Expert Fixes for Sig P365 XL Problems [Quick Guide]

In the age of firearms, the P365 model emerges as an excellent choice for concealed carry. However, it is not immune to its problems.

Delving into the intricacies, the main problems encompass issues of reliability and design. This concealed-carry handgun is widely recognized and considered a reliable choice for P365 XL owners.

But these problems ruin the shooting experience.

Here, we will solve all these problems with a reliable approach.

Let’s go!

14 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solutions
Pinky Extension Mag IssuesProduce dedicated P365XL magazines.
Romeo Zero IssueContacting SIG’s customer service.
15 Round Magazine IssuesComplete maintenance.
Rear Sight IssuesUse Shield RMSc optics.
Trigger ProblemsRegular cleaning and component replacement.
Breaking Firing PinsContact support.
Night Sights: BreakingGunsmiths replace them or consider durable optics.
Failure to ExtractReplace the extractor if problems persist, and consult Sig.
Failure to Go into BatteryChecking for weak magazine springs, ensuring proper slide manipulation.
Feeding Issuescheck bullets, seating, inspect for wear.
Jamming IssuesRegular cleaning, high-quality ammo, and inspection of magazines.
Firing MalfunctionsAddress P365 XL recoil spring issues promptly to ensure continued reliability and accuracy in shooting.
Recoil Spring ProblemsFollow the manual, safely disassemble, replace with basic tools, and adjust tension.
Grasp IssuesAdjusting the grip to prevent shifting.
Sig P365 XL Problems

Sig P365 XL Problems and their Practical Solutions

1. Pinky Extension Mag Issues:

First, encountering challenges with the 12+1 round flush magazine and the additional 9x19mm 12-round magazines with a pinky extension is not uncommon.

Several P365XL users raised concerns several months ago on a Reddit thread regarding an issue tied to the purchased Romeo Zero and the accompanying 12th.

The problem lies in the way these mags interact with the stock flush mags.

They often fail to lock in place when fully loaded or when empty.

The root cause seems to be an incorrectly installed extension. It led to operational issues with the otherwise reliable Sig P365 XL.


The solution is crucial for owners seeking optimal performance. Many people encounter concerns when attempting to convert their standard P365 magazines to fit the XL mode. This leads to compatibility issues and frustration.

The number of people buying XL mags with the intent to convert or utilize XL base plates on short-grip P365 models adds to the thread of compatibility worries.

2. Romeo Zero Issue:

However, owners have encountered a significant issue when attempting to attach this optics device to their firearm.

A natural compatibility between the P365XL and the ROMEOZeroTM is expected. Yet, many complain that the sight sits inches lower than factory-zeroed.

This error raises an understandable concern among shooting enthusiasts, as objective zero becomes compromised.

Even TheGunSnob received feedback from his friend Kent about the P365XL + Romeo Zero combo.

Addressing this optics device issue is crucial for owners seeking a solid CCW gun with a reliable sight package.


Worry not if you’ve encountered a glitch with your sight. Reaching out for a call to SIG’s customer service can solve the problem efficiently.

A seemingly complex sight issue was just fine within a week after the call.

Instead of horror adjustments, a straightforward dial-to-customer service allowed them to take care of the rest.

3. 15 Round Magazine Issues:

Next, users occasionally encounter issues with the 15-round magazine. It is a concern that has been commonly reported.

Feeding difficulties often lead to struggles in smoothly loading rounds. This causes frustrations as the chamber and magazine ejection may fail to operate properly.

Additionally, shooters may experience a last-round hold-open malfunction, where the firearm fails to properly indicate an empty magazine. It affects the overall shooting experience.


For a solution, understanding and resolving magazine issues became crucial to a seamless shooting experience.

The magazine’s design requires a comprehensive guide for effective use.

Over time, I’ve found that maintenance advice and troubleshooting tips play a vital role in ensuring the magazine operates flawlessly.

4. Rear Sight Issues:

Huh, one issue that’s often encountered but not mentioned before is related to rear iron sights. The rear sight plate that must be removed to install a red dot can pose an annoying chore for owners.

This fact is something buyers should read about if they want a stellar CCW handgun. Finding the right red dot platform to mount on the milled slide allows for easy installation.


Owners suggests specific optics devices with built-in rear sights can solve this concern effectively.

Specifically recommend the Shield RMSc, which adds to its utility by offering built-in iron sights.

This means that if the red dot goes down, there’s no need for a backup sight.

Incorporating such solutions not only improves accuracy and target acquisition but also enhances the overall functionality.

5. Trigger Problems:

Next, trigger problems with the SIG P365 XL can be a source of frustration. It impacts the overall shooting experience.

To ensure optimal performance and a reliable, a detailed guide is essential. Understanding the root causes behind these issues is crucial.


The good news is that the fix is relatively easy.

By performing regular maintenance on your firearm, you can help keep the trigger functioning properly.

As a firearm owner, I’ve found that investing time in understanding the importance of regular upkeep not only resolves issues but also makes the overall shooting experience more enjoyable.

Remember, a well-maintained gun is a reliable one.

6. Breaking Firing Pins:

One persistent problem that some users found is the firing pins seemingly breaking at random. This issue can occur even with low numbers of rounds fired. It leads to a concerning situation where the gun may immediately stop functioning.

A complete firing pin failure means the primer cannot be ignited, rendering the round unable to be detonated.

This not only poses a potential safety hazard but also raises questions about the overall reliability of the firearm.


The simplest solution often lies in having a spare firing pin readily available.

Having an affordable spare can be a wise investment, considering the potential impact on the gun’s function.

I keep my own P365 XL equipped with a spare firing pin, installed within a matter of minutes.

For those with a new P365 XL, Sig’s excellent customer service department can be contacted via email with your serial number. They potentially offer replacement parts before an issue arises.

7. Night Sights Breaking:

Next, issues with these components breaking off are not uncommon.

Many have read stories or experienced firsthand the frustration of having their night sights fail. This leave them in the dark when it matters most.

While Sig’s night sights are made to last and typically work well, they can still yield to abuse or wear and tear over time.

These are concealed carry pistols designed to withstand rigorous use, but they have their limitations.


One option is to consult a competent gunsmith to remove the broken pieces and install new OEM or aftermarket sights.

However, if you find yourself frequently encountering this issue, it might be worth considering a stronger optic or micro-red dot for added durability.

Stronger metal sights can also help in this case, but user caution is recommended first and foremost.

8. Failure to extract:

Here, the issue of failure to extract can be a perplexing challenge.

Picture this: you fire a round, and for one reason or another, the spent casing is not extracted from the pistol. This means that another round cannot be loaded. The pistol ceases to function as intended.

The frustration of encountering this problem not only disrupts the shooting experience but also raises concerns about the firearm’s reliability. M


Do you know? Lower-powered ammunition might not provide enough energy to cycle the action smoothly. It further compounds the problem.

If changing ammunition does not resolve the issue, replacing the extractor is recommended. This can be done by the owner in just a few minutes. Contacting Sig for further diagnosis and potential gunsmithing is good.

9. Failure to Go into Battery:

Next is the failure to go into the battery, a situation where the round does not properly sit in the chamber.

This glitch can occur for one reason or another. It endangers the firing process.

It is the last thing a shooter would want; the gun is prevented from going completely into battery.

Beyond the inconvenience, this issue poses the risk of an out-of-battery detonation. This is an extremely dangerous scenario for any shooter.


Remedies may involve ensuring proper slide manipulation. Thus, make sure to pull back all the way and letting it go home. Ensure the magazine is fully inserted by giving it a good smack at the bottom.

10. Feeding Issues:

Feeding issues with the SIG P365 XL can be a frustrating challenge for gun owners. It impacts their ability to enjoy shooting and practice techniques that require rapid, multiple shots.

This common problem may stem from several factors, including incorrect loading of the pistol or issues with the bullets themselves.


One important aspect is to check if the bullets are loaded correctly in the magazine and if they are lined up properly.

Ensure the magazine is seated correctly, and regularly inspect various parts of the pistol that may become worn over time.

Magazine springs, particularly if they’ve become weak, should be replaced promptly.

Consider the type of ammo you’re using; sometimes, different types can yield better results.

Experimenting with full metal jackets (FMJ) or hollow-point bullets might be worthwhile to see what works better for your firearm.

11. Jamming Issues:

The jamming issues with the Sig P365 XL can be frustrating. This symbol of strength and power is not immune to common problems associated with firearms.

Unwanted jams can interfere with accuracy and pose dangerous situations.

Understanding why jamming occurs and how to address it is crucial for ensuring a smooth shooting experience.


It’s essential to be familiar with your firearm and maintain cleaning habits to minimize the likelihood of malfunctions.

Using high-quality ammunition can also help prevent issues that may arise from lower-grade rounds or poor manufacturing quality.

Regularly inspecting your magazines for irregularities and cleaning them to remove any dirt or debris buildup can significantly reduce the risk of misfiring.

Ensuring you spend time and money to keep your firearm in perfect condition can make all the difference.

12. Firing Malfunctions:

Encountering issues with your Sig P365 XL’s firing can be quite a challenge. The biggest worry for gun users is the severe consequences that may result from firing malfunctions. This leads to unsafe situations or even injury.

Understanding the causes is crucial. Simple problems like light primer strikes or more complex issues with magazine feed lips or extractor failures can disrupt your shooting experience.


Carrying out regular inspections and using quality ammunition are crucial measures to reduce the risk of experiencing firing malfunctions.

Taking these measures not only ensures optimal performance but also enhances safety with every shot taken.

Maintaining and inspecting your firearm regularly can go a long way in reducing the likelihood of misfires and jams.

13. Recoil Spring Problems:

The recoil spring problems in SIG P365 XL pistols can significantly impact shooting performance and safety.

The gun’s recoil spring provides power and stability for the firearm’s operation.

Firing malfunctions may occur when these springs snap or wear down. This causes the slide to not fully cycle during shooting.

This can indicate a broken or worn-out spring.


Replacing the recoil spring can be a straightforward fix.

Begin by ensuring the pistol is safe to work on. Remove the magazine and check that there are no rounds in the chamber.

Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to disassemble the pistol and inspect the old spring.

Replace it with the new one, adjusting to the desired tension levels. Reassembly is easy, your recoil spring problems can be resolved.

If needed, local gunsmiths can also help ensure reliable accuracy after the replacement.

14. Grip Issues:

Grip issues with the SIG P365 XL are not uncommon. Especially for those unfamiliar with the unique shape and size of this firearm.

Its wide yet small structure may pose challenges for some users, making it challenging to hold comfortably.


Adjusting the grip to prevent shifting during use is crucial. Whether it’s slightly moving the hand up or down, finding the right fit is essential to allowing better control of the gun.

For an overall more comfortable grip, consider exploring solutions like aftermarket grip extenders or palm swells.

These additions not only boost comfort but also enhance the overall shooting experience.

My Final Conclusion:

The SIG Sauer P365XL has had its ups and downs since its release. It started strong with great features but faced issues like trigger and magazine problems in 2021.

The company has worked hard to fix these problems, making the gun more reliable over time.

Despite some initial flaws, it’s become a favorite for personal defense and fun shooting.

With regular maintenance, it’s proven itself as a trustworthy handgun. Even though there have been occasional complaints about grip comfort, jamming, extraction and much more.

Overall, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a dependable firearm.

My Friends feedback:

In the past year, my friend have fired 1500 rounds through my P365 XL without issues. Sig’s customer service was smooth when I needed a replacement sight.

After joining a group teaching new gun owners and researching, he chose the P365 XL for everyday carry (EDC).

My friends’ experiences with different Sig pistols, like the P320 and P365 series, reassured me.

Their guns worked well after around 600 rounds, with minor issues fixed easily.

They confirmed Sig firearms’ reliability and great customer service.

They showed that a well-maintained P365 XL is a dependable choice for personal protection.

Common Questions Asked About:

Does Sig P365 XL have problems?

Frequently cited issues with the SIG P365 XL’s 15-round magazine involve challenges in loading rounds seamlessly into the chamber, often characterized by feeding difficulties. Additionally, users have reported problems related to magazine ejection, where the magazine does not release freely upon being released.

Did SIG fix the P365 problems?

This particular issue, among others, is thoroughly examined in a comprehensive P365 review by the team at Gun Made. Fortunately, SIG Sauer promptly addressed and resolved these issues, introducing the second generation of the SIG P365, which now includes the SIG Sauer X-Ray 3 Night Sights.

Is the Sig P365 XL a good carry gun?

Both the initial P365 and the P365XL stand out as excellent choices for concealed-carry handguns. With the reputable Sig Sauer pedigree, it’s challenging to find an alternative option that rivals the craftsmanship exhibited by the P365 family.

What is the controversy with the Sig P365?

Defective Striker Design: Throughout my testing of the SIG P365, I encountered a problem reminiscent of the early concerns raised by the firearm community, the infamous firing pin breakage. I first experienced this issue after multiple instances of dry-firing the gun into an empty chamber, a practice common among many users.

What is the SIG pistol malfunction?

Since 2017, SIG Sauer has been confronted with allegations of malfunctions in the P320, initially arising from reports that the gun could discharge when dropped. In August of that year, a Texas gun store released a video demonstrating the gun consistently firing when dropped at specific angles. The impact led to the depression of the trigger, as depicted in the video.

How long does a SIG P365 last?

Having fired a minimum of 100,000 rounds through this handgun, its failure rate is remarkably low, particularly when compared to many other sub-compact rental guns in our inventory. Given that these are the only issues we have encountered, we consider this pistol to be highly reliable.

Is SIG p365xl +P rated?

Chambered primarily in 9×19mm Parabellum, the firearm is rated for +P (higher pressure) ammunition and utilizes offset double-stack magazines. A variant chambered in .380 ACP was introduced in February 2022.

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