6 Smith and Wesson 22A Problems Explained (Find Easy Solutions)

As someone who knows a lot about guns, especially the Smith & Wesson 22A, I’ve tested it out in different situations to see how well it works.

In this article, we explore the different problems that can happen with 22A guns, like issues with the magazine or problems with the trigger.

Magazine irregularities often arise with Smith and Wesson 22A, manifesting as feeding failures and firing discrepancies.

To keep things running smoothly, it’s important to regularly maintain your equipment to prevent problems like loading errors or dirt buildup. Understanding how the trigger works is key to fixing occasional issues and making sure everything is safe.

Staying updated on safety recalls helps you deal with any potential Smith and Wesson 22A Problems early so you can have a safe and enjoyable time shooting.

Issues & Fixes at a Glance

6 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Problem with the MagazineManufacturer-inspected, securely screwed for precision.
Firing FailureInspect, tighten, and switch ammo for resolution.
Trigger StuckRefine the trigger, and consult the gunsmith for issues.
Ejection IssueSwitch ammo and lubricate properly.
Feeding ProblemClean gun, adjust ammo or magazine.
Safety Recall on the 22AContact Smith & Wesson for recall.
Smith and Wesson 22A Problems
Smith and Wesson 22A Problems

Smith and Wesson 22A Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Problem with the Magazine:

This problem isn’t one to dismiss lightly. Rounds popping out mid-shoot can disrupt your shooting flow and pose safety risks. I’ve personally encountered instances where the magazine failed to securely latch, causing rounds to spill out unexpectedly.

Upon investigation, it became clear that the issue lay with the magazine’s release mechanism. Adapting a more secure grip style and being mindful of handling proved crucial in addressing this frustrating problem.


To solve the problem with the magazine, focusing on the magazine release mechanism is crucial. Ensuring proper handling and screw tightness can alleviate issues.

For persistent problems, manufacturer inspection can provide essential solutions and enhance firearm trust and experience. However, if you’re encountering issues a lot, like it happens with the Smith and Wesson 39-2, seeking professional evaluation can ensure your peace of mind and the proper functioning of your weapon.

2. Firing Failure:

Encountering firing failure with a Smith and Wesson 22A can be annoying. At the range, confidently pulling the trigger, expecting a satisfying bang, but a sad click disrupts the shooting rhythm. It’s just so bad.

This problematic situation requires rapid observations. Sometimes, incompatible ammunition or a faulty pin can be the culprit.


To tackle firing failures with a Smith and Wesson 22A, addressing the issue directly is crucial. Switching the ammo might alleviate feeding problems.

Taking a meticulous approach, checking and tightening components like the leaf spring can often resolve the issue.

A thorough approach to maintenance can prevent larger issues. Replacing worn components and addressing minor issues can prevent major problems. By focusing on these details, shooters can enhance their Smith and Wesson 22A shooting experience.

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3. Trigger Stuck:

Let’s talk about another irritating issue. This bad situation means your gun won’t work properly, which is a big problem. It’s akin to your favorite song suddenly jamming, throwing off your entire rhythm.

When faced with a sticky or stuck trigger issue, maintaining focus and aim becomes challenging. Addressing this trigger issue requires careful attention and potentially some troubleshooting. After all, you don’t want your most trusted firearm to let you down when you need it most.


To solve this problem various approaches can be taken.

  • One effective method is cleaning the trigger mechanism thoroughly.
  • For more serious issues, it’s wise to consult with gunsmith pros who can provide a more detailed inspection .
  • Sorting out a trigger stuck situation is a must-do to ensure a reliable shooting experience.

By taking these steps to address the issue, you can improve its overall performance and enjoy smoother action. That if you’re experiencing any Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems, it’s essential to tackle them promptly to maintain optimal functionality.

4. Ejection Issue:

Encountering an ejection issue can significantly disrupt shooting flow. Just imagine firing a shot, only to have the empty case stubbornly stick around in the chamber, disrupting your rhythm.

This glitch often arises from factors like incompatible ammo or inadequate gun lubrication, requiring thorough inspection and maintenance to ensure reliable performance.


Now, let’s move on to fixing this:

  • Consider changing your ammo to brands like Remington Viper or Federal, as certain bullets may be the culprits.
  • Ensuring proper lubrication of your gun is crucial. Keep it oiled during transport and storage, and clean it regularly with the appropriate oil.

Starting with a well-oiled firearm can make all the difference. This simple change can lead to significant improvements in shooting performance. Users have reported that by making these changes, their ejection issues have almost entirely vanished.

5. Feeding Problem:

Here is another problem related to the feeding Problem. Encountering feeding issues can disrupt shooting, frustratingly causing rounds to tip down or jam in the chamber.

This problem, stemming from dirty internals or incompatible ammo, can hinder your shooting experience.


For a solution, a thorough cleaning of the firearm can often improve the situation. If other solutions fail, consider switching out your ammo or magazine, as sometimes the spring can be the culprit, causing issues with certain types of bullets.

Regularly cleaning your firearm is crucial, especially since some models can be picky about the ammunition they accept. Don’t hesitate to replace any short or worn-out parts. Trusting in routine maintenance can save you from many headaches down the line.

6. Safety Recall on the 22A:

Staying informed about safety recalls is crucial for gun owners, especially for pistols like the Smith and Wesson 22A.

When certain serial numbers are flagged, prompt checks are essential to avoid potential issues, particularly those that could lead to an accidental discharge at the range. Dealing with the possibility of your firearm going off accidentally is serious, so safety recalls should never be taken lightly.


To fix such a serious issue, the first step is to contact Smith & Wesson immediately. Once informed, they typically provide clear instructions on how to proceed.

In most cases, the gun needs to be sent to the manufacturer for assessment and necessary repairs. It’s essential to follow these guidelines diligently to ensure that the issue is properly handled and resolved.

My Final Conclusion:

Reflecting on my experience with the Smith & Wesson 22A, it’s been a mixed bag. While the gun offers reliable shooting, it’s important not to overlook the issues it presents, such as light primer strikes and feeding issues.

However, amidst these challenges, there are workable solutions available through diligent maintenance and careful attention to detail.

Moving forward, firearm owners should prioritize vigilant care and regular maintenance to minimize hiccups. Staying informed about recalls and safety notices is crucial, as is using compatible ammunition.

With the right approach and attention to detail, the Smith & Wesson 22A can still provide a satisfying shooting experience.

My Friends Feedback:

In conversations with fellow firearm enthusiasts, various issues with the Smith & Wesson 22A have come to light. Reports include instances of frames cracking, particularly around the trigger and barrel lug areas. Concerns also extend to problems with the rear sight rail notch and frame.

Additionally, some users have encountered difficulties with the pistol’s performance when using high velocity ammo.

Conversely, others have praised the accuracy and reliability of the Smith & Wesson 22A. While some experienced glitches with feeding and magazine retention, many find the pistol to be a decent auto. It’s been compared favorably to other series pistols, and its futuristic design has garnered attention.

However, quality control issues and occasional jams have been reported, particularly when using certain types of ammunition. Despite these drawbacks, the 22A remains a fairly popular choice among shooters, with some even considering it their universal favorite.

Smith and Wesson 22A Problems
Smith and Wesson 22A Problems

FAQs About Smith and Wesson 22A:

What is a Smith and Wesson Model 22A 1 worth?

The price of the SMITH & WESSON Model 22A-1 is $406.99.

Is Smith and Wesson a good pistol?

It’s a powerful and accurate firearm with a 16-round capacity, ideal for defending against dangerous animals outdoors. The 9mm version is highly favored among Military and Police units. Recently, S&W introduced the Military & Police 2.0 Metal, a 9mm variant featuring an aluminum frame.

Is the S&W 22A discontinued?

Yes, it was no longer available after May 11, 2015.

Why do .22 pistols only hold 10 rounds?

The initial purpose was to restrict pistols equipped with high-capacity magazines. The intention wasn’t to appear as though all firearms were targeted, and considering that revolvers with a capacity exceeding 9 rounds are scarcely sold nowadays, setting the limit at 10 rounds seemed reasonable.

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