6 Taurus TH9 Problems With Top Solutions

In the world of firearms, the Taurus TH9 stands out for its reliability and performance. I’ve researched and understood every detail of this weapon. But users always face Taurus TH9 problems.

Delving deeper, it’s evident that these problems can significantly impact the shooting experience.

From erratic firing pin behavior to inconsistent aim, every hurdle presents a unique challenge.

In this article, I aim to provide practical solutions to Taurus TH9 dilemmas. I will share insights to make the shooting experience more enjoyable and less problematic for enthusiasts everywhere.

Let’s explore!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

6 ProblemsTheir Quick Solution
Problems with the TriggerTap the magazine while racking the slide and adjusting the springs and the slide stop lever.
Issues with the ExtractorProper cleaning, inspection, and reassembly or replacement of damaged parts.
Ejection ProblemsTap the magazine while racking the slide and adjusting the springs and the slide stop lever.
Magazine ProblemsRegular cleaning, lubrication, and adherence to recommended ammunition sizes.
Slide ProblemsAccurate realignment and maintenance.
Firing Pin IssuesReplacing the broken firing pin with a new one using appropriate tools effectively.
Taurus TH9 Problems
Taurus TH9 Problems

Taurus TH9 Problems and Their Practical Solution:

1. Problems with the trigger:

Trigger slippage presents a persistent issue with the Taurus TH9. It affects the shooter’s experience. This problem, often compounded by grit or dirt accumulation, results in unpredictable trigger behavior.

Such issues significantly impact the firearm’s accuracy and safety. It necessitates attention and potential solutions.

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Understanding and maintaining the firearm’s components is essential when addressing trigger slippage in the Taurus TH9.

Regular cleaning to remove debris, lubrication application, and inspecting for rust are critical steps in maintenance.

Additionally, replacing worn-out springs can significantly improve trigger performance.

By following these simple maintenance steps, shooters can ensure consistent and reliable performance from their Taurus TH9 during field trials.

2. Issues with the Extractor:

The Taurus TH9 has encountered a concerning problem with its extractor. The extractor may come off unexpectedly during shooting, leading to potential malfunctions.

This unsettling issue is often attributed to loose or broken parts within the assembly, such as the extractor frame spring or core.

Shooters may notice indicators like lost or misaligned extracted cases. They signal the presence of this problem.


For a solution, detailed steps are necessary. Paying close attention during cleaning and inspection is crucial.

Proper reassembling with undamaged parts or replacement minimizes risks during subsequent use.

Ensuring the extractor is securely in place after maintenance reduces the risk of malfunction.

This attention to detail maintains smooth firearm operation, especially when dealing with Taurus PT22 Problems.

3. Ejection Problems:

Next, a recurring issue emerged with case ejection. This failure to eject properly often resulted in cases getting stuck in the ejection port, causing stovepiping.

The problem became apparent during firing, mainly when different rounds were used or when dealing with dirty guns.

Such occurrences posed an inconvenience and required immediate action to clear the malfunction.


Let’s talk about a solution. One effective solution involves knocking the bottom of the magazine while racking the slide backward to dislodge a stuck casing.

Also, cleaning the gun properly and ensuring it is held firmly while shooting can make a significant difference.

Through experimentation, owners found that replacing worn-out springs and adjusting the slide stop lever can resolve underlying causes of ejection issues.

Tweaking internal springs also proved effective in solving malfunctions.

Trust me, these efforts can help prevent ejection problems in subsequent tests.

4. Magazine Problems:

Ahh! Owners encountered magazine-related problems that can be downright frustrating.

Issues such as jamming or release malfunctions have hindered the firearm’s functionality.

It was only a short time before they realized these problems were widespread.


For a solution, regular cleaning and proper lubrication are crucial for overcoming obstacles. Sticking to recommended ammunition sizes and eliminating associated malfunctions have proven effective.

Paying attention to details and following best practices can make a problematic experience go smoothly.

Implementing these measures enhances the Taurus TH9’s performance and minimizes magazine-related issues.

Diligent maintenance routines and adherence to proper ammunition specifications are essential for a consistent shooting experience.

5. Slide Problems:

Next, I found an unexpected issue upon reassembling the firearm: a recurring jam when putting the slide back. Despite cleaning the gun and making adjustments, a minor misalignment was the root cause.

Dealing with slide problems demands careful attention during reassembly to prevent frustrating jams.


Addressing slide issues with the Taurus TH9 requires careful attention to detail. Realignment of components and proper maintenance are essential.

Through hands-on experience, I’ve learned the importance of careful handling and maintenance to better understand the firearm’s design.

Minimizing dry-firing instances and ensuring proper alignment are crucial for maintaining a smooth operation.

6. Firing Pin Issues:

Encountering firing pin issues with the Taurus TH9 was unexpected for many owners. Initially, it puzzled them, as they had fired more than a thousand rounds without trouble.

However, an odd clicking noise alerted them to a problem. Upon closer inspection, they found the firing pin broken. This rendered it unable to strike the round’s primer.

This left the firearm non-functional and highlighted the importance of regular maintenance.


Here, a hands-on fix was necessary, requiring careful work and precise steps.

First, follow the steps needed to remove the slide. Then replace the broken firing pin with a new one using the appropriate tools.

These careful steps were essential in resolving the firing pin issue effectively and restoring the functionality of the Taurus TH9.

By replacing the damaged component and ensuring proper installation, the firearm was ready for use once more.

My Final Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Taurus TH9 stands out as a firearm that offers much to its users, particularly as the first hammer-fired pistol.

However, there are several issues, including trigger slippage, extractor problems, ejection problems, slide jams, magazine malfunctions, and broken firing pins.

Despite these challenges, owners’ experience with the TH9 has been met with practical and effective solutions.

Regular maintenance, attention to detail, proper handling, and the use of quality accessories have significantly contributed to enhancing its overall performance.

My Friends Feedback:

My friend encountered a significant issue with the Taurus TH9 slide, which demanded precise fitting onto the PT909 model due to the firing pin block lever mechanism.

After thoroughly understanding the design nuances, he effectively resolved the problem by replacing the frame to ensure proper functionality.

Another friend also faced a challenging slide jamming problem with the TH9, highlighting the critical need for further troubleshooting. When addressing Taurus TH9 issues, recommendations varied from consulting a gunsmith for a professional diagnosis to contacting Taurus customer support for guidance.

Despite concerns about Taurus’ reliability, others notably emphasized the value and quality of Taurus pistols compared to established brands like Smith & Wesson and Glock.

Overall, their feedback underlined the importance of proper maintenance and seeking expert assistance when encountering problems.

Taurus TH9 Problems
Taurus TH9 Problems

Common Questions Asked About Taurus TH9 Problems:

What is the trigger pull on a Taurus TH9?

Trigger Pull: 12 / 6.5 lbs. Overall Length: 7.72 in. / 6.85 in. Overall Width: 1.3 in. Overall Height: 6.0 in. / 5.0 in.

Does the Taurus TH9 have a Decocker?

Includes two 17-round magazines. Equipped with Novak drift-adjustable front and rear sights. Features ambidextrous manual safety/de-cocker and ambidextrous magazine release & slide release.

Can you put a red dot on a Taurus TH9?

The Vortex Viper 1x24mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight is compatible with the Docter/Noblex footprint. To install it on a Taurus TH9, you’ll require a dovetail mounting plate that matches the rear sight dovetail. The Taurus TH9 utilizes a Novak rear sight cut.

How far away should I see my red dot?

Optic zeroing: Adjust your optic slightly below the maximum effective range of your firearm. I typically zero my optics around 25 feet for indoor and close-quarters environments. In these scenarios, quick reflex shooting is often prioritized over relying heavily on the optic.

What is the difference between Taurus TH9 and th9c?

Taurus reconstructed its 809 model, refreshing its design and ergonomics, resulting in the TH9. The “C” model, designated as compact, comes with a 12-round magazine for easier concealment alongside a full-size 17-round magazine suitable for bedside and range use.

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