Eliminate Ruger SFAR Problems: 5 Fixes You Need Now!

The Ruger SFAR is unique in that it offers the power of a .308 cartridge within an AR-15-sized package. However, this blend of compactness and firepower has its challenges. 

As shooters explore this rifle’s capabilities, they often encounter cycling issues and magazine compatibility hurdles, leading to frustration and doubt regarding its reliability.

These growing pains are part of the journey for early adopters of the Ruger SFAR.

As someone who has navigated these Ruger SFAR problems firsthand, I understand the importance of seeking practical solutions.

It’s essential to examine the rifle’s complexity, breaking down its components, to identify areas for improvement.

5 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Problem with the ExtractorClean extractor; seek professional help if problem persists.
Failure To FireInspect gas port, rings, and block; test fire.
Cycling ProblemInspect for wear, clean, lubricate, check ammo fit.
Jamming IssueDeep clean, lubricate, use quality rounds, check magazine.
Feeding ProblemCheck and replace magazine springs, clean chamber.
Ruger SFAR Problems
Ruger SFAR Problems

Ruger SFAR Problems WIith Their Practical Solution:

1. Problem with the Extractor:

One of the recurring headaches among shooters is problems with the extractor.

The extractor plays a crucial job in the rifle’s operation, but when it malfunctions, it can quickly ruin your shooting experience.

From stuck casings to safety issues, a faulty extractor has the potential to create messes on the range and upset the entire shooting session.


The extractor’s solution lies in thorough cleaning and maintenance. Over time, the spring may weaken, or the extractor may develop cracks or chips, leading to unreliable performance.

To address this:

  • A simple trick is to use a soft-bristle brush and solvent to remove any grime or debris that may have accumulated.
  • Once cleaned, the extractor can be reassembled, and the rifle can be test-fired to ensure proper function.
  • If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance to diagnose and address any underlying issues effectively.

2. Failure To Fire:

One frustrating issue that shooters may encounter is Failure To Fire.

This can turn a lazy day at the range into a frustrating experience, leaving shooters scratching their heads for reasons behind the malfunction.

The gas block and rings are crucial to the rifle’s function. However, if the gas hole in the barrel is blocked or damaged, it can fail to fire.

Picture this: you’re at the range, ready to enjoy a day of shooting, but your rifle refuses to fire. It’s a frustrating experience, especially when you cannot pinpoint the issue.


To address this issue, a thorough once-over of the rifle is necessary. Check for any gas port blockages and ensure the rings are correctly lubricated.

Additionally, inspect the gas block for any signs of wear or damage. The rifle should be test-fired once everything is in order to ensure it’s back in business.

Being proactive in maintenance and testing ensures that you’re always ready for business when it comes to shooting.

3. Cycling Problem:

The trigger and cycling of cartridges play a crucial role in the rifle’s function.

However, annoyance and frustration can arise when cartridges fail to cycle properly, either ejecting or loading problematically. 

Picture this: you’re at the range, enjoying a day of shooting with your buddies when suddenly the rifle starts to cycle off. 

It’s a danger and something to be careful of, as it can lead to misfires or other issues.


One crucial step is to check the rifle for signs of wear and tear on springs and other parts that may affect cycling.

Regular cleaning to scrub away dirt and debris, followed by lubrication with gun oil, can improve cycling reliability. 

Additionally, ensuring the ammo is the correct fit for the rifle can prevent cycling issues.

However, if issues persisted, I quickly sought professional help from a trusted gunsmith. Sometimes, it’s better to trust the expertise of others rather than hang onto the idea of fixing the issue on your old self.

4. Jamming Issue:

When dealing with Ruger SFAR problems, the Jamming Issue can be a frustrating party crasher, disrupting your shooting experience.

Whether it’s a failure to feed or an extraction problem, these jams pose a safety hazard and require careful maintenance to prevent.

In my experience, it often feels like the universe is conspiring against you with reasons for malfunctions, but with attention to detail, you can minimize the risk of jams and ensure a smoother shooting day.


Finding practical solutions is crucial to maintaining a smooth shooting experience.

  • A deep clean and proper lubrication can prevent jams. Think of it as giving your Ruger SFAR a spa day. 
  • Additionally, using quality rounds instead of cheap ammo can significantly affect reliability.
  • Ensuring your magazine is in good condition and adequately loaded can also help prevent jams during your shooting trip.

However, if issues persist, feel free to seek help from a gunsmith with expert hands. It’s better to make the right trip to the gunsmith than to waste time.

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5. Feeding Problem:

Feeding Problems can be a significant issue, disrupting your shooting experience and affecting accuracy.

Anticipation builds as you line up your target, but it can kill the vibe when your rifle fails to feed correctly. 

Whether it’s a failure to chamber a round or issues with the magazine springs, feeding issues can turn a day at the range into a frustrating ordeal.


For a solution: One key solution is to check and possibly replace magazine springs. Ensuring they provide enough tension can significantly improve feeding reliability.

Additionally, paying attention to the size and fit of your ammo can prevent issues with chambering.

Regular cleaning of the rifle’s chamber to remove any gunk buildup is also crucial for smooth operation.

Seeking advice from experts or a certified gunsmith can provide valuable insights into potential improvements.

They can inspect your rifle for any worn parts that may need to be swapped out for instant improvement.

My Final Conclusion:

Despite its occasional hiccups, the Ruger SFAR is a firearm worth investing in.

Many of these issues can be mitigated with proper maintenance and attention to detail. Taking the time and care to ensure your rifle is in top condition before heading to the range is essential. 

Partnering with a knowledgeable gunsmith can also provide valuable insights and assistance in keeping your rifle running smoothly. 

Ultimately, the Ruger SFAR offers power and style, and with the proper care, it can be a reliable partner in the range. 

Don’t let occasional letdowns deter you; invest the time and effort, and the Ruger SFAR will reward you with a dependable shooting experience.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends have shared some valuable feedback on the Ruger SFAR, which sheds light on its performance and potential issues.

One friend shared a disaster story about his rifle. During a range session, a round jammed, causing it to fail to extract. The casing remained stuck in the chamber despite attempts to clear it using a cleaning rod. 

Another friend experienced FTEs and short strokings at the range, leading to bolt seizures. He found that using Winchester rounds exacerbated the issue. 

Both experienced disappointment with Ruger’s customer service, with one friend expressing frustration over a repair process that left him with missing screws and damaged packaging.

Another friend highlighted issues with the gas block, noting it was misaligned and causing binding. Despite attempts to lubricate it, the problems persisted until he contacted Ruger’s customer service. Fortunately, he found the warranty process straightforward, and Ruger addressed the issue promptly.

Another aspect of the SFAR’s problems lies in its design parameters. Some users have reported malfunctions with different ammo types, including NATO rounds and Federal Gold Medal Match. 

The rifle’s gas block assembly and accuracy have also been questioned. While it serves as a hunting tool for some, others, like bench rest shooters, have struggled with inconsistent groups and issues with the buffer system. 

Despite attempts to adjust with different buffers, such as the M4-3oz and VltorA5, the rifle’s performance remained inconsistent.

Ruger’s engineers have been actively addressing these issues with some success. They have adjusted gas blocks and introduced adjustable gas block options to mitigate the problems like stoppage.

However, challenges remain, particularly with heavier loads or when using a suppressor.

While the SFAR has flaws, Ruger continues refining its design, aiming to provide enthusiasts with a reliable and versatile firearm.

Ruger SFAR Problems
Ruger SFAR Problems

Common Questions Asked About Ruger SFAR:

Who makes Ruger Sfar barrels?

Both rifles feature Ruger’s in-house cold-hammer-forged 4140 chrome-moly barrels.

How much does a Ruger Sfar weigh?

The SFAR (small-frame autoloading rifle) closely resembles a standard AR-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO. With a 16-inch barrel, Ruger’s SFAR weighs 6.8 pounds, slightly more than their SR-556, which weighs 6.5 pounds. It stands 7.2 inches tall, very close to the SR-556.

When did Ruger release the SFAR?

Ruger released the SFAR AR-10 to the market in September 2022, well after the Ruger AR-15s were involved in the tragic shootings in Sutherland Springs and Boulder.

How accurate is the sfar?

With its excellent trigger, minimal recoil, and cold hammer-forged barrel, I anticipated consistent accuracy from the SFAR, and it didn’t disappoint. At 100 yards, five-shot groups averaged slightly over 1 inch, and the firearm consistently produced multiple sub-MOA clusters with various ammunition types.

How much does a Ruger SFAR cost?

The price range for the Ruger SFAR varies depending on the model and where you purchase it. You can expect to find prices ranging from approximately $900 to $1,050 for various configurations.

Would a Ruger SFAR be very good for bear hunting?

The Ruger SFAR, designed for .308 Winchester, is a capable choice for Black Bear hunting when outfitted with premium ammunition like heavy Nosler Partition or Swift bullets. While it can handle Black Bears adeptly, its effectiveness against Brown bears is more marginal. Moreover, be aware that certain states may impose magazine restrictions when using this rifle for hunting game animals.

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