Top 5 Ruger SR40C Problems: How to Fix Them

When it comes to guns, you should think of them like your best buddy with an ugly side. As long as look out for them and know how to deal with that ugly side, they’re always doing good and making your life fun. As soon as you ignore their ugly side or forget how to deal with it, they can be dangerous.

Guns, including Ruger SR40c, are similar to that friend. The Ruger SR40c stands out in the realm of concealed-carry handguns.

No doubt, it boasts a potent .40 S&W cartridge in a compact package. It inherits the performance of its predecessor, the SR9 pistol, and has a punch of .40-caliber.

Unfortunately, it has an ugly side: problems like FTF, barrel issues triggers, etc.

In this article, we’ll examine these Ruger SR40C problems and explore potential solutions in detail. It will provide a comprehensive spec sheet for the wise shooter.

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

5 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Trigger ResetSeek professional assistance.
Barrel ProblemSend the firearm back to Ruger for examination and repair, use recommended ammunition to minimize the risk of further barrel damage.
JammingExperiment with extractors and alter their settings if necessary, contact the manufacturer for guidance.
Firing PinConsulting a gunsmith for precise diagnosis and resolution.
Magazine IssueSeek professional assistance, experiment with different ammunition types
Ruger SR40C Problems

Ruger SR40C Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Trigger Reset:

Trigger reset issues can be frustrating for SR40C owners. It affects the shooting experience and the accuracy of the firearm.

When the trigger fails to reset properly after a shot, it can disrupt the flow of fire and lead to inconsistent performance.

This problem is often attributed to internal components such as the sear and spring, which may need adjustment or replacement to ensure reliable operation.

Riding the reset or not allowing the trigger to fully re-engage with the firing mechanism can worsen this issue. It causes failures to fire or misfires.


For a solution, it’s vital to oppose the desire to disassemble or submit to hurried inspections. Instead, seeking the assistance of a skilled gunsmith is often the most essential option.

A qualified professional can carefully diagnose and correct the underlying problems.

He will ensure the proper functioning of your firearm without risking further damage. By designating your SR40C to an expert, you can address trigger reset malfunctions with confidence and precision.

It preserves the goodness and performance of your Ruger handgun.

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2. Barrel Problem:

A common issue revolves around barrel chipping. It raises questions about quality control and durability.

Despite being a new piece, some users have encountered chips in the barrel after firing a relatively low number of rounds.

This incident has led to concerns about the action of the firearm and whether it can handle different types of ammo without compromising its integrity or safety.


As a strategy, I take a thorough approach to finding a solution. After careful observation, the owners decide to send the firearm back to Ruger for examination and repair.

During this process, they discover the importance of using recommended ammunition to minimize the risk of further barrel damage.

Upon its return, the SR40C will explain improved performance and reliability, reaffirming confidence in the brand.

3. Jamming:

Firearms sometimes encounter jams due to a variety of causes. These causes range from poor manufacturing to component issues.

It results in malfunctions where moving components stick or snag, leading to an excessive accumulation of fragments and trapped parts.


Solutions to a frustrating problem? After trying various combinations of ammunition and magazines, it’s essential to experiment with extractors and alter their settings if necessary.

If problems persist, it’s advisable to contact the manufacturer directly to discuss potential design errors and seek guidance on resolving the issue.

Taking proactive steps and being persistent can lead to a more dedicated and pleasant shooting experience with your Ruger SR40C.

4. Firing pin:

Another problem is related to the firing pin. The firing pin in the Ruger SR40C is susceptible to several issues that can compromise its effectiveness and safety.

Wear and damage, including cracks, corrosion, or flatness on the firing pin face, can hinder its ability to strike the primer reliably. It results in misfires and potential malfunctions during discharge.

Also, excessive bubbles on the firing pin can lead to gas leakage and priming issues. It causes inconsistent firing and poses safety risks.

Failure to measure the bubble of the firing pin regularly against manufacturer standards may result in light strikes where insufficient force is applied to the primer. It leads to ignition failures.


To find a solution, instead of immediately resorting to replacing the firing pin, consulting a gunsmith can offer a more practical approach.

Gunsmiths possess the expertise to diagnose and address problems with precision. It potentially fixes the issue without the need for a replacement.

By opting for this route, owners can ensure that their firearm receives the appropriate care and attention it deserves. It potentially saves time and money in the process.

5. Magazine Issue:

When it comes to the Ruger SR40C, magazine issues have been a common challenge reported by owners, as in Ruger LCP 2 22LR.

Some users have experienced the inability to feed properly. This results in failures to eject spent casings.

The magazine insert may not lock securely due to spring or catch problems, leading to feeding force issues during firing.

While release mechanisms are designed for security, they can sometimes hinder smooth magazine changes during shooting sessions.


It’s essential to examine the designs and fit of the magazine within the firearm. Experiment with different ammunition types to determine if certain bullets are causing feeding problems.

Sometimes, pieces of the cartridge can get caught. It leads to malfunctions during firing. If tossing out the magazine and trying a new one doesn’t solve the problem, it must be necessary to return the firearm to the manufacturer for repairs.

Visits to a gunsmith or industry professional can also provide insight into potential fixes for reliability issues.

Top 3 Alternatives of Ruger SR40:

S&W M&P 40C:

When considering compact handguns like the Ruger SR40C, it’s essential to examine alternatives such as the S&W M&P 40C.

The SR40C offers reliability and accuracy, and the M&P 40C stands out for its smaller and wider frame.

It provides a more comfortable grip for some shooters. Also, the M&P offers additional capacity with its round magazine, which can be a crucial factor in self-defense situations.

However, despite these differences, both pistols are trusted options for concealed carry and personal protection.

Ruger LC9s:

The Ruger SR40C presents several challenges that have been followed by owners and fans alike.

While the LC9s is often praised for its easier, shorter, and smoother trigger compared to the SR40C, the latter is known to have a heavier and longer trigger pull. It can affect accuracy and shooting comfort.

Despite efforts to focus on improving the trigger, the SR40C’s take-up remains a concern for many shooters.

As Ruger continues to refine its firearms, addressing the trigger mechanism of the SR40C can greatly enhance its performance and user fulfillment.

Glock 27:

In comparison to the Ruger SR40C, the Glock 27 offers a compact design suitable for concealed carry scenarios. It has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds of 40 S&W cartridges.

Its size makes it ideal for pocket or ankle holster carry. It provides versatility and ease of concealment in various situations.

My Final Conclusion:

The Ruger SR40C has faced issues that have impacted its performance and reliability on the range. While its size makes it an exception for concealed carry, some users have reported problems during the break-in phase, particularly with precision and accuracy.

However, with resolution and patience, many of these issues can be addressed through proper maintenance and training.

In conclusion, while the Ruger SR40C may present initial hurdles, it remains a reliable and effective pistol with the potential for improvement.

Through dedication and attention to detail, you can navigate through the break-in period and unlock the greatest performance from this firearm.

With a focus on precision and practice, the majority of issues can be overcome. It allows shooters to fully appreciate the capabilities of the SR40C.

My Friends’ Feedback:

A friend of mine in the gun community encountered persistent FTF problems with his Ruger SR40C. It required him to rack the slide hard to cycle rounds properly.

He polished the feed ramp with a Dremel tool and sandpaper, along with applying lubricant for smoother operation, but the malfunction persisted. Especially during rapid-fire sessions.

Further, he observed light primer strikes and issues with the trigger. It led to frustration during concealed weapon carry and range sessions.

Further examination revealed potential issues with the chamber and firing pin. It necessitated thorough cleaning and maintenance with break-free CLP.

Despite these efforts, malfunctions persisted. It prompted a call to Ruger for assistance. Attempts at striker/firing pin removal and dry fire practice aimed at resolving the trigger and firing issues proved unsuccessful.

It highlighted potential design flaws or manufacturing defects.

My friend, Joe, a 61-year-old with a slight disability from a bone cancer operation, has a deep passion for shooting and hunting.

His experience with the Ruger SR40C left him disappointed, especially when comparing it to his previous firearms like the S&W Victory 22.

Despite using various ammunition types like Winchester white box and Federal Champion, the SR40C continued to exhibit misfires, light strikes, and ejection problems. It diminished its reliability as a carry gun.

The break-in period didn’t improve its performance, leading Joe to consider alternatives from different gun makers like Glock.

Further, he encountered unexpected issues such as a loose barrel attaching screw, which required locktite and an o-ring for stabilization.

Common Questions Asked About Ruger SR40c:

Is the SR40c a good gun?

The SR40c packs a punch with its 40 S&W caliber, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry.

Did Ruger discontinue the SR40?

In 2017, Ruger discontinued its SR series of handguns, twelve years after its introduction.

Is there a safety on a Ruger SR40?

The SR40 pistol offers an ambidextrous thumb safety on the slide and a magazine disconnect, ensuring safe handling. It also features a loaded chamber indicator for added safety awareness.

What does SR stand for, Ruger?

“SR” represents “Sturm Ruger,” a common component of Ruger model numbers, while “CMD” signifies “Commander,” indicating the shorter variant of a 1911 handgun with a 4-1/4 inch barrel.

What is the most beloved gun?

The AK-47, or Kalashnikov, stands unrivaled in history for its fame and popularity among firearms, particularly as an assault rifle.

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