Dealing with Sig P938 Legion Headaches? [Get Relief]

As a firearm lover, I searched for information about Sig P938 Legion problems. These problems include jamming, feeding, and much more.

The firearm is famous for its performance. But don’t bother with these problems. With its Nightmare finish and inherent value, remains a reliable companion

Let’s delve into a comprehensive guide to solve the problems.

ProblemsWith their Quick Solutions
Guide Rod IssuesCleaning, inspecting for wear, and replacing affected components.
Ejecting IssuesPrecise alignment of the casing rim.
Jamming IssuesRegular maintenance, disassembly for issue identification, and experimenting with reliable ammunition.
Feed/Extract IssuesCleaning, part replacement, and quality magazine selection; consult a gunsmith for persistent problems.
Accuracy IssuesRegularly replacing worn parts, using compatible ammunition.
Sig P938 Legion Problems

Sig P938 Legion Problems and their Practical Solutions

1. Guide Rod Issues:

First of all, it confronts occasional guide rod issues.

Disassembling the firearm reveals potential pitfalls. It is particularly concerning the guide rod’s tip; even a minor 1/8-inch deviation can disrupt its function.

While generally firing well, unresolved guide rod issues may compromise overall performance. It causes a failure to return to the battery.


The solution requires careful attention.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the firearm. Pay close attention to the condition of each part for any signs of wear or corrosion.

If wear or corrosion is detected, it’s essential to replace the affected components with new ones to ensure optimal performance.

Also, lubricating moving parts is crucial for maintaining smooth operation.

Adjust the spring tension and the slide catch lever correctly to prevent any problems during firing.

Educate yourself on proper firearm care instructions and adhere to regular inspections to prevent potential issues.

Periodically check for breakage. If the takedown lever is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Applying red locktite during reassembly can help secure the threads.

If a replacement is necessary, contacting SIG CS for a one-piece guide rod can be a reliable solution. It ensures the firearm’s optimal performance.

2. Ejecting Issues:

In my research, the frustration of having the handgun fail to immediately eject the last round can be an annoying problem. It causes serious delays and leaves shooters with no time to waste.


Here, precision is key. Paying attention to the exact positioning of the casing’s rim and its interaction with the magazine follower is crucial.

Even a little projection can influence the ejection process.

If challenges persist, consult with experts, like reaching out to SIG. They can offer effective solutions to maintain the Sig P938 Legion’s optimal performance, including resolving Sig P225 Problems.

3. Jamming Issues:

Ahhh! Jamming issues in the Sig P938 Legion can be a frustrating hurdle. This is particularly true during target practice.

The magazines pose challenges with seating in the mag well when loaded to capacity, resulting in troublesome lock and halfway slide jams.

This prevalent problem extends to the widely-used Sig Sauer P938, known for inherent jamming problems.

Magazine seating inadequacies not only leave owners frustrated but also raise concerns about more serious malfunctions.


Here are simple maintenance steps and advanced fixes. Ensuring the firearm is regularly cleaned and lubricated serves as a basic precautionary step.

Drawing from personal encounters, disassembling the weapon provides a strategic approach. It aids in pinpointing deeper issues.

Experimenting with different ammunition types, such as the reliable SIG Vcrown ammunition, minimizes jamming failures. Exploring brands like Sig Sauer ammunition and others ensures a smooth, issue-free run for the firearm with FMJ ammo from various sources.

4. Feed/Extract Issues:

Other frustrations? Yes, FTF and FTE. They include various FMJ rounds, including Federal HST 147gr, which have been an ongoing challenge.

These issues often occur across three magazines.

They stem from the magazine follower hitting the magazine release tab, causing misfeeds.

This complexity makes firearm operations difficult.

These problems are particularly frustrating when trying to quickly unload magazines or clear jams.


The solution often involves meticulous cleaning of the firearm’s action and chamber. It ensures regular maintenance and replaces worn parts like extractors and ejectors.

Personal research underscores the importance of resolving feeding and extraction issues promptly to restore confidence in the firearm’s performance.

Trouble getting magazines to fit securely can be mitigated by investing in higher-quality options with stronger spring tension. This makes them easier to insert and remove.

Consulting a qualified gunsmith can help identify and address underlying causes that may require specialized attention.

5. Accuracy Issues:

Lastly, accuracy issues can present a frustrating challenge. Especially at a distance of 7 yards. Constant deviation to the left suggests sights are off, a common problem with this pistol.


Addressing this issue involves replacing worn parts to restore shooting capabilities.

Ensuring the firearm is compatible with correctly matched ammunition is crucial for firing accurately.

Incorporating regular maintenance and cleaning is essential, reducing fouling and minimizing inaccurate shots. Personal practice at the range can significantly improve accuracy over time.

Additionally, paying attention to front sight and rear sight numbers to collect accurate firearm sight images aids in precision shooting.

For further assistance, reaching out to SIG for guidance is advisable.

My Final Conclusion:

So, addressing accuracy concerns in the Sig P938 Legion necessitates a systematic approach.

Regularly checking for worn or damaged parts is important. Replacing worn parts helps restore the pistol’s shooting capabilities. Using compatible ammunition ensures it fires accurately.

Engaging in regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to reduce fouling and minimize inaccurate shots.

Through consistent practice, accuracy with the Sig P938 Legion can be significantly improved.

Paying attention to front sight and rear sight numbers to collect accurate firearm sight images aids in precision shooting.

Seeking guidance from SIG can provide valuable insights and assistance in resolving any lingering issues.

So, it is a good gun when its concerns are resolved.

My Friends Feedback:

My friend’s feedback on the Sig P938 Legion sheds light on various issues encountered and their solutions.

After receiving the pistol in South Africa two months ago, he shot over 1000 rounds. It comprises 80% standard-range ammo and 20% various types, without any failures to feed, extract, or experience stovepipes.

Notably, he addressed a two-piece guide rod issue by applying medium-grade Loctite to secure the pieces together.

Another challenge involved the last round not ejecting and the second last round failing to bring the slide into the battery due to a small projection on the magazine follower.

Adjusting the sights to compensate for a significant difference in point of aim and point of impact made a visible improvement.

Additionally, he encountered feeding and ejection problems with newly bought magazines.

In another instance, he noticed bullet casings with scraped rims. It led to rounds dragging hard when trying to rack the slide.

This tight seating of the round in the magazine caused it to hang up halfway back.

Applying lubrication to the magazine and ensuring proper seating of the rounds resolved this issue.

Despite initial challenges, my friend found the Sig P938 Legion to be reliable after addressing these issues. This makes it a suitable concealed carry option.

Common Questions Asked About:

Is the P938 reliable?

The SIG SAUER P938 marks the debut of a 9mm micro-compact pistol inspired by the classic 1911 design. Crafted from lightweight yet durable materials, this all-metal firearm inherits the proven reliability of the P238 platform while enhancing accuracy and delivering duty-caliber performance.

What is the difference between P938 vs P938 Legion?

Within the Legion variant, you’ll encounter an enhanced P938 featuring upgraded sights, a flat-faced aluminum trigger, a reshaped hammer, a reprofiled frame, and a slide with increased checkering and front cocking serrations. It also boasts G10 grip panels and a mag well designed to accommodate the Legion’s redesigned magazine baseplates, all presented in the exclusive Legion Gray Cera Kote finish.

Did SIG discontinue the P938?

After reviewing the discontinued list, it appears that several variants of the P238 and the P938 Natron are no longer available.

Does the Sig Sauer P938 have a safety?

Every pistol is equipped with an integrated thumb safety positioned above and to the rear of the left-hand grip. This safety feature obstructs hammer movement and can be activated whether the hammer is cocked (ready to fire) or facing forward. To engage the safety, lift the thumb safety fully upward. It is considered ON (safe) when in a fully upward position.

Between the P365 and a P938, which one is better for CCW?

Although their sizes are nearly identical, the P365 has the capacity for 4 to 6 additional rounds (depending on the magazine). The P938 is slightly more compact.

What should the maximum effective range be?

The effectiveness depends on the shooter. Typically, the assailant should be no closer than 21 feet for an average shooter at the range. However, a distance of up to 100 yards is manageable for the typical shooter.

Does the Legion take the same 7-round mag that the non-legion SIGs?

No, it features a distinct base plate.

Is a Sig P938 double action?

The P938 is equipped with a single-action trigger, hinged at the top, featuring a curved, serrated tactile design. With a seven-pound pull, it delivers a clean, crisp break and a short, audible reset. Exhibiting minimal take-up and no stacking, the slightly heavier trigger on this compact gun serves to counterbalance the short trigger pull, a feature I appreciate.

Why is SIG SAUER so expensive?

Building a lengthy history of success, as seen with Sig Sauer, requires consistently providing top-notch products. The brand’s success can be attributed to the high-quality, reliable, and accurate nature of its offerings, which have demonstrated their excellence across various conditions on numerous continents.

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