Facing Smith and Wesson 648 Problems? Here’s What to Do

For Smith and Wesson 648, steering its nuances is crucial to a smooth shooting experience. For this, I have researched Smith and Wesson 648 problems.

From cylinder binding that can impede revolver function to the criticality of sight alignment for accuracy, each challenge demands careful consideration.

Understanding these intricacies ensures you’re confident handling this firearm in the field.

In this article, we are going to explore these common problems. And? Yeah! Solutions also.

Let’s Go!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

7 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Problem with the EjectionUse lighter loads and do regular cleaning.
Timing ProblemConsult a skilled technician.
Firing IssueAdjust the strain screw at the base of the grip and frame.
Muzzle IssueAdjust your grip and use an anti-recoil technique.
Accuracy ProblemUse quality Ammo.
Trigger IssueSeek help.
Problem with the GripAftermarket grips.
Smith and Wesson 648 Problems

1. Problem with the Ejection:

Let’s dive into the Smith and Wesson 648 problems, with a focus on the ejection issue. I noticed a recurring headache: ejecting rounds became a frustrating chore.

Every few shots, the spent casings would stubbornly stick in the cylinder. This interrupted what should’ve been a smooth shooting session.

Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t just a one-time hiccup. Ahh, cylinder binding seemed to be the culprit. It caused incomplete powder burn and ejecting rounds to misbehave

This minor problem turned into a major annoyance.

It’s a classic scenario where dirt buildup can mess with the otherwise reliable performance of your firearm.

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To tackle this, I’ve learned that lighter loads coupled with a softer spring can ease these issues. It is a stronger spring that might need replacing if it’s worn out.

Cleaning is key here regularly scrubbing away carbon buildup keeps the revolver happy and functioning smoothly.

With these improvements, you’ll notice a marked difference in how your firearm handles. This ensures a more enjoyable shooting experience overall.

2. Timing Problem:

Next, timing problems were the main headache. During practice at the range, the cylinder occasionally wouldn’t align properly. It causes an awkward pause before firing.

This not only affected sight alignment but also posed a safety concern. The accuracy suffered, especially with 22 WMR cartridges.

After some troubleshooting, owners found that dirt buildup was often the culprit. It interfered with the mechanism’s smooth operation.


Let’s address timing issues.

  • First, ensure you unload the firearm for safety.
  • Next, test the timing by slowly squeezing the dual-action trigger and checking to see if the cylinder locks correctly.
  • If you encounter any issues, it’s best to consult a skilled technician who can fix the revolver.

A well-maintained 648 should run like a well-oiled machine. It should avoid any cringe-worthy misalignments. It’s worth the effort to keep your firearm in top shape.

3. Firing Issue:

Experiencing a failure to fire with the Smith & Wesson 648 can be a major disappointment, especially in the heat of the moment.

When the revolver fails to cooperate, it’s often due to a firing pin not striking the primer correctly.

This issue can be particularly frustrating and alarming, especially if it occurs frequently with different ammo.

It’s essential to address these problems promptly to ensure reliable performance.


So, what’s the solution? Adjusting the strain screw at the base of the grip and frame can make a big difference.

Ensuring it’s properly inserted plays a crucial role in performance.

Additionally, changing ammo can sometimes resolve these issues.

For my friend, this simple fix solved the problem completely.

4. Issue with the Muzzle:

Next, owners can shed light on issues with the muzzle. One of the key challenges they ran into involved muzzle rise, which can significantly affect your firing rhythm and accuracy.

When handling this firearm, control over muzzle rise becomes crucial. It is especially true with short-barrel ammo, where every shot counts.

They found that reducing muzzle rise not only improves comfort during firing but also enhances accuracy. This keeps your shot count consistent.


A workaround involves adjusting your grip and using an anti-recoil technique like the thumb-over-bore method.

This helps to manage the natural tendency of the barrel to rise upon firing. Ensuring a solid contact point and proper distance from the target also play crucial roles.

Some revolver enthusiasts find that tweaking their hold slightly can mitigate high recoil in intense shooting scenarios.

By focusing on these points, users can enhance their control over the 648 handgun.

5. Accuracy Problem:

Here, accuracy is key. However, there have been some disagreements among shooters regarding this aspect. I’ve found that the choice of ammo can greatly affect accuracy, as in Smith and Wesson 351C problems.

Using different types of ammunition revealed varying levels of precision.

One recurring issue that surfaced during these tests was contamination even a slightly dirty firearm could cause shots to stray from the target.


Okay, so what’s the fix? Start by testing different ammo types, such as CCI and Federal, to determine which yields the best results.

Evaluating the quality of ammunition is key; sometimes, rounds vary in their performance even within the same brand.

Through this process, you can pinpoint the potential factors affecting your revolver’s precision.

Trustworthy feedback often highlights the importance of fine-tuning your approach to achieve optimal performance.

6. Trigger Issue:

Next, one common issue enthusiasts encounter is related to its trigger. My research with this revolver has highlighted the significance of a smooth trigger action.

Light triggers are often desirable for precise shooting, but the 648 tends to have a heavy pull out of the box.

This can make accurate shooting challenging, especially with rimfire cartridges.

The factory setting sometimes measures well above pounds, which can affect accuracy and comfort during a shooting session.

Ignition failures defeat the purpose of a reliable firearm. This pushes enthusiasts to seek modifications or adjustments to bring the trigger to the next level of performance.


The key is not to panic but to seek professional help when these problems arise. In my research, many of these issues can be managed and sorted out effectively with the right guidance.

When you’re struggling with a fix, it’s crucial to contact knowledgeable makers or gunsmiths who specialize in Smith & Wesson firearms.

They often have the expertise to diagnose and resolve problems swiftly. The result? This ensures your Smith & Wesson 648 operates smoothly and safely.

7. Problem with the Grip:

At last, one common concern among shooters is the grip. While the revolver itself offers stability and reliability, the grip sometimes falls short.

The texture and form may not suit everyone and lead to discomfort during prolonged use.

This aspect deserves attention, especially for those who prioritize comfort and control.

Ignoring the grip issue can affect your physical contact with the revolver and potentially impact your accuracy and enjoyment of the range.


Determined to find a fix, owners explored various options. There was no beating around the bush; they opted for a complete grip replacement.

Aftermarket grip sleeves were a quick, affordable solution that added a layer of silicone for a better grip without breaking the bank.

This simple upgrade not only enhanced comfort but also resolved the charm of handling issues.

If you’re facing similar grip issues, consider these less drastic measures first. Trust me, it could save you time, money, and a lot of frustration

Smith and Wesson 648 Problems

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s conclude. My knowledge has shed light on a few critical aspects. Timing issues and ejection problems can indeed crop up, which might initially dampen the experience.

Moreover, accuracy concerns, muzzle issues, and grip inconsistencies can become a great headache.

However, these challenges are not insurmountable. Understanding these nuances is key; it’s about being armed with know-how and a willingness to work through them.

Once you address these points, the 648 reveals itself as a reliable piece of equipment.

My Friends Feedback:

From what I’ve gathered, the Smith & Wesson 648 has been a mixed bag among my friends. The production and extraction issues are noticeable, often leading to binding with the cylinder.

Some mentioned that the redesigned extractor can be finicky, especially in pre-95 models without the pre-lock mechanism.

There’s a general concern about its condition after prolonged use. Despite these, it’s praised for its magnum capability and reliability in shooting.

Many recommend buying it at a fair price from trusted sources like GunBroker or reputable gunships.

However, the internal lock and occasional cleaning quirks can baffle potential buyers.

Common Questions Asked About Smith and Wesson 648 Problems:

What is the difference between S&W 48 and 648?

The Model 48 had barrel lengths of 4.0, 6.0, and 8.38 inches. The Model 648 had a 6.0-inch barrel with a full lug. The Model 48 had checkered walnut grips. The Model 648 had smooth Goncalo Alves combat-style grips with finger grooves.

What is the rare Smith and Wesson?

The Smith & Wesson Model 320, a revolving rifle from the late 19th century, is rare because it had limited production. Only 977 of these rifles were manufactured by Smith & Wesson between 1879 and 1887.

How much is a Smith and Wesson 648?

The prices for the items are as follows: $999 for the silver finish with SKU 10061, $1299 for the black finish with SKU 12039, and $989 for another black finish variant with SKU 12040.

How do revolvers malfunction?

If the mainspring, sear spring, trigger return spring, rebound slide spring, firing pin spring, extractor rod spring, extractor bolt spring, or cylinder stop spring is broken, your revolver may cease to function properly and stop revolving.

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