3 Remington Speedmaster 552 Problems You Need to Tackle!

My journey with the Remington Speedmaster 552 has been filled with memorable moments in the field.

This rifle, like many of you, has been a trusted companion, from precise shots to occasional challenges. However, as with any equipment, perfection is only sometimes guaranteed.

Three issues emerged prominently among the Remington Speedmaster 552 problems: jamming, accuracy, and bolt issues. Despite its reputation, encountering these challenges can disrupt the shooting experience, causing enthusiasts like us to feel frustrated.

I’m here to discuss these issues, figure them out, and give you some helpful fixes. Why? With these solutions, you can maximize your Remington Speedmaster 552.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

3 ProblemsQuick Solutions
Jamming IssueClean regularly, use quality ammo, and upgrade magazine components.
Accuracy IssueCheck sight alignment, barrel adjustments, ammo, and maintenance.
Bolt ProblemClean thoroughly, lubricate, inspect, and replace if necessary.
Remington Speedmaster 552 Problems

Remington Speedmaster 552 Problems With Their Quick Solutions

1. Jamming Issue:

Experiencing jamming with your rifle can be incredibly frustrating. Whether it occurs after firing a series of rounds or at the most opportune moment during a competition, it can quickly turn an exhilarating experience into a headache.

Picture this: you’re at the field, lining up your gun with the target, ready to experience the thrill of firing your Remington Speedmaster 552.

However, at the crucial moment, instead of a smooth shot, your rifle jams, leaving you frustrated and questioning the reliability of your equipment.


To resolve jamming, follow these precise steps:

  • Regularly clean the chamber and action to prevent gunk buildup. Ensure the magazine and spring are free from debris and not weak from use.
  • Experiment with different ammo brands to find ones that function smoothly. Replace older rounds that are prone to causing untimely jams.
  • Consider upgrading magazine or spring components in older models to improve feeding reliability.

Implementing these steps can minimize jamming and enhance your shooting experience with the Remington Speedmaster 552.

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2. Accuracy Issue:

Ensuring precise accuracy is crucial for optimal performance in various shooting scenarios. However, inconsistency in shots can throw off your aim and dampen the shooting experience.

It can be frustrating when shots are consistently off target, especially during target shooting or practical outings.

Factors such as environmental conditions and mechanical gears can contribute to this inconsistency.


When grappling with accuracy issues, exploring effective solutions that can bring your shooting experience back on track is vital.

  • Begin by ensuring proper sight alignment and making necessary barrel adjustments to correct any deviations in your shooting path.
  • Thoroughly inspect the barrel for any obstructions or imperfections that could affect bullet trajectory, and if needed, have your rifle professionally serviced to address underlying issues and optimize accuracy.
  • Experiment with different ammo brands and rounds to find the ones that best complement your rifle’s performance.

By implementing these adjustments and ensuring your firearm is well-maintained, you can minimize shots going astray and enhance your shooting accuracy.

3. Bolt Problem:

So, moving on to the bolt problem. Whether it’s a stiffness issue, clunky operation, or failure to cooperate to your liking, addressing this concern is crucial to maintaining optimal shooting performance.

When the bolt fails to mind its cooperation or exhibits stiffness in operation, it can throw off your aim and affect the trajectory of your shot.

This issue demands immediate attention to ensure seamless shooting experiences.


For a Solution? Begin by thoroughly cleaning the bolt to remove any accumulated grime or grit, and use a high-quality gun lubricant to promote smooth operation.

Regularly inspect the bolt for signs of wear and tear or physical damage, and promptly replace any compromised components.

Investing in professional servicing when necessary can further enhance the reliability of your rifle.

By maintaining a well-kept bolt, you can enjoy a more enjoyable shooting experience with your Remington Speedmaster 552.

My Final Conclusion:

As we reach the end of our exploration of the Remington Speedmaster 552 firearm, it’s essential to address the rough edges we’ve encountered.

From frustrating jamming incidents to accuracy challenges and bolt malfunctions, this rifle has presented its share of testing moments in the field. While these issues may seem like deal-breakers, solutions must be found.

Through diligent cleaning and regularly scheduled maintenance, coupled with careful ammo selection and sight adjustment, quality lubricant can significantly improve your shooting experience.

While no gun is perfect, the Remington Speedmaster 552 is far from a lost cause.

With patience and dedication, it can become a reliable tool in your collection, requiring only a bit of fine-tuning to be genuinely set up for success in addition to your arsenal of firearms.

My Friends Feedback:

Gathering insights from fellow shooting enthusiasts provides valuable perspectives on addressing Remington Speedmaster 552 problems.

One member of our shooting community shared their experience with various ammo brands. They noted that while the rifle consistently fires and ejects CCI SV rounds, it struggles with failure to extract after the second shot with specific brands.

This difficulty in extracting led them to disassemble the rifle and clean the carbon ring in the chamber using Kroil and C4. Seeking further ideas for improvement, they experimented with Standard subsonic rounds but encountered issues like delayed click and trigger reset malfunctions.

Another 552 owners shared their experience with a rifle that had worked flawlessly for years but encountered storage-related issues. Despite being in great shape when purchased, it exhibited bolt problems such as crushing rounds and double-firing after being stored for an extended period.

To address this, they meticulously examined the rifle’s assembly and filed the hammer to ensure a good pic net angle and minimal depth. They deepened the retaining pin detent hole using a Dremel to improve side movement and bolt reset.

After these modifications, the rifle was test-fired with minimal malfunctions, and spare parts were ordered to ensure reliability in the future.

Lastly, another Remington 552 owner shared their encounter with an out-of-battery detonation (OOB) issue. They found that addressing issues with the firing pin, extractor, and extractor spring resolved the problem of rounds detonating prematurely.

They improved the rifle’s reliability with various ammo brands by meticulously reaming the chamber and polishing it with a drill press.

They highlighted the importance of checking dimensions and spring power to prevent malfunctions caused by worn-out components.

In conclusion, these firsthand accounts offer valuable insights into troubleshooting Remington Speedmaster 552 problems, emphasizing the importance of meticulous maintenance and modifications tailored to individual rifles’ needs.

Remington Speedmaster 552 Problems

Common Questions Asked About Remington Speedmaster 552:

What years did Remington make the 552 Speedmaster?

The Remington Model 552, also known as the ‘Speedmaster,’ was crafted by Remington Arms and remained in production from 1957 until 2020. Weighing in at 5.75 pounds (2.61 kilograms), it boasted impressive specifications throughout its manufacturing tenure.

How many rounds does a Remington Speedmaster 552 hold?

The number of cartridges required varies by firearm type. A Remington Speedmaster semi-automatic will need 20 short cartridges, 17 long cartridges, or 15 long rifle cartridges.

Is the Remington 552 Speedmaster accurate?

It is capable of firing shorts, longs, and long rifle ammo, making it the only semi-automatic rifle with such versatility. When paired with the appropriate ammunition, the Remington exhibits accuracy comparable to many bolt-action .22 rifles, rivaling even the precision of the Henry lever action.

What is the warranty on a Remington Speedmaster 552?

The warranty may differ, therefore, it’s advisable to consult the manufacturer or retailer for precise information.

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