Should Buyer Beware? 6 Taurus G2S Problems & Solutions

The Taurus G2S emerges as a promising option in the world of weapons. It boasts a blend of compactness and affordability.

However, everyday Taurus G2S problems that hinder the shooting experience do exist. I have uncovered various weaknesses, from slide locking and trigger issues to magazine problems and cycling issues.

All of these problems require quick and easy fixes.

This article will explore unique solutions for a good Taurus G2S ownership experience, fostering confidence and enjoyment in every shot fired.

Let’s Go!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

6 Problems Their Quick Solution
Trigger IssuesReplacing a faulty trigger bar through hands-on maintenance.
Slide Locking ProblemsThrough firing and adjusting thumb placement.
Magazine ProblemsProper insertion, regular maintenance, and seeking professional adjustment.
Cycling ProblemsPatience and practice require a break-in period for optimal performance.
Slide Bites IssueModifying the grip with grip tape for enhanced comfort and safety.
Accuracy ProblemsRegular oiling and frequent cleaning significantly enhance accuracy.
Taurus G2S Problems
Taurus G2S Problems

Taurus G2S Problems and Their Practical Solution:

1. Trigger Issues:

First of all, trigger malfunctions often cause concerns among users. Pulling the trigger may result in erratic firing patterns. It poses inconvenience and potential danger.

I’ve noticed that even minor issues with the trigger bar can lead to significant problems.

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For a solution, I found that replacing it was essential to restoring smooth operation by carefully sliding off the slide and gathering the necessary tools.

These tools include a bench block, brass punches, and punch pins. Owners removed the old trigger bar and installed the new one. This process proved straightforward and practical, significantly improving the firearm’s performance.

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2. Slide Locking Problems:

Next, I discovered an odd issue regarding slide locking. During field tests and testing sessions, it became apparent that the slide stop lever occasionally protrudes backward, just a tad too much.

This causes the slide to lock back unexpectedly, even with rounds remaining in the magazine. This occurrence happens frequently.

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the culprit was the slide-stop levers sticking out more than they should.


There’s a fix for the slide locking issue that doesn’t require a trip to the gunsmith. Owners could prevent the slide-stop lever from engaging prematurely by paying attention to thumb placement and ensuring a secure forward grip.

Through this process, they found that a better understanding of the mechanics of the firearm helped them break into the firearm more effectively.

3. Magazine Problems:

Next, one issue that consistently troubled me was with the magazine. Inserting it into the handgun proved tricky at times, often requiring extra force to ensure a proper fit.

Whether the magazine was empty or full, it occasionally got caught halfway. This deterrent can be especially problematic for beginner shooters.

The problem often stems from rounds needing to be correctly assembled within the magazine. As a result, reloading becomes more of a chore than a seamless process.


Let’s talk about a solution. Ensuring the magazine is inserted correctly is a simple yet crucial step toward a long-term fix. However, regular cleaning and lubrication are equally vital for the gun’s operation.

In persistent cases where sending the Taurus G2S for professional adjustment becomes the best course of action. This approach provides relief from magazine woes and promotes confidence in the firearm’s performance over time.

4. Cycling Problems:

I noticed a concerning issue related to cycling problems. Although the firearm typically delivers smooth and consistent performance, there were occasions where it failed to cycle as expected.

Often, such problems stem from internal friction or assembly issues.

This inconsistency is crucial to address as it impacts the gun’s overall reliability and efficiency during shooting sessions.


However, patience and practice taught me that this is not necessarily a permanent flaw. Continued use allows the firearm to settle in and gradually improve its cycling efficiency.

It’s crucial to give it time and several rounds to cycle efficiently. This allows for a break-in period, which is essential for optimal performance.

5. Slide Bites Issue:

The Taurus G2S presents a significant issue known as slide bites, especially for shooters with larger hands. This occurs when the rounded cut of the slide contacts the shooter’s hand during firing.

This flaw becomes increasingly problematic during extended shooting sessions. This affects both seasoned sharpshooters and beginners.


To find a solution, modifying the grip becomes essential, with elements such as grip tape enhancing the user-friendly nature of the firearm and providing better protection.

These adjustments improve comfort and safety and promote a more enjoyable shooting experience. This caters to users with larger hands or those who prefer wearing gloves while shooting.

6. Accuracy Problems:

One recurring challenge with the Taurus G2S has been accuracy. Despite its reputation for versatility, achieving precise shot placement has often proven to be a struggle during field testing.

This issue becomes particularly significant in demanding situations like self-defense scenarios, where every shot must count.

Through field testing at different ranges, adjustments were made to enhance precision and consistency.


I’ve explored ways to improve its accuracy and discovered simple yet effective solutions.

One key aspect is the regular oiling of the pistol to ensure it functions smoothly and with precision. Cleaning the gun frequently also makes a noticeable difference in the accuracy of shots.

These simple maintenance tasks have transformed the experience with the Taurus G2S.

My Final Conclusion:

My research has revealed its character, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Issues such as slide locking, trigger issues, and accuracy problems have emerged.

But I’ve found them manageable with proper adjustments and maintenance. While some may require professional repair, the affordability and suitability of the Taurus G2S for self-defence make it a viable option for those willing to invest time in learning its intricacies and addressing their specific needs.

However, it’s essential to be mindful that its complexities may make it less appealing to beginners seeking a hassle-free experience.

My Friends Feedback:

My friends have shared their experiences with the Taurus G2S, offering valuable insights into its performance and problems.

One friend, who bought the G2S brand new just days ago, encountered a fit issue with the barrel. Another mentioned the confusion surrounding naming parts and calibres, leading to improper firearm use.

Some users also faced difficulties with slide locking and ejection port malfunctions, highlighting the importance of firearm training and safety courses for those unfamiliar with the weapon.

Despite the initial worry, many users praised the Taurus G2S’s stellar reputation in the budget handgun market. Reviewers from the Great 2020 Gun Rush lauded its reliability and accuracy, even after subjecting it to rugged tests like being dropped or buried in sand.

However, malfunctions and misfires were reported, particularly with certain types of ammunition. While the trigger received mixed reviews, its combat quality and sight picture were generally commended.

Taurus G2S Problems
Taurus G2S Problems

What does Taurus G2S stand for?

Taurus USA has recently overhauled their selection of compact pistols, notably renaming the Taurus PT111 G2 to the G2C, with the “C” indicating its compact design. Additionally, they introduced a single-stack variant cleverly named the G2S, with the “S” symbolizing its slim profile.

Is the Taurus G2S good?

Reliability was a standout feature during our testing of the Taurus G2s. Without encountering any issues, it flawlessly fired all 300 rounds, showcasing the brand’s commitment to enhancing reliability, which yields positive results. Additionally, users found the gun to be notably comfortable.

Is the Taurus G2S good?

This model even features a manual thumb safety positioned for right-hand operation. Additionally, the frame incorporates a Picatinny rail, enabling various aftermarket lights and lasers to be attached. Despite its affordability, the Taurus G2s proves to be a remarkable firearm.

Can you pocket carry a Taurus G2S?

Attaining the pinnacle of pocket carry is within reach with the Shapeshift Taurus G2S Pocket Holster from Alien Gear. Crafted to provide secure and efficient carry, it addresses the common pitfalls of traditional pocket holster designs.

What is a G2S gun?

The Taurus G2S 9mm Luger Pistol is a semi-automatic handgun boasting a 7+1 capacity and a 3.25-inch barrel length. Constructed with a polymer frame, it has a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight for enhanced accuracy. This pistol has a magazine and a cable lock for added convenience.

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