Solving 5 Remington RM380 Problems Made Easy

The Remington RM380 is a small gun that’s a great option as a concealed carry.

But it has some downsides. Even though people usually say it’s dependable, sometimes it doesn’t shoot straight every time and has trouble loading bullets.

One more big issue is that it doesn’t always shoot where you want it to, which can be annoying when trying to hit a target.

Also, sometimes, it doesn’t load bullets right because of problems with the spring or the part that locks the slide.

That can be frustrating and even dangerous.

But if you test it out and take care of it regularly, you can fix remington RM380 Problems and ensure it works better when needed.

Let’s check them out together!

Issues and Fixes at First Sight

5 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Problem with the AccuracyUse finger pad or pinkie extension for better accuracy.
Recoil Spring ProblemClean, oil, and replace recoil spring for smooth operation.
Trigger IssuePolish trigger bar,replace spring seat for smoother action.
Slide Lock IssueReassemble properly, lubricate, and check slide movement for fix.
Feeding ProblemChoose brass-cased and appropriate ammo types.
Remington RM380 Problems
Remington RM380 Problems

Remington RM380 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Problem with the Accuracy:

One standard accuracy issue arises when pushing the RM380 beyond short ranges. While it performs adequately up close, shooting at longer distances can shift bullets outside an 8-inch circle.

This inconsistency, whether in a self-defense scenario or during casual shooting, is something many users have noticed. Even with a flush grip, maintaining stability can be challenging.


Let’s tackle this issue for users struggling with accuracy, especially at longer distances by considering a pinkie extension for the grip.

This minor adjustment can make a difference in stabilizing the gun and mitigating shifting problems.

A stable grip ensures that each shot is more consistent, instilling trust in the firearm’s performance.

2. Recoil Spring Problem:

Another issue that may arise is the recoil spring. If your gun starts acting up at the range, it could be due to this problem. A worn-out recoil spring can affect the smooth operation of the firearm, causing reliability concerns.

A digging or worn-out recoil spring may be the culprit behind malfunctions. Over time, wear and tear takes a toll on the RM380’s reliability, a concern for any firearm owner.


To fix this issue, you have to take these steps:

  • Thoroughly clean the gun using a solvent and a brush to remove any gunk.
  •  Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines and apply high-quality oil to ensure smooth operation.
  •  If necessary, replace the recoil spring according to recommendations.
  •  Regular maintenance is essential to prevent such problems.

So, don’t skip cleaning sessions; always follow proper maintenance practices. This will keep your RM380 in optimal condition.

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3. Trigger Issue:

The trigger can be one of the worst headaches for Remington RM380 owners. From inconsistent trigger pull to primer strikes, it’s a part that needs attention. Stacking at the end of the trigger can cause uncertainty and affect shot precision.

Stacking at the end of the trigger can cause uncertainty and affect shot precision. Users may experience inconsistent primer strikes, impacting the firearm’s reliability.


To fix this issue, examining the trigger bar for irregular shapes and hand-polishing can lead to smoother action and more consistent pull.

Additionally, switching out the hammer spring seat for a shorter one can significantly reduce pull weight. These fixes can make a night and day difference in the trigger’s operation.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure reliable performance. Putting in the effort to address these issues will pay off in the long run, and you won’t regret it.

4. Slide Lock Issue:

Another issue that can throw off your shooting experience is the slide lock. This can be a hitch during test runs or at the range.

It may start slipping out of place, causing the slide to jam and locking up the firearm. This misbehaving slide lock can be a minor annoyance but significantly affects the gun’s performance.


The slide lock issue can be a significant headache for users. Anyhow, tackle this issue by:

  • Ensuring proper reassembling of the firearm, particularly the pin and slide.
  • Additionally, good lubrication is essential, especially for the barrel and recoil spring, to allow for smooth movement.
  • Double-checking that the slide is leveled and free to move can also help.
  •  If necessary, a replacement pin with a larger diameter can work wonders in preventing this problem from reoccurring.

These steps can help avoid unnecessary headaches and ensure a reliable shooting experience with the RM380.

5. Feeding Problem:

One common issue is failure to feed, where the rounds from the mag don’t correctly enter the chamber. This can occur due to various factors, such as testing different types of ammunition or encountering complications with the feed lip.

I’ve often bumped into this hurdle when aiming and pulling the trigger, only to experience a weird feeling when the firearm doesn’t bang as expected.

Additionally, using steel-cased ammunition may exacerbate feeding issues compared to brass cases, occasionally resulting in the chamber freezing up and causing duds.


One way to tackle feeding issues, examine your ammo choices. Switching to Fiocchi rim or jacketed bullets can make a world of difference compared to lead rounds.

Opting for brass cases over steel cases can improve reliability. During a shooting day, scrutinize your ammunition for compatibility with your firearm.

Paying attention to the little things can make or break your shooting experience, so make informed choices and enjoy a smoother session.

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My Final Conclusion:

According to my experience with Remington RM380, users may face particular challenges. For example, you can face problems with the accuracy or trigger.

But despite these challenges, there is also good news: While the problems may seem insurmountable initially, the RM380 can transform into a reliable and accurate firearm with the right tweaks and adjustments.

It’s worth spending the time and effort to make this compact, easy-to-conceal firearm a dependable choice for both self-defense and casual shooting.

So, approach the relationship with the Remington RM380 with your eyes wide open, and it can become the perfect companion for your shooting needs.

My Friends Feedback:

My friend recently visited a gun shop in Vegas, where he encountered the Remington RM380. Having heard about the demise of the R51, he was cautious but decided to try it.

As he handled the pistol and attempted to disassemble it using the takedown pin, he experienced difficulties. The slide had battery issues, and it locked up unexpectedly.

At the sales counter, he was speechless as he learned about the problems others had faced with steel-framed pistols. Despite its lightweight build with aluminum alloys, reminiscent of the Model 51 era, he questioned its accuracy and reliability as a long-life pistol.

Although he had owned it for a month and fired numerous rounds, he was disappointed by the primer strikes, especially with hand loads and S&B primers.

He also found the capacity lacking for a firearm that could potentially be a life-saving tool, realizing that in real-life defense situations, such issues could be significant and even life-threatening.

Furthermore, upon examination, the takedown pin seemed prone to falling out, and the alignment was off, shaking his confidence in the gun.

The pin still didn’t fall into place even after racking the slide multiple times and spending 5 minutes trying to rectify the issue. However, he noted that it seemed like a non-issue for regular use.

Comparing it with his other small guns, he likened the experience to his past lemon nightmare with a GM product soured by faithful ownership. He suggested opting for small quality guns on the market that fit, function, and feel right, with ultimate reliability, unlike the RM380.

Remington RM380 Problems
Remington RM380 Problems

Common Questions Asked About Remington RM380

Is the RM380 discontinued?

Don, no, the RM380 hasn’t been discontinued.

Does a RM380 have a safety?

As a double-action-only firearm, the RM380 lacks external safety features, with the only controls being the slide stop lever and the magazine release.

How many rounds does a Remington RM380 hold?

The Remington RM380 comes equipped with a 6-round box magazine.

Can you shoot a 38 out of a 380?

With only rare exceptions, no. A .38 Special typically has a bullet diameter of 9.1mm, while the .380 ACP has a slightly smaller diameter of 9mm.

What are the pros and cons of the 380?

Pros: It is compact, lightweight, easy to conceal, and has low recoil. Cons: It is less powerful than other self-defense options and has limited ammunition capacity. However, it still gets the job done.

What happens if you fire a 380 in a 9mm?

A 380-round is intended for a 9mm chamber, but if fired from a 9mm gun, it would expand too much to fit the smaller chamber. As a result, the bullet would have to pass through the barrel twice, making it more difficult to control and potentially damaging the firearm.

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