Top 6 Ruger P90 Problems and How to Fix Them

If you have a gun, keep it functioning, only use it when necessary, and know it like the back of your hand. That’s how you keep things cool and safe for everyone.

I heard about the Ruger P90 some time ago. It is a solid gun, but not without problems, such as misfeeding, slide stuck, etc.

By identifying these problems early on and executing the appropriate fixes, you can ensure a smoother shooting experience with this otherwise reliable pistol.

In this article, I aim to discuss these Ruger P90 problems and offer potential solutions to get this firearm back on track.

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Double Action IssueProper maintenance and lubrication.
Recoil Spring IssueSeek professional assistance.
Misfeeding IssueInspect and clean the magazine.
Jamming IssueConsult a gunsmith, try different types of .45 ACP ammo.
Magazine Falling OutProper insertion of the magazine by applying pressure.
Slide Stuck IssueFirmly grip the slide, avoid the trigger area, ensure magazine seating.
Ruger P90 Problems

Ruger P90 Problems with Their Practical Solutions

1. Double Action Issue:

It was a double-action issue, which proved to be a regular inconvenience. While the single-action performance is satisfactory, the trigger bar assembly struggles.

It is possibly due to a broken part or worn spring. It affects its overall performance and reliability during use. This aspect of the firearm detracts from an otherwise enjoyable shooting experience.

Trust me; resolving this issue is vital for an excellent shooting experience.


The solution can be pretty straightforward with the right approach. A thorough cleaning and lubrication session targeting the firearm’s inner workings often relieves common spring-related issues that cause malfunctions.

However, for more complex problems, consulting a gunsmith may be necessary to ensure all steps are taken to prevent the difference in trigger performance and overall reliability.

2. Recoil Spring Issue:

Let’s address another concern related to recoil spring issues. This can significantly impact field performance.

Users have reported instances where the recoil spring fails to effectively manage the recoil generated by the cartridges. It leads to severe malfunctions and compromising accuracy.

This issue typically stems from wear and tear over time, aggravated by insufficient maintenance habits. Examining the hardships makes it significant to find a reliable solution.


Instead of regretting the issue later, tackle it head-on. While cleaning and lubrication work wonders temporarily, a replacement is necessary for a lasting fix.

Seeking professional help from a certified dealer or gun technician ensures a difference in performance. It ultimately resolves the recoil spring dilemma.

This experience teaches the importance of efficiently addressing issues to maintain superior firearm functionality.

3. Misfeeding Issue:

Another frustration is the misfeeding problem. It disrupts the smooth operation of this otherwise reliable firearm. This issue often stems from various factors, including the condition of the magazine and the size of the cartridges being used.

A dirty magazine or a faulty spring can often interfere with the feeding process. This can cause hassle during shooting sessions and raise concerns about the weapon’s reliability.

Despite its robust construction and solid performance in other aspects, addressing the misfeeding issue is essential to ensure a seamless shooting experience.


First, examining the 7-round magazine and ensuring the polymer follower is in optimal condition is essential.

Then, a thorough cleaning of the magazine’s interior can make a significant difference. It is advisable to check the spring for any signs of wear and consider a replacement if necessary.

Also, installing an extension on the magazine may improve feeding reliability. It is crucial to inspect the feed lips for signs of bending and take appropriate steps to rectify any issues.

Understanding the history of the misfeeding issue can provide valuable insights into potential solutions.

4. Jamming Issue:

Now, jamming problems! The gun frequently fails to eject or properly load rounds, mainly when using .45 ACP ammo. Despite regular cleaning and lubrication, the problem persists.

It indicates possible factors beyond simple maintenance.

Upon closer inspection, gunk buildup along the feed ramp. It causes unnecessary friction and hinders smooth operation.


You can try various methods, such as thorough cleaning and polishing of the feed ramp, before seeking assistance from a gunsmith.

But I’d recommend a gunsmith right away. The gunsmith greases the magazine area and moves components, which works wonders in resolving the persistent jamming issue.

Further, switching to different types of .45 ACP ammo helps improve the firearm’s reliability, providing a much-needed fix for the problem.

5. Magazine Falling Out:

During a recent shooting session, there is a pesky problem with the magazine unexpectedly falling out. Initially, it was attributed to the thumb or fingers accidentally pressing the mag catch, but upon closer inspection, it was discovered that a faulty or damaged catch spring was present.

This component, located in the upper receiver part of the firearm, interacts with the lower front magazine well to secure the magazine in place. While not a critical issue, it was an annoyance during my shooting sessions.


To prevent a magazine from falling out of the well during shooting, it’s crucial to pay extra care to how the magazine is inserted. Ensuring it sits snug and secure in the well can make a difference.

Apply pressure with the palm of your hand while inserting the magazine, along with precise thumb placement to lock it in place.

It can prevent unexpected malfunctions. Further, using quality .45 ACP cartridges can enhance the Ruger P90’s reliability.

With these simple adjustments, you can enjoy a smoother shooting experience without worrying about your magazine dropping out unexpectedly.

6. Slide Stuck Issue:

Another issue is slide stuck. The jamming persists despite efforts to diagnose the culprit, such as checking the slide release and ensuring the battery is fully charged.

Some folks have reported scratches on the surface near the sliding sight, indicating potential interference with the finger grip or trigger mechanism.

This is especially true when using an empty magazine. This challenge can be frustrating for owners who rely on their firearms for reliable performance.


One effective solution I’ve found involves placing the firearm on a hardwood surface to prevent scratching and then firmly gripping the slide with both hands.

Focusing on the barrel and muzzle area and applying pressure while avoiding contact with the trigger area can often yield enough power to retract the slide and resolve the issue.

Further, ensuring that the magazine is seated correctly and clearing the safety can sometimes help smoothly release the slide lock and allow it to move freely.

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My Final Conclusion:

Despite its affordable price point and sturdy build, the Ruger P90 encounters various challenges that impact its accuracy and functionality. Users may face issues like double-action hiccups, recoil spring problems, and slide jams, which can be frustrating.

However, with dedication to field testing and investment in remedies and fixes, many of these problems can be effectively addressed. By applying know-how and addressing setbacks promptly, users can ensure a smoother experience with this firearm over time.

In conclusion, while the Ruger P90 may present drawbacks and require occasional attention, it remains a possible option for those seeking an affordable and reliable handgun.

With proper maintenance and troubleshooting, users can overcome its challenges and enjoy the benefits of its sturdy build and good accuracy.

My Friends Feedback:

A friend recently shared their experiences with the Ruger P90, highlighting concerns regarding magazines with metal follower damage, which can cause malfunctions such as stovepipes and feeding failures.

The truth behind these issues remained unavailable despite searching for solutions on YouTube. It indicated potential design flaws related to the slide stop and frame.

While the P series is renowned for its durability, similar to tanks, these persistent malfunctions have raised doubts about the reliability of later-year models.

This is particularly true regarding chamber lockback and cosmetic blemishes like the dimple on the frame.

In search of resolution, my friend attempted maintenance and breakdown of the Ruger P90. He focused on crucial components such as the extractor and trigger bar assembly.

Double-action issues persisted despite consulting with a gunsmith and replacing springs and slide parts. It prompted an accurate disassembly to address potential broken parts and trigger pull inconsistencies.

Despite its flaws, the Ruger P90 remains a testament to severe reliability in handguns.


Common Questions Asked About Ruger P90 Problems:

Why did Ruger discontinue the P-series?

Ruger transitioned from the P-series to the SR-series, aligning with the shift towards lighter, polymer-framed handguns and striker-fired mechanisms, departing from the hammer-based DA/SA design.

How many bullets does a Ruger P90 hold?

It has a magazine capacity of 7 rounds.

What ammo does a Ruger P90 use?

The P90 operates via straight blowback and offers selective fire capabilities, boasting a cyclic rate of fire ranging from approximately 850 to 1,100 rounds per minute. Chambered for FN’s 5.7×28mm ammunition, its distinctive shape is the result of comprehensive ergonomic research.

How much is the Ruger P90?

The Ruger P90 is available for sale at $475.

What is the P90 called in real life?

The FN P90® selective fire carbine was initially developed for NATO in the late 1980s as part of the integrated 5.7x28mm Weapons System, serving as the Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) component. Today, it is utilized by over 40 nations worldwide.

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