Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro Problems with Suitable Fixes

Shooters! Let’s talk about the Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro. It is an iconic firearm known for its precision and reliability.

But enthusiasts might face Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro problems.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or new to the game, understanding these hurdles can help you overcome them and unleash the full potential of your firearm.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss the top four Model 60 Pro Series problems and offer practical solutions.

By knowing how to handle these issues, you can enjoy a smoother shooting experience and use your Model 60 Pro more seamlessly.

Let’s Go!

Issues and Fixes at a Glance

4 ProblemsTheir Quick Solutions
Misfiring ProblemUse reliable ammo.
Problem with the CylinderProper cleaning.
Jamming Barrel IssueProper cleaning.
Issue with the Gripexploring customization options
Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro Problems

Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro Problems and Their Practical Solutions

1. Misfiring Problem:

First, one common issue owners often encounter is misfiring.

This can be especially frustrating when you’re relying on your firearm for self-defense or target shooting. Misfiring can be caused by several potential causes, like poor quality or old ammo.

But luckily, there are simple solutions to address this problem.

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The solution often starts with a simple check of your ammunition.

Poor quality or old ammo can lead to these misfires. To avoid this, always opt for high-quality rounds that are compatible with your revolver.

From personal research, using reliable ammo significantly reduces the chances of encountering any misfires.

2. Problem with the Cylinder:

Okay, so my friend highlighted a frustrating cylinder issue. Despite its reputation as a reliable firearm, this gun occasionally faces trouble with the cylinder.

He mentioned that it sometimes has difficulty rotating properly. It leads to misfires and malfunctions during critical moments.

This can be especially dangerous in self-defense situations, where any compromise in performance is a serious risk.

It’s crucial to address this problem to ensure it doesn’t lead to faulty operations or compromise the shooting experience.


Thankfully, solutions are available. To ensure your firearm operates smoothly, it’s crucial to clean and maintain it regularly, as in Smith and Wesson 351PD problems.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions can prevent debris and dirt buildup that might affect its proper functioning.

By keeping your Model 60 Pro in good condition, you can avoid many common issues and enjoy reliable performance from your Smith & Wesson.

3. Jamming Barrel Issue:

Next, jamming barrel issues can be a frustrating setback. Many shooters have encountered this common problem. Here, the barrel jamming disrupts the smooth operation and impacts accuracy.

The cause can vary from debris or dirt buildup in the chamber, which affects the gun’s function.

Despite these occasional hiccups, the Model 60 Pro remains a favorite among enthusiasts for its compact size and robust build.

It’s important to maintain regular cleaning and inspection to prevent such issues and ensure consistent performance.


For a solution, keeping your firearm clean and properly maintained is essential.

Regularly cleaning the barrel with a bore brush and solvent is crucial to prevent debris from accumulating and causing issues.

Pay attention to the chamber area to ensure it remains free of dirt and residue.

This simple maintenance routine can significantly enhance the reliability and performance of your Model 60 Pro series revolver.

Trust me, you can enjoy smoother operation and minimize the chances of jams or other mechanical issues.

4. Issue with the Grip:

Last but not least, one common issue that users have reported is the grip. The firearm’s slippery grip can affect accuracy and control.

This is especially true in high-stress situations where every second counts.

Finding a solution that works best for you is important to ensure a reliable and consistent shooting experience with the Smith & Wesson Model 60 Pro.


Fear not; owners found a simple solution by exploring available adjustable backstrap options that allowed them to customize the grip to better suit their individual preferences.

This customization not only improved handling but also significantly reduced felt recoil. This made shooting sessions more enjoyable and precise.

So, exploring customization options can truly transform your shooting experience with the Model 60 Pro.

Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro Problems

My Final Conclusion:

Okay, let’s conclude. The Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro proves itself as a reliable handgun suitable for various applications.

But these are some issues like misfiring issues, cylinder problems, barrel issues, and grip inconsistencies.

By implementing straightforward solutions and maximizing safety measures, most users can enjoy a trouble-free shooting experience.

The compact design and smooth operation of this Pro Series model make it a preferred choice for both self-defense and recreational shooting.

This highlights its overall effectiveness and value in the handgun market.

My Friends Feedback:

For Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro problems, my friend’s feedback highlighted a recurring issue with cylinder alignment after extended use.

He noted that after several thousand rounds, the yoke would occasionally cause alignment problems, making the firearm temporarily inoperable.

While Smith & Wesson’s Customer Service helped provide repair solutions, the need for frequent repairs was a downside.

Comparatively, he found his KelTec pistol, a Semi-Auto variant, to be more forgiving with fewer problems over time.

This experience underscored the importance of regular maintenance for maintaining peak firearm performance.

Common Questions Asked About Smith and Wesson Model 60 Pro Problems:

Does Smith and Wesson make good revolvers?

Today, there are several reputable revolver manufacturers such as Colt, Kimber, Ruger, Manurhin, and Korth. However, Smith & Wesson stands out for its exceptional quality relative to its price point.

Is a Smith and Wesson powerful?

The 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum was specifically engineered to be the most potent production handgun cartridge right from its inception.

Is the Smith and Wesson Model 60 still in production?

Later production models of the revolver were upgraded with a lengthened ejector rod shroud and were chambered to accommodate both .38 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges. Production began in 1965, and a variant of the revolver continues to be manufactured.

What is the Smith and Wesson controversy?

Nuns filed a lawsuit in Nevada state court. They allege Smith & Wesson’s directors and management violated laws. They failed to respond to mass shooting lawsuits.

Can a Model 60 shoot 357?

The Model 60 and 640 had their frame windows lengthened for longer cylinders to fit 357 Magnum rounds. This started with the -9 in the Model 60 and the -1 in the Model 640. The original steel-framed guns, like the Model 36 and earlier Model 60s and 640s, were still strong enough for .38 Special use.

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