Fix 4 Remington 760 Gamemaster Problems: Pro Solutions Now

The Remington 760 Gamemaster is a solid gun choice with immense potential when navigating the firearms field.

However, no matter how reputable, every firearm can encounter mechanical issues and problems that may cause frustration. 

From hair-pulling jamming issues to loose barrel concerns, encountering firing hiccups or cartridge ejection woes is not uncommon.

This article will unpack Remington 760 Gamemaster problems and provide enlightening solutions for keeping your Remington 760 in top shape.

Let’s delve straight into the core of the matter and address these issues head-on.

4 problems With Their Quick Solution
Jamming IssueClean firearm, check ammo, seek professional help if needed.
Loose BarrelInspect, tighten barrel screws; add lock washer if needed.
Firing IssueClean chamber, check firing pin; replace spring.
Cartridge Ejection ProblemClean ejection port, replace worn parts.
Remington 760 Gamemaster Problems
Remington 760 Gamemaster Problems

Remington 760 Gamemaster Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Jamming Issue:

First, let’s address the jamming issue, which can quickly turn a day in the field from exciting to frustrating.

As a firearms enthusiast with years of trust in the Remington 760, encountering a jamming problem can be concerning. 

Picture this: you’re out in the field, ready to enjoy some rapid-firing action, only to have your firearm drag, catching you off guard in the heat of the moment. 

Such experiences can quickly turn a thrilling situation into a boom of disappointment. But fear not, as there are practical solutions to tackle this problem head-on.


He is the first thing every gun owner wants to tackle to ensure a smooth shooting experience.

  • From my personal experience, I’ve found that addressing this problem often starts with thoroughly cleaning the firearm. Accumulated grime and debris can wreak havoc on the gun’s mechanics, leading to frustrating jams. 
  • Checking the ammo used is also crucial; sometimes, a simple swap can make an immediate difference in performance.
  • While DIY cleaning can help, if the problem persists, it is advisable to seek the expertise of a professional for a thorough once-over.

By following these steps, you’ll likely see an improved shooting experience, with jams becoming less likely and your gun’s overall performance getting a much-needed boost.

2. Loose Barrel:

One problem that can seriously impact the accuracy in the field is a loose barrel. When your barrel isn’t snug, it can cause your shots to go astray, throwing off your target and making every shot count in the middle of nowhere.

From personal experience, I can attest to the frustration of realizing your firearm isn’t performing as expected due to this issue. Each miss becomes a downer, affecting your overall shooting experience. 

It’s crucial to promptly address a loose barrel to prevent more severe problems.


To fix this issue, the first step is to inspect the screws and fittings securing the barrel. A simple tightening session can work wonders in resolving this trouble.

Utilize the appropriate tools to ensure a snug fit, paying particular attention to wear-and-tear parts such as the barrel band screws. 

Adding a lock washer can also be a brilliant idea to prevent future loosening. 

However, if all else fails, it is never a bad idea to seek the assistance of a professional for a thorough tune-up. 

By following these steps, you can effectively address issues related to a loose barrel and enjoy a more reliable shooting experience.

3. Firing Issue:

No, let’s move on to the next issue. Experiencing firing issues can be both disappointing and annoying. From inconsistent shots to trigger problems, each shot that goes wrong can frustrate you on the field.

Picture this: you line up your target, squeeze the trigger, and… nada. Or worse, your shots are inconsistent, with some hitting the mark and others veering off course. 

It’s a recurring issue that demands your attention. As someone who values safety and reliability in firearms, I know that encountering these firing issues can be a moment of concern. 

But fear not, as there are steps you can take to address this problem and ensure a safer shooting experience.


For a solution, one common culprit behind such issues is a dirty or faulty firing pin.

  • Begin by cleaning the chamber and firing pin area to remove any accumulated dirt or debris affecting the firing pin’s function. 
  • A worn or weak firing pin spring could also be the issue, so replacing it can significantly improve shot consistency. 
  • Additionally, pay attention to the quality and specs of the ammo. 
  • High-quality cartridges that meet the firearm’s specs can contribute to more consistent and reliable shots. 

By ensuring that these factors are tackled, you can effectively address firing issues and enjoy a smoother shooting experience with your Remington 760.

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4. Cartridge Ejection Problem:

Cartridge ejection problems can be a significant hurdle during shooting sessions. Frustration mounts when a perfectly executed shot is marred by the failure of the spent cartridge to eject properly.

Such occurrences disrupt the shooting flow and dampen the mood, leaving you momentarily stalled and your momentum broken. 

These issues can occur on occasion, detracting from the overall shooting experience. 

Addressing these round-related disruptions is imperative to ensure smoother operation and consistent performance with your firearm.


Attention to detail is essential to solving the snag of cartridge ejection problems. To remove accumulated dust or debris, begin by thoroughly cleaning the ejection port and chamber area.

Even minor particles can create friction and hinder the proper function of the ejector and extractor mechanisms. 

Pay close attention to wear and tear on these parts, as replacing or repairing them can make a difference in ejection performance. 

These simple fixes can lead to a noticeable improvement in cartridge ejection, ensuring smoother operation and consistent performance of your Remington 760.

My Final Conclusion:

In my experience with the Remington 760 Gamemaster, I’ve found it to be a true workhorse of a firearm, earning its place as a favorite among shooting activities enthusiasts.

Its reliability and performance make it a choice pick for many, myself included. However, like any piece of machinery, it has its issues.

The Remington 760 may encounter hurdles, from occasional jamming to firing inconsistencies and cartridge ejection problems. 

Yet, these challenges can often be overcome with proper maintenance and timely part replacements.

A visit to a professional for expert care can also ensure that your Remington 760 remains a reliable partner in the field for years to come.

My Friends Feedback:

Having discussed the Remington 760 with my friends, I gained valuable insights into various aspects of this rifle. One friend shared their experience from an estate sale, where they acquired a Remington 760 with iron sights.

Despite its age, the rifle still performed well, although it required some cleaning to address muzzle wear and rusty rifling. Naval Jelly helped with the rust, restoring the bore to its former glory.

Another avid elk hunter friend recounted a recent hunting trip where their GameMaster 760 encountered feeding issues. Upon inspection, they discovered a feed lip problem with the magazine, causing rounds to not feed properly. 

The issue was resolved with some adjustments using needle-nosed pliers and careful polishing of the chamber and feeding ramp, ensuring smoother feeding during future hunts.

Yet another friend shared their expertise in rifle maintenance, emphasizing the importance of regular cleaning and inspection. They highlighted the significance of checking the feed lips and chamber for signs of wear or obstruction.

Making minor adjustments, such as ensuring the follower is centered and the feed ramp is straight, can significantly improve feeding issues and ensure consistent rifle performance.

These discussions with my friends underscored the diverse experiences and knowledge surrounding the Remington 760. 

From vintage finds to modern hunting challenges, each anecdote offered valuable insights into the operation and maintenance of this classic rifle.

Remington 760 Gamemaster Problems
Remington 760 Gamemaster Problems

Common Questions Asked about Remington 760 Gamemaster:

Is the Remington 760 accurate?

In terms of accuracy, these rifles were decent, and every now and then, you could come across one that performed exceptionally.

What is the effective range of a Remington 760?

The first model 760 boasted excellent accuracy, consistently hitting a 1-inch circle at 100 yards with 5 shots. It could effectively engage targets up to 300 yards with a quality scope and mounts. Most deer are typically shot within 40 to 70 yards.

Is Marlin and Remington the same?

In 2007, Marlin Firearms was acquired by Remington Arms, a division of the Remington Outdoor Company. Subsequently, Remington produced Marlin-branded firearms at its Kentucky and New York manufacturing facilities.

What is the twist rate of the Remington 760 Gamemaster?

A barrel length of 22 inches, with a twist rate of 1 in 10, and a detachable magazine.

What caliber is the Remington Model 760 Gamemaster?

Features of the REMINGTON MODEL 760 GAMEMASTER include:
Chambered in 6mm Rem. (introduced in 1969) and .30-06 calibers.

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