Top 10 Shield RMSc Problems: Expert Solutions

The Shield RMSc is a Reflex Mini Sight that I’ve been searching for as a gun enthusiast.

Its small and light design makes it easy to install and acquire targets quickly. This improves speed and accuracy.

However, it has drawbacks like optic fogging, battery life, and sturdiness that can affect its performance. I’ve had to find solutions to these problems.

Potential buyers should weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully.

My blog provides insights and fixes to enhance your experience with this popular reflex sight.

ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Mounting IssuesChoose an alternative.
Short Battery life:Buy extra batteries
Less DurableTake precautions to safeguard the optic from harm.
Zeroing IssueDedicate time and attention.
Limited field of viewpractice in procuring a clear-sighted picture.
Rectal WashoutChanges the reticle’s illumination settings
High PriceSearch for alternatives.
Limited magnification Invest in a magnifier or another optic.
Limited AdjustmentAdjusting the optic for windage.
Compatibility with Holster’s Buy a holster made specifically for this. Buy a custom made holster.
Shield RMSc Problems

Shield RMSc Problems With Practical Solutions

1. Mounting Issues:

First, one critical aspect that often gets ignored is compatibility issues with optics.

The Shield RMSc is no stranger to this problem. Many customers have faced difficulty mounting this reflex sight on various guns.

Despite its advanced optic capabilities and compact footprint, ensuring it is interoperable with your weapon before purchase is essential.

The Shield RMSc might be a top choice for its performance, but its mounting challenges can be a significant hurdle.


Let’s find a solution. Before purchasing, it’s crucial to ensure the optic is fully compatible with your gun.

This preemptive check can save a lot of hassle.

If compatibility is an issue, choosing an alternative gun or optic that aligns better with the Shield RMSc can be a wise move. This ensures a seamless integration for your shooting needs.

2. Short Battery life:

A notable concern with the Shield RMSc is its short battery capacity. Many users find themselves frequently replacing the power supply. It is a process that can be both costly and cumbersome.

This frequent need for replacement stands out in a market where longevity is a key selling point for optics.

The Shield RMSc demands attention to its power needs, adding an extra layer of maintenance for its users.


Here, a practical solution is to buy extra batteries. Keeping them on hand while shooting ensures you’re always ready should the battery go dead.

Additionally, a simple yet effective practice is to save on power by switching off the optic when not in use.

This approach significantly prolongs the life of a single battery, making the overall experience less costly and more convenient.

3. Less Durable:

Do you know? The Shield RMSc has shown some durability concerns. Users have reported problems with the optics breaking down or becoming dented after continuous use.

This issue underlines a significant aspect of practicality, especially for those who rely on their optics in demanding situations.

The resilience of the Shield RMSc in sustaining its integrity over time is a critical factor.


For a solution, users can take precautions to safeguard the optic from harm. This involves using a protective cover and securing the weapon in a hard case when not in use.

In instances where the optic is destroyed or keeps failing, exploring repair or replacement options through the vendor is advisable.

These measures extend the lifespan of the sight and ensure its reliability. This is especially true under rigorous usage conditions.

4. Zeroing Issue:

A notable challenge, largely due to its tiny size, is the inability to easily adjust and zero.

Many customers find it difficult to achieve precise zeroing with this optic. This is especially true when compared to bigger red dot sights. The intricacies involved in aligning it accurately demand more time and patience.

It can be a significant drawback for shooters accustomed to more user-friendly sights. This aspect of the Shield RMSc requires attention for those prioritizing ease of calibration in their shooting experience.


For a solution, dedicating time and attention is key. Carefully zeroing the optic can be facilitated by using a sighting instrument if needed.

Often, seeking the advice of a qualified trigger puller or a gunsmith proves helpful.

These experts can provide insights and techniques that are not immediately apparent to average users. Thereby, it enhances the accuracy and user experience with the Shield RMSc.

5. Limited field of view:

Next, the Shield RMSc’s small size tends to restrict the field of view. This limitation can have a notable impact on both accuracy and spatial awareness.

As a user of various optics, I’ve noticed how this reduced field of view can affect situational assessment and target acquisition.

This is especially true in dynamic shooting scenarios.


For a solution, users can adopt a dual approach.

  • Firstly, practice in procuring a clear-sighted picture is crucial.
  • Learning to efficiently account for the limited visibility can enhance precision.
  • Secondly, using the optic in combination with iron sights or a zoom lens offers a significant advantage.

This combination allows shooters to gain the advantages of both a broader field of view from the iron sights or zoom lens and the precision of the Shield RMSc.

6. Reticle washout:

Many customers have reported a significant challenge with the Shield RMSc when firing bullets in direct sunlight or shooting against a bright screen: the reticle tends to wash out.

This daunting issue makes it difficult to see, so establishing and keeping a clear-sighted picture becomes a task.

In my own experiences, the clarity of the reticle diminishes. It poses a problem in maintaining accuracy. This is especially true in scenarios where rapid target acquisition is crucial.


For a solution, the user can change the reticle’s illumination settings to adapt to varying light conditions.

Employing a hood can significantly reduce both washout and glare. This enhances visibility.

Also, many users find it helpful to select a reticle with a distinct color or pattern that is easier to see in direct sunlight.

These adjustments can greatly improve the sight’s performance and reliability in bright environments. This ensures a clear sight picture regardless of lighting conditions.

7. High Price:

In the realm of red dot sights, the Shield RMSc stands out not only for its performance but also for its pricey tag. When making a comparison with other options in the business, the price of the Shield RMSc can be prohibitive.

This is especially true for those operating on a limited budget. The cost factor is a significant consideration as it can deter enthusiasts from accessing this high-quality optic.

High Price Solution:

One strategy is buying a less expensive version or alternative that still meets their needs.

Additionally, looking for deals or promotional offers can significantly cut the price.

Such opportunities allow users to experience the quality of the Shield RMSc without stretching their budget too thin. This makes it accessible to a wider range of shooting enthusiasts.

8. Limited magnification:

Next, a notable limitation is that it lacks a magnified optic, which can be a disadvantage for customers who prefer such a feature. This absence can impact the versatility of the RMSc. This makes it less suitable for scenarios where enhanced target visibility at greater distances is crucial.


Here is a strategy. Users might think about investing in a magnifier or another optic that offers magnification capabilities.

This additional equipment can complement the RMSc, extending its usability to scenarios where enhanced distant target visibility is required.

Such an investment allows shooters to enjoy the compactness of the RMSc while also catering to the demands of long-range accuracy.

9. Limited adjustment:

Another hiccup is its limited adjustment options for windage and elevation. This absence of adjustments makes fine-tuning the sight for precise shooting quite challenging.

The RMSc offers few options compared to some of its counterparts. This can be a significant issue for shooters who require a high degree of control and customization in their optic settings.

Understanding this limitation is crucial for those considering the Shield RMSc, especially if precision in diverse shooting conditions is a priority.


The key lies in the particular approach of its users. Adjusting the optic for windage and elevation can be enhanced by allocating sufficient time and patience.

Moreover, when needed, the use of a specialized sighting tool can significantly aid in achieving the desired settings. While the RMSc may not offer the widest range of adjustments, users can still attain a high level of accuracy and precision.

10. Compatibility With Holsters:

A common issue faced by customers is its compatibility with holsters. Often, the optic needs to be modified to work effectively with many standard holsters. It’s found to be completely incompatible.

This poses a significant problem for shooters who want to carry their guns with the connected optic. It is especially true in scenarios where quick access and holstering are crucial.

The need for specialized or modified holsters can add an extra layer of complexity and expense for users of the Shield RMSc.


To address the holster compatibility issues, customers can look for holsters specifically designed for this optic. Alternatively, having a holster made or modified to specifically fit the gun and optic combination is another viable solution.

This approach ensures a perfect fit and functionality. This provides ease and confidence to shooters who rely on their equipment’s seamless integration for quick and efficient use.

Alternative Of Shield RMSc

1. Trijicon RMR:

An excellent alternative to the Shield RMSc is the Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex).

This red dot sight stands out with its ability to be mounted on a wide range of weapons, including both rifles and shotguns. It features a significantly bigger reticle compared to the RMSc.

The Trijicon RMR is renowned for its sturdiness and lengthy battery life, offering reliability and longevity that are essential for both casual shooters and professionals.

Its versatility and robust build quality make it a preferred choice for those seeking a durable and efficient sighting solution.

2. Holosun 507c:

For those seeking an alternative to the Shield RMSc, the Holosun HS507C emerges as a strong contender.

This multi-purpose red dot sight is versatile enough for both rifles and handguns, offering a big reticle that enhances target visibility.

One of its standout features is the multiple reticle choices, allowing users to customize their shooting experience.

The HS507C is designed for simple and quick target acquisition, a crucial aspect in both competitive and tactical scenarios.

Its lengthy battery life and robust design further add to its appeal.

3. Leupold Deltapoint Pro:

Another excellent alternative to the Shield RMSc is the Leupold Deltapoint Pro. It stands out with its big reticle and sturdy construction.

The Deltapoint Pro is particularly favored for its auto-brightness detector, which automatically changes the dot’s intensity based on the surrounding lighting conditions.

This feature ensures optimal visibility across various environments, enhancing accuracy and response time.

Its robust build and advanced functionality make the Leupold Deltapoint Pro a reliable choice for those requiring a high-performing, durable optic.

My Final Conclusion:

My experience with the Shield RMSc has been mostly positive. Its red dot reticle is clear and bright, even in low light.

But battery life and reliability are issues. Mounting and adjusting can also be challenging due to its small size.

Among solutions, choose an alternative, buy extra accessories, and dealing with the device carefully are common.

In the end, understanding its limitations is essential for making an informed decision that aligns with individual requirements.

Other reflex sights, like Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507C, and Leupold Deltapoint Pro, offer similar features. So you can buy them too.

Shield RMSc Problems

My Friends Feedback:

Feedback from a diverse group of friends of the Shield RMSc, reveals a nuanced view of this popular red-dot sight.

While many appreciate its small size, lightweight, durable design, and improved glass quality, concerns have been raised about its battery life, durability, and price.

Despite these criticisms, the Shield RMSc remains a reliable option for those using subcompact weapons, although alternatives like the Trijicon RMRCC, Holosun, and Swampfox are often considered by friends.

They explore other optics with similar functionality and potentially more suited to their specific requirements and budgets.

Common Questions Asked About Shield RMSc

What is the difference between Shield RMS and RMSc?

When the user tries to mount the standard RMS sight on these pistols, the edges of the mount do not align with the edges of the pistol. The RMSc is approx. 2 mm narrower so that its edges do not protrude from the sides of the pistol once mounted.

What battery does the shield RMSc take?

Battery Fitting: The Reflex Mini Sight Compact uses a 3V Lithium battery type CR-2032 which under average use can last 2 to 3 years.

How much does the Shield RMSc cost?

The cost of the Shield RMSc varies based on where you buy it and whether or not it comes with any extra accessories. Usually, it falls between $400 and $500.

Is the Shield RMSc water-resistant?

Yes, the Shield RMSc is water resistant and can be immersed up to 20 meters under the surface of the water.

What is the Shield RMSc’s reticle size?

The Shield RMSc has a 4-MOA dot reticle.

Which pistols work with the Shield RMSc?

The Shield RMSc is interchangeable with several compact and subcompact pistols, including the 
Glock 43
Sig Sauer P365
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
Springfield Armory Hellcat

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