Ruger American 350 Legend Problems You Must Know About

When it comes to firearms, the Ruger American 350 Legend shines for its precision and reliability, yet it’s not without its challenges, from feeding issues to maintenance quirks.

Navigating these demands diligence and expertise, but within these hurdles lies room for growth and community collaboration.

In my experience, owning a Ruger American 350 Legend has been a journey of highs and lows, with each challenge offering lessons in resilience and adaptability. 

Through shared insights and innovation, the shooting community transforms obstacles into opportunities, enriching the firearm’s legacy with practical solutions.

This article aims to help you fix common Ruger American 350 Legend problems so that you can have a smoother experience using it.

Let’s jump right in!

9 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Feeding IssuesClean magazine, test different ammo types.
Accuracy ConcernsCheck scope, clean barrel, test ammo for accuracy.
Failure To FireMaintain fresh ammo, clean regularly, seek professional assistance.
Trigger MalfunctionRegular cleaning and inspection prevent trigger malfunction.
 Barrel HeatingAllow cooldown breaks, use heat-resistant accessories for shooting.
 Ejection IssuesPrevent ejection issues with regular cleaning and inspection.
Maintenance ChallengesFollow manual, schedule, use proper tools for maintenance.
Stock Wear and TearRegular inspection, careful handling prevent stock wear.
Jamming ProblemEnsure safety, clear magazine, inspect firearm for obstructions.
Ruger American 350 Legend Problems
Ruger American 350 Legend Problems

Ruger American 350 Legend Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Feeding Issues:

Feeding issues can significantly impact performance and reliability.

The smooth operation of this firearm hinges on flawless rounds being fed into the chamber, yet jams and misfires can disrupt this process, diminishing the shooting experience.

The reliability of any firearm is paramount, and feeding difficulties directly reduce this reliability. 

Each failed feed not only interrupts shooting sessions but also erodes confidence in the weapon’s ability to function flawlessly when it matters most.


As a firearm owner and shooter, your role in addressing feeding issues is crucial. It requires a systematic approach to ensure smooth operation and reliability.

  • Regularly check and clean the magazine to remove any dirt or debris that may impede round feeding.
  • Use recommended ammunition to minimize the risk of jams and misfires.
  • Inspect the feed ramp for any signs of damage or obstruction and replace it if necessary.
  • Consider upgrading the spring or follower for improved feeding performance.
  • Invest in high-quality components to maintain optimal feeding reliability.

By adhering to these prevention measures, you can effectively mitigate feeding issues and ensure a seamless shooting experience.

Rest assured, these steps are designed to keep your firearm in optimal condition.

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2. Accuracy Concerns:

Inconsistency in shot placement can significantly impact the precision and performance of the Ruger American 350 Legend, especially at longer distances.

This inconsistency affects the shooter’s ability to hit targets accurately, undermining confidence in the firearm’s capabilities.

When accuracy concerns arise, shooters may be frustrated by their shots’ unpredictable nature. 

This affects their performance and overall experience with the rifle as they strive for consistent and reliable results.


For a solution:

  • Verify the scope alignment and tighten mounting hardware to maintain optimal sight picture consistency.
  • Check the barrel for cleanliness regularly and remove any obstructions that may affect bullet trajectory.
  • Test different types of ammunition to find the optimal match for consistent performance.
  • Practice consistent shooting techniques and prioritize proper form to minimize variations in shot placement.
  • Establish a regular zeroing routine to fine-tune accuracy and ensure reliability during shooting sessions.

By incorporating these prevention tips into their shooting regimen, enthusiasts can enhance the precision and reliability of their rifles, achieving consistent and satisfying results on the range or in the field.

3. Failure To Fire:

Failure to fire can catch even seasoned shooters off guard, disrupting the flow of aiming and triggering a frustrating sequence of events.

When expecting the satisfying bang of a shot, only to be met with silence, shooters may feel cheated of their anticipated recoil and annoyed by the interruption.

Failure to fire can result from various factors, including defective primers or issues with the firing pin.

Such setbacks highlight the importance of thorough firearm inspection and maintenance to minimize the risk of encountering this problem.


Tackle the failure to fire requires a proactive approach and a commitment to firearm maintenance.

Ensuring ammunition is fresh and corrosion-free helps minimize the risk of misfires. Regular cleaning and lubrication, including firing pin inspection, are vital to prevent issues. 

In the event of a misfire, scoop the gun to a safe direction while keeping it pointed down and double-check ammunition and firearm condition. 

Professional assistance may be necessary to identify and fix underlying problems if issues persist. These measures ensure a more reliable experience with the Ruger American 350 Legend.

4. Trigger Malfunction:

Experiencing stiffness or unresponsiveness in the trigger mechanism can significantly impact performance.

This issue impedes the smooth action of the trigger, affecting shot timing and accuracy.

A malfunctioning trigger affects the smoothness of operation and disrupts the shooter’s ability to maintain consistent shot placement. 

This inconsistency can undermine confidence in the firearm’s reliability and detract from the shooting experience.


Addressing trigger malfunction requires proactive firearm maintenance, including regular cleaning and lubrication to prevent stiffness.

Periodic disassembly allows for inspection and replacement of worn parts, ensuring smooth operation.

Incorporating these measures into your firearm care routine helps mitigate trigger malfunction issues, ensuring reliable shooting.

Staying vigilant in maintaining the trigger assembly maximizes performance and reliability, enhancing shooting enjoyment and confidence.

5. Barrel Heating:

Overheating of the barrel during extended shooting sessions can have a significant impact on the performance of the rifle.

This issue can lead to decreased accuracy and potentially cause barrel warping.

When the barrel overheats, it can affect the bullet’s trajectory and lead to a buildup of lead deposits, further compromising accuracy. 

This not only impacts immediate shooting sessions but also raises concerns about the long-term durability and reliability of the firearm.


Allowing the barrel to cool down periodically is crucial to mitigate overheating, particularly during long shooting sessions.

Using a cooler or heat-resistant handguard can effectively dissipate heat and minimize the risk of barrel warping. Additionally, avoiding rapid-fire shooting whenever possible helps reduce heat buildup. 

Investing in aftermarket cooling solutions further enhances heat management, ensuring a comfortable and reliable shooting experience.

6. Ejection Issues:

Experiencing failure to eject spent casings properly can have a significant impact on performance.

This issue leads to jams and disrupts the shooting cycle, causing frustration and hindering shooting sessions.

When the firearm fails to eject spent casings properly, it not only affects the performance of the rifle but also poses safety concerns.

The occurrence of jams can lead to delays and interruptions during shooting, compromising accuracy and overall shooting experience.


Regular cleaning and inspection of the ejector and extractor components are essential to identify any damage or wear that may affect their proper functioning.

Ensuring the recoil spring is in good condition also contributes to smooth ejection. 

Using proper ammunition recommended for the rifle further minimizes the risk of ejection problems. 

Incorporating these prevention measures into a routine maintenance schedule helps maintain the ejection mechanism’s reliability and ensures the firearm’s consistent performance.

7. Maintenance Challenges:

Maintaining the stems from the rifle’s intricate design and inherent complexities is difficult.

These challenges negatively affect the firearm’s performance, longevity, and reliability, demanding meticulous attention to detail.

Neglecting proper maintenance procedures can compromise the rifle’s reliability, impacting its effectiveness in various shooting scenarios. 

Overcoming these maintenance challenges requires a thorough understanding of the firearm’s mechanics and regular upkeep to ensure optimal performance and durability.


To address the maintenance challenges, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the rifle’s maintenance manual.

Utilize the proper tools and cleaning solvents the manufacturer recommends to ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Establishing a regular schedule for comprehensive inspection sessions is crucial for identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate. 

Adhering to a strict maintenance schedule and using quality products can significantly enhance the rifle’s reliability and performance.

8. Stock Wear and Tear:

The Ruger American 350 Legend is susceptible to stock wear and tear, presenting shooters with a notable issue.

Over time, the rifle’s stock may experience deterioration and damage, impacting its handling and aesthetics. 

This wear can occur due to regular use, environmental factors, or mishandling, decreasing the rifle’s overall performance. 

Therefore, shooters must be mindful of this issue and take appropriate measures to address and mitigate it to ensure the longevity of their firearms


To address stock wear and tear issues, it’s crucial to inspect the stock regularly for cracks, splits, or other signs of damage, especially after rough use.

Minor damages can be repaired using appropriate repair kits, ensuring the structural integrity of the stock. 

However, in cases of significant damage, the stock may need to be replaced entirely to maintain the rifle’s performance and aesthetics. 

Additionally, shooters should adopt preventive measures such as handling the rifle carefully, storing it in a padded case to avoid impacts, and protecting it from extreme temperatures and moisture, which can accelerate wear and tear.

9. Jamming Problem:

Jamming problems can be one of the most frustrating issues encountered by shooters.

Picture this: you take careful aim, set your sights, and just as you’re about to fire, the gun suddenly jams. It’s a scenario that’s enough to throw off even the most seasoned shooter. 

This aggravating occurrence happens when a round gets stuck during cycling due to a mechanical hitch or internal component malfunction. 

It’s a disruption that interrupts your rhythm and messes with your focus, affecting your overall shooting experience.


Safety must be the priority when addressing the jamming issue.

Once the gun is pointed in a safe direction and the safety is removed, the magazine should be cleared, and any rounds in the chamber should be inspected. 

Thoroughly examining the firearm for obstructions and loose parts is crucial.

Also, properly cleaning and oiling the slide rails and other critical areas can significantly reduce the risk of jams. 

Using high-quality ammo is essential; investing in better-quality rounds can make a noticeable difference in performance, minimizing the occurrence of jams.

My Final Conclusion:

After extensively evaluating the Ruger American 350 Legend rifle, it’s evident that its adaptability and customization options make it a standout choice for firearm enthusiasts.

Customizing with various scopes and stocks allows users to tailor the rifle to their needs, enhancing its utility and appeal. 

Moreover, its compatibility with different ammunition types caters to a wide range of shooting preferences, adding to its versatility.

However, like any firearm, the Ruger American 350 Legend has problems. While it offers excellent performance, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure it operates smoothly. 

Fortunately, troubleshooting guides are available for owners to address any issues that may arise, helping them maintain their rifles in top condition for optimal reliability and longevity.

My Friends Feedback:

One common issue my friends encountered with the Ruger American 350 Legend is chambering problems, especially with certain duramags. Rounds often need help to feed adequately due to issues with the magazine well and feed ramp.

Some have tried switching to different magazine styles, but the problem persists. While Ruger has shipped fixes for this problem, it remains disappointing for many owners.

Another prevalent issue relates to magazine feed tension, particularly with the Ruger American 350 Legend predator model. Rounds sometimes fail to feed correctly due to insufficient spring tension in the magazine.

While adjusting or replacing the spring has helped some users, others have resorted to modifying the magazine. However, the effectiveness of these solutions varies depending on the individual firearm and ammunition used.

Feedback on the Ruger American 350 Legend’s performance has been mixed. While some users have reported satisfactory experiences with feeding and cycling, others have encountered consistent issues, especially when using Hornady brand ammunition.

Attempts to resolve these issues, such as adjusting the bolt or switching magazines, have yielded inconsistent results. 

Concerns about the stock spring quality and its impact on feeding reliability have been raised. Regarding hunting performance, opinions vary among my friends who own the Ruger American 350 Legend. 

While some have had successful hunts with clean kills and minimal tracking, others have experienced frustration due to ammunition and feeding issues. 

The rifle’s effectiveness in dropping game, such as deer, largely depends on factors like shot placement and ammunition choice.

Despite these challenges, some users have found the rifle to be suitable for hunting various game species, albeit with occasional setbacks.

Ruger American 350 Legend Problems
Ruger American 350 Legend Problems

FAQ’s About Ruger American 350 Legend:

Is the 350 Legend worth buying?

With its minimal recoil and muzzle blast, it’s perfect for recreational shooting, particularly for hitting steel targets. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for hunting medium-sized game like whitetail deer and feral hogs

Which is better, a 30/30 or a 350 Legend?

30-30 provides increased power with specific loads, improved long-range performance, and gentle recoil. Its cartridges are generally widely accessible and typically priced lower than those of the .350 Legend.

What’s the killing range on a 350 Legend?

It is engineered for deer hunting with a maximum effective range of 250 yards (230 m).

Are Ruger Americans accurate?

The subsequent two five-shot groups using that load were even smaller, averaging 0.86 inches. I also tested two other loads, resulting in an overall average of 0.99 inches for nine, five-shot groups with the rifle.

Why is 350 Legend so popular?

Since its inception, the .350 Legend has stood out as the pinnacle of ballistic performance. Its high speeds make it suitable for deer hunting, while its low recoil offers greater versatility compared to other straight-walled cartridges available.

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