Remington 7400 Problems: Solve Like a Professional

The Remington 7400 is known for its reliability and versatility. However, like any piece of machinery, Remington 7400 problems always occur.

These problems include magazine accuracy, extraction, triggers, and jamming. These problems are a great concern, but not for everyone.

In this article, we’ll look at the main problems with the Remington 7400, why they happen, and what can be done about them.

It’s all about making your shooting experience interesting and joyful.

Let’s explore!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Magazine IssueTweaking and compatibility adjustments.
Accuracy IssueCleaning and ammo selection.
Extraction ProblemSwap out the extractor with a Numrich brand replacement.
Trigger StuckThorough maintenance.
Jamming ProblemOpt for a comprehensive repair of the affected parts.
Remington 7400 Problems

Remington 7400 Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Magazine Issue:

Ahh, one persistent issue stood out: the Remington-branded multi-caliber magazines. While these magazines were supposed to offer versatility, they often led to feed (FTF) problems. This made shooting sessions frustrating and unreliable.

It felt like the rifle was dressed up with all the right accessories. This was only to trip over its shoelaces when it came to actually feeding rounds smoothly.

There were numerous instances where a round would get stuck in the mag. It disrupted the shooting flow and required manual intervention to clear the jam.

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Okay, so finding a solution often entails a bit of tweaking and compatibility adjustments. The rifle exhibits remarkable improvement after addressing this problem.

With rounds now feeding perfectly, the Remington 7400 transforms into a new beast. It offers a smoother shooting experience and restores confidence in its performance

2. Accuracy Issue:

For accuracy, the Remington 7400 sometimes struggles to hit the mark.

At 100 yards, it’s not uncommon to see a 6-inch group. This is less than ideal for precision shooting.

It feels like aiming for a basketball hoop and missing by a mile. Unfortunately, the accuracy of this rifle is not something to write home about. It often leaves shooters disappointed with their results.


Fear not; the solution often lies in the ammo selection. Switching to Rem 180gr Soft Point round-nose bullets significantly improves the rifle’s performance. It enhances its accuracy and ensures cleaner shots.

Additionally, thoroughly cleaning and keeping the rifle well-oiled is crucial to maintaining consistent performance.

Trust me, you can turn it into a reliable companion for hunting expeditions.

3. Extraction Problem:

Next was its failure to extract properly. It led to a hard time ejecting spent brass after each shot.

Instead of cleanly ejecting, the spent brass often stuck around in the chamber. It required me to manually cycle the bolt to clear it.

This issue severely impacted the rifle’s reliability and made it frustrating to use. This was especially true during hunting trips or target practice sessions.


What should you do for a fix? Owners swapped out the extractor with a Numrich brand replacement.

However, the task was not without its challenges. The original extractor was firmly secured. It required them to carefully unscrew bolts while ensuring no damage to the delicate components.

To loosen the grip of the Lock-Tight used during assembly, they applied heat to the screw head using a soldering iron.

Once the bolts were removed, they delicately replaced the old extractor with the new one. They secured it in place with silver solder for added durability.

Trust me, this particular process yielded promising results as the extraction problems decreased significantly.

4. Trigger Stuck:

Experiencing a stuck trigger? It is highly frustrating and disruptive to your shooting experience. The trigger grinds gears or becomes stuck in place.

It not only interrupts your shooting rhythm but also poses a safety concern.

The feeling of waiting for the green light to fire can mess up your shooting rhythm.

It’s imperative to address this issue to ensure a smooth and safe shooting experience. Right?


Solution? I found that a thorough maintenance routine was the key to resolving the issue.

By cleaning the trigger assembly and ensuring it was free of debris and built-up grime. A careful process to disassemble the trigger mechanism proved to be the solution needed to make the trigger smooth as butter once again.

This deep cleaning job not only resolved the immediate issue but also improved the overall performance of the firearm.

5. Jamming Problem:

Last, there was a frustrating experience—yes, a jamming issue. The rifle often struggled with unburned powder flakes and residue buildup. This led to rounds getting stuck in the chamber.

The inertia block and extractor failed to provide reliable performance. They resulted in instances where the extractor would pull off the brass rim.

This recurring issue not only disrupted the flow of shooting sessions but also cast doubt on the rifle’s reliability and suitability for hunting or target shooting activities.


The solution requires a thorough understanding of its design flaws. I discovered that the root cause of the chronic jamming was often attributed to inadequate welding of certain components within the rifle’s mechanism.

To resolve this, opt for a comprehensive repair of the affected parts. Ensure that they are properly welded and reinforced to withstand the rigors of repeated use.

My Final Conclusion:

Let’s end. The firearm has its fair share of issues. From magazine issues to accuracy troubles and extraction woes, each tour of the range presented its own set of challenges.

The stubborn trigger and frequent jamming only added to the frustration. Attempting maintenance and exploring professional solutions helped alleviate some of these problems.

It often felt like a band-aid solution rather than a permanent fix. The reliance on older mags and specific ammo further limited its performance.

Despite its shortcomings, the 7400 still holds value for hunting purposes, but it requires careful consideration and ongoing attention.

My Friends Feedback:

In discussions with fellow firearm enthusiasts, the 7400 emerges as a topic with mixed feedback. Compared to other firearms like the SKS or S&W 586, the 7400 falls short in reliability and performance.

Reports of malfunctions prompt many to seek gunsmithing expertise for repairs. Concerns about the bolt hold-open mechanism and overall action suggest the need for detailed cleaning.

Problems with chrome chambers leading to rusting and pitting dampen accuracy and trigger response.

Those seeking assistance from gunsmiths report varying success in resolving problems, highlighting the need for expert intervention.

Maintenance requirements may deter potential hunters from investing in this pump model.

Despite challenges, the 7400 remains a popular choice among deer hunters during gun season.

Common Questions Asked About Remington 7400:

Is a Remington Model 7400 a good rifle?

In 1980, the Remington Model 742 gave way to the 7400, affectionately dubbed the Woodsmaster. This was succeeded by the Model 750. However, much like other Remington firearms, these models gained a reputation for inconsistent performance, earning them the less-than-flattering nickname “Jamomatics.”

When did Remington stop making the 7400?

Remington R&D designed the Remington Model 7400, which Remington Arms manufactured from 1981 to 2004.

What years did Remington have trigger problems?

If your Remington Model 700 or Model Seven rifle, produced between May 1, 2006, and April 9, 2014, has an X-Mark Pro (“XMP”) trigger that could cause an unintentional discharge, replace the trigger mechanism.

Why did Remington fail?

Remington, having borrowed money through a conventional loan instead of PIK notes, faced the obligation of making interest payments in cash. This resulted in the company being burdened with hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Failure to meet these payments would inevitably lead to bankruptcy.

What country owns Remington?

Remington Products, often referred to as Remington is an American personal care brand. It specializes in manufacturing a wide range of grooming products, including hair clippers, electric shavers, epilators, and haircare products.

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