amazing experience.

But to do that, you should know the top 4 Mossberg MC2SC problems and related solutions beforehand, such as misfeeds and malfunctions despite its reputation.

Addressing these concerns with regular maintenance and professional assistance can enhance its dependability and efficiency – ensuring you stay on target confidently during every shooting session.

In blog post, I will explore its performance, address common issues, and offer practical solutions, & and give you my Mossberg MC2SC review to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shooting experience.

Let’s dive in!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Not Returning to BatteryClean slide, extractor pin; use quality ammo for fix.
Failure To FeedInspect magazine spring, extractor, clean chamber for fix.
Slide ProblemClean slide, lubricate, seek gunsmith if problem persists.
Trigger Sear ProblemConsult certified gunsmith for trigger sear servicing.
Mossberg MC2SC Problems
Mossberg MC2SC Problems

Mossberg MC2SC Problems With Their Practical Solutions:

1. Not Returning to Battery:

The issue can disrupt the shooting flow, mainly when quick and successive shots are necessary.

It often results in a delay between shots, affecting the performance and reliability of the firearm.

These factors contribute to this problem:

  • Faulty ammunition
  • A dirty slide
  • Improper lubrication
  • Worn or damaged slide rails


The first step to tackling this issue is to ensure the slide and extractor pin are sorted out.

Sometimes, a simple cleaning can remove any gunk that may have accumulated, hindering the slide’s movement. Switching to quality ammunition can also help alleviate this problem.

For a quick fix in a shooting situation, giving the slide a firm bump forward can sometimes move it back into place.

However, thoroughly cleaning the firearm and ensuring the extractor pin is a more consistent solution which will help ensure the slide returns to the battery smoothly.

2. Failure To Feed:

Feeding issues can be frustrating for semi-automatic firearms owners, and they’re no exception with the Mossberg MC2SC.

Despite its reliable shooting reputation, feeding hiccups can disrupt the experience. As an owner, I’ve encountered these firsthand.

Jams and failure to properly chamber rounds are not uncommon, especially with older magazines or certain rounds. Given the firearm’s apparent reliability, this can be unexpected.


To address failure to feed requires some detective work to get to the root of the issue. While it can be complicated, several steps can help resolve it:

  • Examine the magazine’s spring for wear or damage, and replace if necessary.
  • Check the extractor for proper function, and consult a qualified gunsmith if needed.
  • Clean the chamber to remove any gunk affecting the feed.
  • Maintain a firm grip on the firearm and make adjustments if necessary.

In my experience, a spring replacement and chamber cleaning effectively resolved feeding issues with my Mossberg MC2SC. With these adjustments the problem vanishes, as it does in Remington 1911 R1 problems.

3. Slide Problem: 

First, addressing slide issues is crucial for smoothly operating your semi-automatic firearm like the Mossberg MC2SC. Any hang-ups can be a deal-breaker during running drills or practicing for quick reloads.

If you encounter a slide issue, don’t dismiss it as a one-time thing. Pay attention to ensure it doesn’t become a recurring problem that affects your shooting experience.


The good news about slide issues is that they are often straightforward to resolve with proper maintenance. If you encounter a hiccup with the slide there are steps you can take to ensure it operates smoothly:

  • Start by thoroughly cleaning the slide and rails and removing dirt or debris.
  • Proper lubrication of the components can also help.
  • If the problem persists or you’re unsure, consider seeking assistance from a qualified gunsmith to ensure your firearm is safe and reliable for the range.

4. Trigger Sear Problem:

Last but not least, if you’re familiar with firearms, you know that the trigger sear holds the hammer or striker in place until you pull the trigger.

Over time, you may have noticed inconsistent or smooth trigger pulls, which can be a noticeable hitch when you’re about to fire a shot.

When your trigger sear isn’t functioning correctly, it can lead to an unreliable shooting experience.


If you have a specific issue with the trigger sear, consult a certified gunsmith for a manual inspection and a tailored solution.

They can address the issue with professional servicing, including cleaning, repositioning, or filing down surfaces for smoother operation.

After servicing, conduct multiple test runs to ensure consistent and reliable trigger pulls. This will resolve the problem and instill confidence in your firearm’s reliability.

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My final Conclusion:

Your decision to own a Mossberg MC2SC is a smart one! But that requires understanding of its problems and relevant solutions.

This guide aimed to provide a better understanding of how to troubleshoot common problems that may arise with this firearm.

Remember, it’s important to always follow safety precautions when using and maintaining your firearm.

If you need help properly using or maintaining your Mossberg MC2SC, refer to the owner’s manual or seek assistance from a trained professional.

Your Mossberg MC2SC can provide years of reliable performance with proper care and attention.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends who own the MC2SC have provided valuable insights into the issues they’ve encountered. One common problem is failure to feed when using different ammo types. They’ve experienced instances where the slide fails to catch the magazine properly, especially with the 11th and 14th mags.

Some have tried Remington 124 gr brass FMJ rounds but have encountered consistent malfunctions. Despite being an EDC handgun, they hesitate to recommend it due to these malfunctions.

The Mossberg MC2SC boasts features like metal sights, front and rear cocking serrations, and a flat trigger. However, some have encountered issues with loose rounds and have had to use blue Loctite for a secure fit.

Despite its flaws, its ergonomic safety and rounded slide-top design have received praise, although there are common complaints about the grip angle.

Comparisons with other subcompact 9mm handguns, such as the Kahr CW9, Springfield Hellcat, and M&P Shield 2.0, reveal that while the MC2SC offers features like optics readiness and drop-free mags, it may lack the refinement of its competitors.

Some users have noted issues with barrel length, recoil, and grip, preferring models with a slimmer profile for concealed carry.

Despite these drawbacks, Mossberg’s strides in the handgun market, particularly with its MC2SC offering, are recognized.

Mossberg MC2SC Problems
Mossberg MC2SC Problems

Common Questions Asked About Mossberg MC2SC:

Is the Mossberg MC2sc reliable?

With or without a reflex sight, the Mossberg MC2sc stands out as a top contender in the micro-compact 9mm category. It has demonstrated exceptional reliability and its compact, lightweight design makes it a strong candidate for everyday carry. The MC2sc represents Mossberg’s finest pistol yet.

What is the difference between the MC2c and the MC2sc?

It’s a pistol designed for discretion and concealment, yet with significant firepower. The MC2sc distinguishes itself from Mossberg’s new MC2c with its even more compact size. While both pistols share many similarities, the MC2c boasts an additional two rounds in its flush magazine, along with a longer barrel and handle.

When did the Mossberg MC2sc come out?

Launched in 2021, the MC2sc, chambered in 9mm, utilizes either an 11-round flush-fit magazine or a 14-round extended magazine, both double-column

Does the military use Mossberg?

The Mossberg 500 used by the US Army and several Federal agencies features a steel receiver variant, while the civilian model is equipped with an aluminum receiver

What red dot fits on a Mossberg mc2sc?

While there isn’t a single perfect solution, several popular red dot sights are well-suited for compact pistols such as the Mossberg MC2c. Examples include the Trijicon RMRcc, Holosun HS507K, and Swampfox Sentinel. These models are praised for their compact designs, sturdy construction, and compatibility with smaller frames.

What is the barrel length of the MC2sc?

How compact is it? It features a 3.4-inch barrel with cut-broached rifling and measures 6.25 inches in overall length.

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