Fixing 4 Ruger Mark IV Problems: Expert Tips

Your gun is one of the biggest protections you have!

However, it can also be dangerous for you and the ones around you. So to ensure its safety, you should learn as much about it as possible.

I recently had the opportunity to learn about the Ruger Mark IV. Overall, it’s a solid firearm.

However, no gun is without its flaws. Ruger Mark IV’s problems such as magazine malfunctions, complications with the recoil spring, and problems with the slide can significantly affect the gun’s performance.

But armed with a thorough understanding of these challenges and equipped with tried-and-true solutions, enthusiasts can navigate these hurdles effectively.

The Ruger Mark IV’s easy-to-use design is one of its strong points, yet addressing these problems head-on is crucial.

With proactive maintenance and the implementation of effective solutions, enthusiasts can keep their Ruger Mark IV running smoothly and performing at its best.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

4 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Magazine IssueDeep cleaning, disassembly, and slight spring adjustments.
Not Returning To BatteryCleaning slide rails and chamber, lubricating.
Problem with the Recoil SpringReplaced worn recoil spring, improved slide action.
Slide IssueCleaned grooves, lubricated rails to resolve slide issue.
Ruger Mark IV Problems

Ruger Mark IV Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Magazine Issue:

One of the most frustrating issues with the Ruger Mark IV is the magazine’s functionality. During intense shooting sessions, I’ve often noticed instances where the magazine fails to feed properly, causing awkward pauses and disrupting the flow of shooting.

Whether it’s in rapid-fire sessions or critical shooting situations, this issue can be particularly annoying.


In my experience with the Ruger Mark IV, magazine issues like feeding problems are common challenges. Rigorous testing has shown that simple fixes can often address these issues effectively. When troubleshooting feeding issues,

  • Cleaning and disassembling the magazine can be instrumental.
  • A slight tweak or adjustment to the spring or follower can greatly improve performance.

Trying this method might fix the magazine problem with your Ruger Mark IV, avoiding the need for complicated fixes.

If you’re encountering persistent issues, it’s also worth checking online forums or reaching out to Ruger support for further assistance like I discuss in Ruger SR1911 10mm problems.

2. Not Returning To Battery:

The next issue that caught my attention was the gun not returning to battery. This occurs when the slide fails to fully return after firing, resulting in a dead trigger.

It’s unsettling and has happened multiple times, requiring manual intervention at the range. When faced with this issue, manually pushing the slide forward is a temporary fix, but seeking professional assistance with the mechanism thoroughly is crucial for a permanent solution.


After experiencing this issue a few times, I tried a variety of solutions.

Eventually, I took apart the gun and thoroughly cleaned the slide rails and chamber area. I also applied a small amount of quality lubricant to ensure smooth operation.

Upon returning to the range, the issue was noticeably reduced, indicating the effectiveness of these measures. It became evident that proper maintenance and breaking in the firearm a bit more can go a long way in solving such problems.

Read more about a similar experience in: Fix Your Ruger P345 Problems With These Easy Steps

3. Problem with the Recoil Spring:

In exploring Ruger Mark IV problems, the recoil spring issue emerged during shooting sessions, causing inconsistent recoil. This irregularity, akin to a car’s engine running oddly, indicated a held-back slide.

Further investigation pinpointed the recoil spring as the culprit, emphasizing the need for meticulous maintenance for reliable firearm performance.


Upon delving into Ruger Mark IV Problems, I discovered the recoil spring was to blame for inconsistent slide action during shooting. Recognizing its wear and tear, I promptly replaced it with a higher-quality new one.

The difference was remarkable, with the slide action becoming notably more consistent and natural, enhancing the overall shooting experience. If you’re encountering similar issues, I recommend considering a recoil spring replacement.

4. Slide Issue:

When grappling with Ruger Mark IV problems, one recurring frustration is the slide issue. It’s the kind of hiccup that leaves you scratching your head during shooting sessions at the range.

Occasionally, the slide would stick halfway while trying to chamber a round, making for a frustrating experience that many shooters can agree on.


Thorough inspection and removal of any debris buildup revealed grooves hindering the slide’s movement, causing the issue. Following meticulous cleaning, a thin lubricant layer applied to the rails and contact points notably alleviated the problem.

This troubleshooting experience underscored the significance of regular maintenance. With a bit of TLC, the slide issue could be resolved without the need for professional intervention, showcasing the effectiveness of proactive care in maintaining firearm functionality.

My Final conclusion:

After spending quality time in the field with the Ruger Mark IV, I am confident in its performance as a firearm. It has proven itself to be reliable, with minimal issues. However, like any tool, it does have its weak points.

From my experience, the magazine problem, slide sticking, and recoil spring inconsistencies are notable areas to address.

While these issues are not necessarily deal-breakers, they can be easily resolved through regular maintenance and minor adjustments.

Overall, I highly recommend the Ruger Mark IV for its user-friendly design and comfortable shooting experience.

My Friends Feedback:

My friend Hunter shared his problem with his Ruger Mark IV, mentioning issues like stove piping of rounds. Any ideas to address this would be greatly appreciated.

He bought the pistol 4 months ago but noticed little improvement, even after Ruger replaced the recoil spring, magazine, firing pin spring, and other components.

Despite investing time and effort in fixing it, the problems persist, making him consider sending it back. On another note, a friend recently entered the world of firearms with a Ruger Mark IV Lite. His daughter enjoys shooting at the range, instilling gun safety and discipline.

While rimfire pistols like the Mark IV are generally easier to handle than 9mms, he faced issues with feedings and light strikes even after thorough cleaning and using CCI Mini Mags.

Exploring various modifications like the TK Firing Pin and Volquartsen Recoil spring kit, he’s awaiting results, keeping his bases covered for a smooth shooting experience.

Common Questions Asked About Ruger Mark IV:

How accurate is the Ruger Mark IV?

The Mark IV 22/45 exhibits exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for hunting, recreational shooting, or competitive bullseye matches. I achieved remarkable accuracy using Eley Remington Target ammunition. Employing a supported stance, I consistently delivered tight five-shot groupings at 50 feet, as evidenced by the NRA B-2 target.

Can you dry fire a Ruger Mark IV?

The RUGER® MARK IVTM pistol is suitable for dry firing, but it is highly recommended to use a snap cap, especially for frequent dry fire practice sessions.

Why is the Ruger Mark IV restricted in California?

The state has implemented a regulation stating that any self-loading firearm manufactured after a certain date must incorporate a microstamping feature on spent casings. Consequently, while owning a Mark IV isn’t illegal, all sales must occur through secondary markets due to non-compliance with microstamping requirements.

Is Ruger Mark IV single or double action?

The Mark IV’s trigger features a serrated flat face. Operating as a single-action pistol, it exhibits minimal take-up, though its break isn’t sharp; rather, it offers a smooth rolling sensation.

Can I put a red dot on my Ruger Mark IV?

Absolutely, you can mount a red dot sight onto your Ruger Mark IV. However, the compatibility may vary depending on the specific model you own.

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