7 Troubling Taurus TX22 Problems You Need To Know

In the realm of firearms, the Taurus TX22 stands out with its unique design and promising features.

However, my experience with my Taurus TX22 problems and the thousands of rounds I’ve fired through it revealed underlying intricacies that demand attention.

While conducting thorough field testing, I encountered common glitches, such as slide-locking problems and issues returning to the battery.

These problems require immediate attention so you have a smooth shooting experience.

Despite these substantial issues, my journey with the Taurus TX22 has provided valuable insights.

Through diligent research and experimentation, I’ve uncovered potential solutions to enhance its performance.

Addressing these challenges effectively can maximize the opportunity for enjoyment and proficiency with this innovative firearm.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

7 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Not Returning To BatteryThorough disassembly, cleaning, and examination of critical components.
Barrel ProblemsReplace the flawed barrel and consult a professional gunsmith.
Problems with the Recoil SpringReplace the recoil spring with Lakeline’s buffered stainless springs for improved slide function and safety.
Feeding IssuesThoroughly clean and maintain the Taurus TX22 to resolve feeding issues.
Problems with the ExtractorReplace the extractor spring and thoroughly clean the extractor and its housing to resolve.
Magazine IssuesUse the Hilljak Speed Loader for efficient magazine loading and reloading.
Slide Locking ProblemsClean and adjust the slide lock lever to resolve slide locking problems.
Taurus TX22 Problems
Taurus TX22 Problems

Taurus TX22 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Not Returning To Battery:

During my extensive testing of the Taurus TX22, a major problem came up: failure to return to battery.

This issue, where the slide fails to fully close and lock into place after firing, causes users headaches.

It leads to misfires and erratic cycling, disrupting accuracy and the shooting experience in the field.

Finding a solution required careful examination and adjustments, ensuring reliable performance from the Taurus TX22.


When encountering the Taurus TX22’s not returning to the battery issue, I didn’t hesitate to take action.

With a commitment to resolution, I tackled the problem by carefully disassembling and cleaning the firearm.

I closely examined potential culprits like old, corroded rounds and ensured the use of appropriate ammo.

I focused on critical components such as the barrel and slide and inspected for signs of wear or damage, paying special attention to the extractor and recoil spring.

Through this hands-on approach, I sought fixes to swiftly restore the gun’s functionality.

In the end, this meticulous effort yielded results which brought the Taurus TX22’s action back to its optimal state and ensured reliable performance in the future.

2. Barrel Problems:

During testing of the Taurus TX22, a notable issue emerged regarding the barrel.

This problem stemmed from non-concentricity in the rifling, leading to irregularities such as broader or narrower sections on either side.

Consequently, misalignment occurred, resulting in bulges or obstructions that negatively impacted accuracy.

Each instance of the barrel problem was unique. So, it required careful attention to diagnose and understand.

These issues could not be dismissed as one-off occurrences, as they posed persistent challenges to the Taurus TX22’s performance.


The barrel problems in my Taurus TX22 were challenging. But I was not ready to give up. I had to find a solution.

After disassembling the firearm, I meticulously inspected every nook and cranny of the barrel to identify flaws hindering performance.

Recognizing the need for a replacement, I ensured that the chosen solution would effectively address the issue at hand.

Restoring the integrity of the barrel was very important, especially after past experiences with dissatisfactory replacements.

I approached this challenge with careful consideration while prioritizing cleanliness and precision at every step.

Through thorough examination and precise action, I aimed to restore the barrel’s integrity and enhance the Taurus TX22’s smooth performance.

However, in my research process, I also came across various discussions regarding historical Beretta 1934 Problems that shed light on potential issues to anticipate and address. Try to check them out.

3. Problems with the Recoil Spring:

During rigorous field testing of the Taurus TX22, I observed fractures in the recoil spring.

This common problem, though seemingly minor, could impact firing performance, especially after extensive use.

The appearance of cracks at the front of the recoil spring was concerning, which indicated potential issues with the gun’s functionality and reliability.

Recognizing these fractures as a significant issue, immediate attention was warranted to assess the extent of the damage and address any potential risks to the firearm’s performance.


When facing issues with the recoil spring of my Taurus TX22, safety was my priority.

Recognizing the dangerous implications of a broken or cracked spring, I promptly contacted Taurus for a solution.

Opting for an immediate replacement, I turned to Lakeline for buffered stainless springs, which proved effective in restoring the slide’s smooth function.

In my experience, prioritizing safety and promptly addressing issues with the recoil spring was essential for maintaining the firearm’s reliability.

If you’re encountering similar concerns, it’s crucial to address them promptly to ensure the proper function of your firearm.

As I discussed while discussing Beretta 71 Problems, it’s always wise to seek solutions from reputable manufacturers and suppliers to guarantee the safety and reliability of your firearm.

4. Feeding Issues:

In my testing of the Taurus TX22, I encountered a frustrating issue with feeding.

During multiple shootings, the slide often jammed when attempting to feed bullets from the magazine into the gun.

This resulted in bullets getting stuck on the side, making the firearm temporarily useless. Pulling the trigger yielded nothing, adding to the buzzkill of the experience.

This feeding problem couldn’t be taken lightly, as it directly affected the Taurus TX22’s overall performance. Each jam disrupted the shooting flow and raised concerns about the gun’s reliability.


When faced with feeding problems in my Taurus TX22, I swiftly took action to address the issue.

Initially attempting a temporary fix by thoroughly cleaning the firearm and inspecting potential causes, I soon realized the importance of proper maintenance.

From this experience, I learned that regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for resolving such issues, highlighting the significance of simple yet essential practices in firearm upkeep.

5. Problems with the Extractor:

Encountering jamming issues with my Taurus TX22 in the field was an unexpected headache.

The slide would often lock midway, disrupting the shooting experience and posing safety concerns. Upon investigation, I found that a lousy extractor spring was the culprit behind these malfunctions.

This highlighted the critical role of this component in firearm functionality. Ignoring this issue could halt the gun’s operation and potentially compromise safety.


When faced with issues concerning the extractor in my Taurus TX22, I promptly sought a solution by replacing the extractor spring.

Carefully removing the extractor, I inspected it for wear or damage, using a small screwdriver to address any blockages hindering its function.

This meticulous cleaning process, involving a thorough examination of the extractor and its housing inside out, proved pivotal in resolving the issue.

As a responsible firearm owner, I exercised patience and care throughout the process. I successfully restored the functionality of my gun, addressing any potential Taurus G3C Problems.

6. Magazine Issues:

During rigorous testing of the Taurus TX22, the stock magazine presented a notable issue.

Despite using a magazine loader, loading rounds proved frustrating and time-consuming due to the magazine’s awkward design.

However, with personalized adjustments, I devised a more efficient loading technique, which streamlined the process and enhanced the overall experience.


When faced with the magazine issue on my Taurus TX22, I discovered the Hilljak Speed Loader as an efficient fix. It drastically reduced reload time and made unloading and reloading rounds a smooth process.

Incorporating the Hilljak Speed Loader eliminated the frustration of manual reloading and improved the overall shooting experience.

Its effectiveness cut reload time dramatically, ensuring a seamless transition between shooting sessions.

7. Slide Locking Problems:

Encountering Slide Locking Problems with my Taurus TX22 has been bothersome during handling. The slide lock lever unexpectedly engages, locking the slide back with rounds remaining in the magazine and, in turn, disrupting the shooting experience.

This issue can be frustrating because it interrupts the shooting rhythm. And it requires careful examination for resolution.


To resolve the Slide Locking Problem with my Taurus TX22, I reached the solution by being mindful while unloading the firearm.

I focused on the slide lock lever, ensuring it was clean and free of any debris that could hinder its engagement.

After cleaning, I reassembled the firearm. During that time, I was careful to adjust the Beretta 92X Problems slide lock lever slightly to ensure it was re-inserted perfectly.

This hands-on process taught me the importance of proper maintenance and attention to detail in addressing firearm issues.

My Final Conclusion:

After extensive hands-on testing with the Taurus TX22, I’ve gained valuable insights into its performance.

While this firearm showcases strengths such as substantial magazine capacity and practical design, it has a few weaknesses. Issues like returning to the battery and slide locking problems have been noted during testing.

However, I’ve found practical and effective solutions to address these concerns through careful maintenance and proper knowledge.

Despite encountering some design flaws, the TX22 has impressed me with its accuracy and reliability in various scenarios.

With proper attention and maintenance, this firearm can serve well for both recreational and practical purposes.

My Friends Feedback:

My friend expressed satisfaction with his purchase of the Taurus TX22. He praised its competition slide and the performance of the Taurus TX22C variant, which boasted an excellent Failure to Fire rate.

However, he also encountered issues with cartridges failing to fire due to indentation on spent brass.

Despite thorough cleaning and inspection of the firearm, he faced persistent challenges with rounds not smoothly chambering and difficulty achieving battery.

Upon closer examination, he identified burrs and flashing on the firing pin housing as potential causes of misfires, prompting him to seek warranty work to address these concerns, including replacing the recoil spring and striker assembly.

Moreover, my friend faced difficulties with the tight-fitting barrel, lockdown tabs, and mounting screws interfering with the firearm’s cycling.

Resorting to manual chamber loading, he managed to overcome these obstacles, finding the TX22 accurate with the Holosun 507 red dot sight despite occasional misfires.

He also noted problems with the front and rear sights, which led him to seek metal replacements for the plastic adjustment screws.

Additionally, he took steps to address magazine issues by polishing the ramp and ensuring smoother cycling of rounds.

Furthermore, he shared concerns about the Taurus TX22’s reliability and encountered difficulties with ammunition choices, noting preferences for specific brands.

He also highlighted issues with the barrel and ammunition compatibility, observing keyholing and inconsistent performance with specific ammunition types.

However, he sought solutions through modifications and maintenance practices to improve the firearm’s reliability and performance.

Taurus TX22 Problems
Taurus TX22 Problems

Common Question Asked About Taurus TX22 Problems:

Does the TX22 have a fixed barrel?

The original 4.01″ barrel, which sat flush, has been upgraded to a precision-engineered 5.25″ bull barrel designed for enhanced accuracy. Its threaded muzzle extends beyond the slide, allowing compatibility with various muzzle attachments such as compensators and sound suppressors.

Is Taurus TX22 reliable?

TX 22 pistols maintain a stellar reputation for reliability, and the latest Compact model is no different. Despite its short feed ramp, reliability remains uncompromised. While there were a few minor issues reported, none of them could be attributed directly to the firearm.

Is the Taurus TX22 single or double action?

Although the trigger shoe/safety lever pivots, the trigger itself moves directly backward, as is typical in a single-action trigger mechanism.

Does the Taurus TX22 have a threaded barrel?

Taurus TX22 Threaded Barrel Pistol in .22 Long Rifle, 4.1 inches, Black Finish – 16+1 Rounds – Available at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Is the TX22 made in USA?

At one point, Taurus firearms were exclusively crafted in Brazil. However, the TX22 marks a shift, as it was conceived by American engineers and is now produced at Taurus USA facilities located in Bainbridge, Georgia, and Miami, Florida.

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