Top 3 Ruger Security 9 Problems With Proven Solutions

No doubt, the Ruger Security 9 is a compact and lightweight handgun. It offers self-defense and acts as a concealed carry firearm.

Featuring a hammer-fired mechanism and a single-action trigger, it has a magazine capacity of about 15+1 rounds and it’s designed to accommodate the 9mm Luger cartridge. However, it has its share of problems.

As a firearm owner, I started researching the Ruger Security 9 two years ago. Soon, I discovered a few Ruger Security 9 problems like slide release, feeding, and extractor issues.

But you don’t have to worry because I have practical solutions for every problem related to this firearm. You will thank me after reading this article!

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Issues and Fixes at a Glance

3 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Slide Release ProblemsProper lubrication and periodic cleaning.
Feeding IssuePolishing the feed ramp.
Extractor ProblemsCustomer service provided a replacement extractor.
Ruger Security 9 Problems

Ruger Security 9 Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Slide Release Problems:

First, I discovered slide problems with the Ruger Security 9. Owners had difficulty disengaging the slide lock after loading a round into the chamber.

This problem arose when attempting to fully seat the slide after inserting a magazine, with the slide release often sticking or requiring excessive force to depress.

This could impede the smooth operation of the firearm and hinder quick follow-up shots during shooting sessions.

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So, what did the owners do to find a solution? They ensured proper lubrication of the firearm’s components.

Over time, debris and fouling could accumulate within the slide release mechanism. It hindered its movement.

Regularly applying an appropriate lubricant to the slide release and related parts could help prevent sticking and ensure smooth operation.

Also, periodic cleaning to remove accumulated debris could further aid in maintaining the functionality of the slide release.

It enhanced the overall reliability of the Ruger Security 9, as it did in CZ P-01 Omega.

2. Feeding Issue:

Second, owners face feeding problems, as in CZ P09. Among them, failure to feed was very frustrating. They inspected magazines and adjusted feed ramps but continued to experience feeding problems.

These issues arose during the range sessions. They disrupted the shooting experience and raised questions about the firearm’s reliability.

While they attributed the problems to faulty magazines or recoil springs, they found that even with smooth loading, the feeding issues persisted.

It indicated potential design or manufacturing flaws.


So, what’s the solution? Owners experienced that proper cleaning was not enough. However, one effective solution was found in deep polishing the feed ramp to ensure smoother cartridge delivery into the chamber.

This minor adjustment could significantly reduce missed feeds and enhance the pistol’s overall reliability.

In cases where problems persisted despite cleaning and polishing efforts, reaching out to Ruger directly or seeking assistance from experienced gunsmiths could provide a helping hand in resolving these issues.

3. Extractor Problems:

At last, users revolved around extractor malfunctions. The extractor, responsible for removing spent casings from the chamber, sometimes failed to grip the fired casing correctly.

This could lead to frustrating malfunctions during shooting sessions. This disrupted the smooth operation of the firearm.

Upon inspection, they noticed excessive wear on the extractor grooves, which further exacerbated the problem.

Unfortunately, extractor malfunctions continue to invade certain Security 9 models.


As a solution, they reached out to customer service for assistance, which led to a satisfactory resolution.

They benefited from obtaining a replacement extractor from Ruger, resolving the malfunction, and restoring the firearm’s functionality.

This solution underscores the importance of responsive customer support in addressing and fixing firearm issues, ensuring a positive ownership experience.

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s summarize. I have discovered a few mechanical issues that do not significantly detract from its overall performance. Despite occasional hiccups with certain ammunition, the pistol remained mostly reliable and accurate during shooting sessions.

I strongly believe that any shooter can diagnose the root of the problem when facing such issues to ensure optimal performance.

The Security 9 is not only an affordable option for those seeking a low-budget pistol, but it also offers quality that is on par with higher-end pistols. I am confident that Security 9 is a great choice for individuals who prioritize affordability, reliability, and accuracy.

Before adding it to one’s gun collection, it’s advisable to seek internet reviews and consult with experienced shooters to make an informed decision.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends have experienced an oversupply of issues with their firearms, particularly with feeding and firing. Despite cleaning and lubricating the firearm, malfunctions continue to occur.

Feed ramp obstructions and jams during loading have been reported, raising serious concerns about the firearm’s everyday carry (EDC) reliability.

Friends have devoted considerable time and effort to identify and address these issues, but frequent malfunctions continue to hinder their shooting experience.

Upon disassembling the Security-9 for a closer inspection, one friend detected rough and unfinished surfaces on components such as the feed ramp and bolt face.

These surfaces restrict the firearm’s smooth operation.

To overcome these challenges, some friends have resorted to grinding and machining these surfaces to achieve a polished finish.

Others have directed their focus to addressing issues with the chamber and slide, where nicked and burred edges can impede the feeding process.

Despite these challenges, Ruger Security-9 owners remain steadfast in their commitment to optimizing their firearms for reliable performance.

As they continue to refine their Security-9s, shooters remain confident that these efforts will lead to smoother shooting experiences and fewer malfunctions down the line.

Common Questions Asked About Ruger Security 9:

Is Ruger Security 9 accurate?

To assess the accuracy of the Ruger Security 9, we conducted tests by firing four five-round groups using three different types of ammunition at a target positioned 15 yards away. The pistol demonstrated commendable performance during our evaluations, with the light trigger aiding in maintaining sight alignment throughout the trigger press, contributing to consistent on-target shots.

Why was the Ruger Security 9 discontinued?

The Ruger Security 9 has experienced feeding and ejecting issues, potentially leading to the continued popularity of the LCP series. This series recently saw a new addition, the LCP MAX, introduced in June 2021.

What ammo should I use for Ruger Security 9?

The RUGER® SECURITY-9® pistols are designed to chamber 9mm Luger cartridges exclusively. It is crucial not to attempt loading any other cartridge types into the magazine or chamber of the pistol.

Is a Ruger 9mm good for self-defense?

The Ruger PC Carbine has altered my perspective on 9mm carbines. I now consider it an excellent option for home defense, possibly even the top choice for many shooters. It’s important to recognize that a common misconception in selecting a home defense firearm is the belief that it must fulfill all roles, which isn’t necessarily accurate.

Is Ruger a German company?

No! Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., commonly called Ruger, is an American firearms manufacturer headquartered in Southport, Connecticut. The company also operates production facilities in Newport, New Hampshire; Mayodan, North Carolina; and Prescott, Arizona.

Is a Ruger a powerful gun?

Yes, based on all available evidence, the Ruger P-Series pistol demonstrated strength and durability on par with, if not exceeding, most other pistols. These pistols have established themselves as some of the sturdiest semi-automatics ever manufactured. Bill’s vision of producing firearms more affordably was successfully realized with these models.

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