Top 4 Ruger P85 Problems: The Definitive Essential Guide

Picture guns like your favorite gadget; it’s awesome to have, but you’ve got to handle it with care. Just like your phone or your computer, guns need responsible use to keep things running smoothly.

I heard about the Ruger P85. After researching, I learned that everyone faced Ruger P85 problems.

These issues become a headache for owners, just like you, right? Anyway, the Ruger P85 stands as a testament to reliability and durability in the realm of handguns.

My love for firearms led me to seek clear and straightforward solutions to these challenges.

By exploring this article, your journey to solve your guns’ problems will become smooth and comfortable with a soft shooting experience. Good luck with your journey!

Let’s Go!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

4 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Trigger Stuck ProblemClean and lubricate the trigger assembly.
Problem with the Guide RodReplace the bent guide rod with a compatible one.
Feeding FailureInspect the chamber for dirt, debris, or rust.
Firing IssueClean the firing pin channel thoroughly.
Ruger P85 Problems
Ruger P85 Problems

Ruger P85 Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Trigger Stuck Problem:

First, owners scratch their heads in the field when faced with a stuck trigger on my Ruger P85.

Despite all being set up and ready to shoot, the trigger did not budge. This was not only annoying but also potentially unsafe.

Trust me, this problem throws off everyone’s shooting testing routine, as it frustrates the entire flow of the session, as in Ruger SR1911 10mm problems.


So, what to do for a solution? There’s a quick trick that often does the job.

  • First, take the gun apart to better look at the trigger assembly.
  • Thorough cleaning and lubrication can typically solve the issue, as dirt and grime may be interfering with the trigger’s action
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential when disassembling and reassembling the firearm. It ensures that every part is cleaned and works as it should.

With this approach, the trigger on your Ruger P85 may be back to its normal functioning without the need for more complex solutions.

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2. Problem with the Guide Rod:

Let’s explore another issue. It revolves around the guide rod.

During test shots at the field, some users notice that the slide doesn’t return to its original position properly after firing off rounds.

This inconsistency can lead to a decline in accuracy and mess with the gun’s overall performance.

This is something you wouldn’t expect from a firearm known for its durability.

The Ruger P89 model doesn’t commonly encounter such problems. It’s crucial to address these issues when they happen.


Another concern needs immediate attention! With the firearm safely unloaded, the owners began peering around to identify the source of the problem.

Upon taking apart the pistol and inspecting the guide rod closely, they noticed a slight bend that seemed to be the culprit behind the malfunction.

After looking for the best route to address the issue, they decided to replace the guide rod.

After trawling online resources and specialized stores, they found a suitable replacement part that was compatible with my Ruger P89 model.

Swapping out the guide rod quickly solved the problem, but they made sure to double-check its compatibility before proceeding.

3. Feeding Failure:

Here is another frustrating problem! It is especially true when pulling the trigger results in a malfunction due to a round not properly chambering.

While it’s easy to blame the magazine, often the issue lies deeper within the mechanism.

Sometimes, even with the rounds sitting right in the magazine, the situation persists. It leaves shooters unable to afford any errors in critical moments.


Seeking solutions? Come here; I am going to help you. In this case, cleaning is important.

  • Dirt, debris, or even rust in the chamber can interfere with the feeding mechanism, leading to malfunctions.
  • Regularly inspecting the magazine and springs for signs of wear is crucial, as is replacing them as part of preventive maintenance.

Trust me, these steps must help you on your bad day.

4. Firing Issue:

While at the range, the Ruger P85 occasionally gives the silent treatment. It leads to a sinking feeling of letdown.

Despite extensive field stripping and cleaning, the trigger typically exhibited irregularities. This compromises both security and sporting shooting experiences.


Listen! Over time, handling and action can lead to incorrect firing pin performance, resulting in ammo misfires and troubleshooting headaches.

A thorough cleaning of the firing pin channel can often rectify this issue.

It restores the reliable function of this old but robust Ruger model.

If problems persist, switching to a new firing pin assembly may be necessary for improved performance.

My Final Conclusion:

If you dig in on the Ruger P85, it’s evident that while it boasts durability and a robust build, it’s not immune to issues.

Feeding failures and firing issues can arise, often attributed to maintenance issues such as inadequate cleaning and lubrication.

Delving into the Ruger P85’s intricacies reveals the importance of regular maintenance and proper cleaning to decrease feeding failures and ensure consistent performance.

While its durability is appreciated, addressing sticky trigger issues and investing in quality guide rods can enhance its reliability further.

Through careful maintenance and attention to detail, the Ruger P85 can still serve as a dependable firearm despite its occasional hiccups.

My Friends Feedback:

A friend shared his experience with the Ruger P85. He highlighted concerns with reliability and accuracy. Described as inaccurate and prone to malfunctions, the P85 earned the nickname “Jamomatic” due to frequent jams and misfires.

Despite attempts at repair and field stripping to address issues with the firing pin and trigger assembly, the function remained inconsistent. This casts doubt on its reliability.

Delving into the Ruger P85, it’s evident that the design faced growing pains, particularly with the firing pin and safety concerns leading to a recall.

The tank-like firearm, though large and bulky, was intended to meet military and police standards.

However, the discontinued model faced challenges with ejection, feeding, and discharging, contributing to its decline despite the love it garnered from police units and firearm enthusiasts.

My friend, as an owner of the Ruger P85, faced field stripping that often revealed issues like dragging and grinding within the frame and slide.

Failure to eject (FTE) and failure to feed (FTF) scenarios resulted in brass particles accumulating along the rails, necessitating frequent cleaning and lubrication.

Despite seeking advice from online forums and engaging with Ruger’s customer service, persistent issues with broken parts and trigger malfunctions persisted.

This raised questions about its utility and suitability for self-defense scenarios.

Common Questions Asked About Ruger P85:

Is there a recall on P85 safety?

Ruger issued a product safety warning and recall notice for certain P85™ 9mm pistols manufactured between 1987 and 1990. These pistols may accidentally discharge when the safety/de-cocker lever is engaged, specifically if the firing pin is broken in a particular manner.

How many rounds does a Ruger P85 hold?

Following the introduction of the P89, the production of the P85 was discontinued as the newer model fulfilled its role. Both variants are chambered in 9mm and have a magazine capacity of 15+1 rounds.

When was the Ruger P85 release?

The P85 was developed in 1985 but wasn’t made available until 1987. It featured a DA/SA trigger, de-cocker, and manual safety as standard.

Do safety recalls expire?

According to Edmunds, vehicle recalls do not have an expiration date. However, scheduling a repair can be difficult if the manufacturer goes out of business or discontinues the part. This notes the importance of addressing recall repairs promptly, not only for safety reasons but also to ensure availability of necessary parts.

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