Avoid These 6 Ruger American 45 Problems: Expert Advice

If you have a Ruger American 45, addressing common problems is crucial. This article delves into these issues, offering solid fixes and insights drawn from extensive experience and research.

One prevalent issue revolves around double feeding and ejector malfunctions, compromising accuracy. Through quality maintenance and timely fixes, shooters can ensure seamless performance on the range.

Let’s tackle the common Ruger American 45 problems head-on, armed with experience and determination.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Ejector ProblemConsult a professional gunsmith for inspection or ammunition issues.
Slide Jamming ProblemUse PVC pipe or adjust slide stop mechanism.
Trigger ProblemClean trigger assembly; seek gunsmith for persistent issues.
Issue with the StrikerClean striker channel, ensure proper lubrication for reliability.
Double Feeding IssueCheck magazine alignment and clear jams systematically.
Chamber ProblemInspect for obstructions and damage, ensuring proper reassembly.
American 45 Problems
American 45 Problems

Ruger American 45 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Ejector Problem:

So, what did I find? First of all, when dealing with Ruger American 45 challenges, ejector issues can significantly affect reliability during range sessions.

Understanding the dynamics of the ejector reveals its pivotal role in the pistol’s function. Low-pressure rounds and inferior ammo can worsen ejector problems, leading to reliability issues.


To tackle this issue, I’ve first explored various fixes, including quick techniques like tap-rack-bang, but they often offer only temporary relief.

For a lasting solution, consult a professional gunsmith. These experts thoroughly inspect the pistol, including the ejector and extractor, ensuring compatibility with the chosen ammunition to prevent future issues. A visit to a gunsmith guarantees a tailored fix for the Ruger American 45.

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2. Slide Jamming Problem:

During range sessions, I’ve experienced instances where the slide stubbornly sticks, rendering the gun ineffective. Understanding the root causes behind slide jamming is crucial.

Factors such as a misaligned guide rod or support hand errors during firing sequences can contribute to this issue. These complications can turn an otherwise functional firearm into a frustrating obstacle on the range.


To fix this issue, one effective method involves utilizing a PVC pipe to create a gap between the slide and barrel, easing stress on the guide rod. Another approach is adjusting the slide-stop mechanism to ensure smooth operation without manual intervention.

These practical fixes minimize the inconvenience of jamming, allowing shooters to maintain fluidity in their motor skills and enhance overall shooting performance.

3. Trigger Problem:

A malfunctioning trigger can transform a routine range day into a frustrating situation. Whether the trigger gets stuck or fails to function altogether, such inconveniences can disrupt shooting sessions and hamper overall performance.

When the trigger fails to function as expected, it not only hampers performance but also undermines confidence in the Ruger American 45.


Firstly, using a quality kit to thoroughly clean the trigger assembly has proven effective in resolving such issues. However, if the problem persists, seeking professional assistance from a skilled gunsmith is advisable.

These experts can ensure the trigger action remains smooth and proper, saving shooters from the hassle of attempting fixes themselves. Entrusting the task to a professional can save both time and potential frustration associated with firearm disassembly and repair.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your firearm, such as the Ruger LCP 2 22LR Problems, it’s advisable to seek assistance from qualified professionals.

4. Issue with the Striker:

Another mood killer is the striker issue. Dealing with misfires or round snags due to striker problems can disrupt shooting sessions and lead to frustration.

When it comes to round-feed issues, attention to detail is crucial. Ensuring the rounds are properly seated in the magazine and inspecting the striker pin for signs of wear can prevent misfires and round snags.


In such situations, essential steps are crucial. Scrubbing the striker channel to remove debris and ensuring proper oil lubrication can work wonders in preventing dry firing incidents.

Trusting in these maintenance practices is essential for reliable round ejection and restoring confidence in the Ruger American 45.

Encountering problems such as a clogged ejector or an unreliable firing pin can significantly disrupt shooting sessions, causing annoyance and inconvenience. So take some time to resolve them.

5. Double Feeding Issue:

Let’s talk about another frustrating issue; when facing feeding problems in the Ruger American 45, attention to detail is paramount. Checking the magazine for weak springs or misaligned cartridges can often reveal the root cause.

Additionally, ensuring the slide is fully in battery, and the cartridge base is properly seated in the chamber can prevent rounds from jamming.


Addressing this issue requires a systematic approach. Check the magazine for misalignments and ensure rounds are properly seated. Utilize the slide release button or manually rack the slide to clear jammed rounds.

Dealing with the annoying problem of double feeding in the Ruger American 45 can be frustrating. Rounds jamming in the chamber can disrupt shooting sessions and lead to annoyance. So ensure proper steps to solve this issue.

6. Chamber Problem:

Encountering an issue with the chamber of your Ruger American 45 can be a mood killer. Rounds may get trapped or fail to seat properly, leading to shooting problems.

The extractor or recoil spring could be the culprit. Trying different ammunition brands like MagTech may help. Persistent issues may indicate serious cracks or defects requiring professional attention.


Now, let’s fix this issue; utilize a flashlight to check for obstructions or irregularities on the chamber’s surface. Pay attention to the barrel’s exterior for any abnormalities that may affect round placement.

Inspect the barrel meticulously for fractures or other damage. Ensure proper placement of the recoil spring and guide during disassembly and reassembly. By attentive troubleshooting, you can address the issue effectively, ensuring the reliability of your Ruger American 45.

If you encounter any concerns, it’s essential to investigate thoroughly, especially regarding common issues like Ruger LCP Max problems.

My Final Conclusion:

In the journey of owning a Ruger American 45, encountering issues is not uncommon. However, it’s important to note that every firearm, including the Ruger American 45, may have its quirks. From ejector problems to slide jams and trigger hitches, these issues can be frustrating, but they are not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Through my own experiences, I’ve learned that with the right solutions and a bit of attention and care, most problems can be addressed effectively.

Whether it’s seeking help from a gunsmith or attempting DIY fixes after thorough cleaning, there are options available to improve the reliability of your Ruger American 45.

Despite its occasional hitches, this pistol can still be a reliable companion on your shooting trips, with each issue encountered serving as an opportunity for learning and progress.

My Friends Feedback:

When discussing firearms, my friends often share their experiences with various models, including the Ruger American series. Some have sold their Ruger American pistols due to issues encountered, opting for alternatives like the Security 9 or Maxx 9, which offer polymer frames and stainless steel slides.

Others praise the Ruger American variants for their affordability and reliability, considering them popular options in the market.

Opinions about aftermarket support vary. While some appreciate the availability of accessories to customize their Ruger American pistols, others feel that aftermarket support lags behind that of brands like Glock.

Additionally, feedback on specific models like the RAP 45 Compact highlights issues such as stiff magazine releases and failure to feed rounds, prompting some to seek replacement parts or modifications to address these concerns.

Ruger American 45 Problems
Ruger American 45 Problems

Common Questions Asked About Ruger American:

Is the Ruger American pistol reliable?

The Ruger American firearm is known for its reliability. Ruger assures that it can withstand continuous use of +P ammo, a claim supported by its sturdy slide construction and Ruger’s reputation for durable revolvers. Furthermore, both the front and rear sights are securely seated in dovetails.

Does a Ruger 45 have a safety?

Safety features comprise an internal, automatic sear block system, an ambidextrous manual safety, and an integrated trigger safety. The Pro Models are devoid of manual safety. An inspection port is provided for visual confirmation of either a loaded or empty chamber.

Are Ruger pistols American made?

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., commonly referred to as Ruger, is an American firearms manufacturer headquartered in Southport, Connecticut. Ruger also operates production facilities in Newport, New Hampshire, Mayodan, North Carolina, and Prescott, Arizona.

How many rounds does a Ruger American 45 hold?

The 45 ACP variant offers a capacity of 10+1 rounds, while the Compact 9mm model boasts a capacity of 12+1 rounds.

Are Luger and Ruger the same?

No, despite the notable resemblance between the names Luger and Ruger, it’s crucial to distinguish each as the rightful moniker of a distinct designer. The German pistol, crafted by Mauser from a design by Georg Luger, boasts an iconic grip shape. But some opinions on the Mauser pistol’s grip shape tend to be polarized, with enthusiasts either embracing or rejecting its design.

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