Top 7 Ruger EC9S Problems You Should Know

Okay, so when you have a gun, it’s like having something powerful, right? But, like, it’s not just about having it, it’s about how you handle it… both in terms of your enjoyment and safety!

Now, let’s talk about the Ruger EC9S. This compact gun is widely used for everyday carry purposes.

So as a firearms lover, I research a Ruger EC9S. And no surprise, like other firearms, I soon faced a few Ruger EC9S problems. Accuracy issues, trigger hiccups, failure to feed, safety lever malfunctions, magazine issues, slide lock problems, and extraction hitches are to name a few. These problems killed my enthusiasm at the start.

But I didn’t give up. And soon I found some useful solutions, which I will share in this article.

Let’s read!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

7 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Accuracy IssueClean, lubricate, experiment with different ammo brands, and polish the feed ramp.
Trigger IssueSeek professional trigger adjustments.
Failure To FeedContact a qualified gunsmith to inspect and repair the firearm.
Problem with the Safety LeverContact a qualified gunsmith to inspect and repair the firearm.
Magazine ProblemClean the gun thoroughly and trim excess material.
Extraction IssueInspect slide, extractor, and magazine for issues.
Slide Lock IssueReplace slide lock springs.
Ruger EC9S Problems

Ruger EC9S Problems With Their Practical Solutions

1. Accuracy Issue:

While the handgun was generally reliable, it didn’t consistently deliver the desired results on the range. The accuracy could be frustrating at standard distances, especially when aiming at small targets.

This could lead to larger groups and less confidence in the firearm’s reliability, particularly in high-pressure situations.

As a result, I desired ways to improve the accuracy of my EC9S through various means such as sight adjustments or trigger modifications.

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For the solution, I found several strategies to consider. One effective solution was to focus on the sights of the firearm. Upgrading to a fire sight set could often fix alignment problems and improve accuracy.

Besides, investing in laser sights could be a game-changer, providing real-time feedback and enhancing shooting precision.

Another aspect to address was the holster choice. Opting for tactical holsters with a secure fit and quick draw could significantly improve shooting performance.

At the same time, electronic gadgets could be tempting. Sometimes going back to basics and refining the fundamentals could do the job just as effectively.

2. Trigger Issue:

Ah! Trigger slap, it was frustrating. It caused pain or a jab to the finger upon firing.

This discomfort was attributed to excessive pressure from the trigger system. It indicated a defect in its design or manufacturing.

For many shooters, this problem could significantly affect their shooting experience and overall satisfaction with the firearm.


I found adjusted techniques that could help alleviate this issue.

By seeking professional attention from trigger experts, it was possible to identify specific adjustments or modifications that could improve the trigger feel and overall shooting experience.

Taking the time to address these trigger concerns could make a significant difference in the firearm’s usability and satisfaction.

3. Failure To Feed:

Next, I encountered a failure to feed. Here, the firearm experienced difficulty in chambering ammo properly.

This could lead to jams and malfunctions during shooting sessions, impacting the overall reliability of the handgun.

The problem might stem from various factors, including issues with the feed ramps, magazines, or the size and shape of the shells and bullets being used.

It was essential to diagnose the root cause of the feeding problem to determine the appropriate solution and ensure constant performance from the EC9S.


First and foremost, ensuring proper cleaning and lubrication of the firearm was essential.

Further, experimenting with different ammo brands to find one that feeds reliably could make a significant difference.

Sometimes, the feed ramp might need to be polished to improve feeding consistency. Ensuring that the magazine was properly seated could also help prevent feed-related issues.

By addressing these factors, you can often resolve feeding problems and improve the overall performance of your Ruger EC9S.

4. Problem with the Safety Lever:

Owners also faced the safety lever problem. They experienced difficulties with the functionality of this component, leading to concerns about reliability and safety.

The safety lever was a critical part of any firearm, and any malfunction in its operation could significantly impact the overall performance of the pistol.

Whether it was difficulty engaging or disengaging the safety, these issues could create frustration and doubt in the minds. This is especially true in high-pressure situations where split-second decisions matter.


The solution? They avoided using the firearm until it had undergone a thorough check by a qualified gunsmith.

They could identify the root cause of the issue and perform any necessary repairs to ensure the firearm functions safely and reliably.

While the Ruger EC9S had its pros, addressing safety concerns should always be a top priority to prevent any potential accidents.

5. Magazine Problem:

Further, my concern was related to its magazine. Owners experienced difficulty with the magazine release button, particularly when the finger position was on the opposite side of the button.

This could make it stiff to operate. It led to frustration during magazine changes.

In some cases, the problem might stem from a faulty spring within the magazine or extra material obstructing the switch mechanism.

Addressing this issue might require inspection and potential adjustment of the magazine components.


In solution, cleaning the gun thoroughly could reveal smoothness issues in the trigger and slide.

It affected the overall shooting experience. However, these problems could often be mitigated through deep cleaning and maintenance.

Owners also found success by trimming away any extra material in the grip area, resulting in a significant change in comfort and control, as in CZ 75 problems.

6. Extraction Issue:

Next, there was an extraction issue, where spent shells failed to be ejected properly.

This could lead to malfunctions and failures to feed. It impacted the firearm’s reliability. Upon inspection, it was found that the extractor or its accompanying spring might be the culprit.

It became necessary for me to find a reliable solution.


For a solution, owners started by disassembling the gun and examining the slide and extractor. Looked for any signs of wear or damage on these components.

Next, they checked the empty mag to ensure it was not causing any interference with the action of the firearm.

Sometimes, a faulty extractor might need to be swapped out for a new one to improve reliability.

After making any necessary adjustments or part replacements, carefully reassembled the gun and tested its function.

With a bit of patience and attention to detail, many extraction issues could be effectively addressed.

7. Slide Lock Issue:

Users found a recurring problem with Ruger EC9S, the slide lock malfunction. This issue occurred when the slide failed to engage properly after firing.

It led to jams and an inability to pause the firing sequence. It was an ongoing issue that had frustrated many users, as it impacted the firearm’s reliability and functionality.

They attempted to resolve this by conducting thorough inspections of the slide mechanism, ensuring everything was tight and latching as it should.

However, it might be a result of wear and tear over time, especially if it’s not a new piece.


Owners resolved the slide lock issue by replacing the slide lock springs themselves. This involved carefully disassembling the firearm, removing the old spring, and installing a new one.

This maintenance task could often be done at home with basic tools and cleaning supplies.

By ensuring that the slide lock spring was in optimal condition, debris, and other obstructions were less likely to interfere with its functionality. It led to a smoother shooting experience.

My Final Conclusion:

The Ruger EC9S is a compact firearm that offers a promising option for everyday carry. While users need to be aware of a few issues, it is a reliable and affordable firearm.

One of the most common issues reported by users is trigger discomfort, which can negatively impact the shooting experience and accuracy.

Further, some users have experienced glitches with the safety lever, which can affect the firearm’s reliability. There were concerns like slide lock, extraction, magazines, etc.

Despite these challenges, the Ruger EC9S is a dependable firearm that provides an affordable option for everyday carry.

Overall, the Ruger EC9S is a reliable and budget-friendly choice for those seeking a dependable firearm.

My Friends Feedback:

The Ruger EC9S is a firearm that has gained a lot of popularity for its great value and affordability as a choice for concealed carry and home protection.

However, some friends have reported encountering issues while using the firearm, such as slide lock problems and failures to eject.

Regarding slide lock issues, some friends have experienced unexpected engagements of the slide lock while using Federal Brass ammo or Hornady Critical Duty.

While some attribute these issues to error or grip inconsistencies, others believe it could be related to ammo compatibility. Nonetheless, many friends still praise the reliability of the EC9S for self-defense purposes.

Despite attempts to resolve issues with Ruger customer service, some friends continue to experience difficulties.

The community has suggested remedies such as inspecting and cleaning the extractor, slide movement, or using wet or dry sandpaper along with WD40 CLP.

Despite these challenges, many friends appreciate the shooting experience offered by the EC9S.

Some friends opt for specific ammunition like Federal 150gr. HSTs.

Others compare it to alternatives like the SIG 365, Glock 43, or Smith and Wesson M&P during their shooting range sessions and sales experience.

Common Questions Asked About Ruger EC9S:

Is the Ruger ec9 drop safe?

If the pistol is dropped or struck, there is a risk of accidental discharge. It is recommended to keep the chamber empty unless actively firing. For optimal safety when carrying the pistol with a loaded magazine, ensure the chamber is empty, the slide is closed, and the safety is engaged.

Did Ruger discontinue the EC9S?

The EC9S is still featured on the Ruger website online. It was introduced to the market in late 2017 to 2018, boasting a competitive price of approximately $289 MSRP and a 7+1 capacity. Also, it remains available for purchase at various online gun stores.

Is the Ruger EC9S a good pocket gun?

In essence, the Ruger EC9s offers commendable quality for its price point. While some aspects may appear budget-oriented, its performance is solid. For those on a tight budget seeking a concealed carry option, this pistol presents a compelling choice.

Is Ruger EC9s double action?

The EC9s 9mm Luger Black Double-Action Handgun boasts an average rating value of 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on 8 reviews.

How many rounds does a Ruger EC9S hold?

The EC9S is a 7+1 round 9mm pistol. In comparison, there are several .38 Special revolvers, which are ballistically similar to 9mm, available with capacities ranging from 5 rounds to 8 rounds.

Is Ruger a good brand?

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. stands as one of the nation’s foremost manufacturers, renowned for producing durable and dependable firearms tailored for the commercial sporting market.

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