Solve 6 Smith And Wesson SD9VE Problems Using Pro Tips

As a seasoned gun owner, I’ve found my fair share of issues with the Smith and Wesson SD9VE during my research.

When quality and performance are put to the test, I need to address these common problems and offer handy solutions to fix them.

Don’t be deterred by common Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems; instead, dive deep into each issue individually to understand what went wrong and how to address it effectively.

For those considering their first purchase, this guide aims to give you a leg up on troubleshooting and maintaining your Smith and Wesson SD9VE. So read till the end!

Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems & Solutions at a Glance

6 ProblemsWith Their Quick Solution
Striker Wear IssueConsider replacing the striker.
Trigger StuckClean and lubricate.
Slide Pulling IssueSmooth excess plastic on the magazine spring.
Accuracy IssueAdjusting sights can enhance accuracy; replacing the barrel may help.
Stovepiping ProblemKeep it clean, ensure a firm grip, and consult a gunsmith.
Failing To Lock Back the SlideInspect the magazine baseplate.
Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems
Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems

Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems With Their Practical Solutions:

1. Striker Wear Issue:

In the realm of firearms, the Smith and Wesson SD9VE is renowned for its reliability, but inconsistencies can occur with its striker mechanism over time. Wear and tear may lead to annoying issues like failure to fire.

One such issue is the pin blocker failing to catch, causing the firing pin to stick or fail to engage, resulting in ignition inconsistencies. Regular maintenance is crucial to address these problems, ensuring optimal reliability for business owners and gun enthusiasts alike.

Striker Wear Issue’s Solution:

When faced with striker wear in your Smith and Wesson SD9VE, the best solution might be to replace the striker altogether. However, sourcing a factory striker can be tricky, and DIY replacement isn’t advisable for everyone.

In such cases, it’s wise to send your firearm to a trusted gunsmith or company. A professional can efficiently diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring reliability is restored.

2. Trigger Stuck:

This gun is designed to withstand the paces of intense shooting, but when the trigger gets stuck, it throws off your rhythm and disrupts your shooting experience.

When your trigger is glued in place and refuses to cooperate, it’s an immediate red flag that needs attention. While it may be tempting to ignore it and continue shooting, doing so can exacerbate the issue. Promptly addressing this problem is essential for maintaining the reliability of your firearm.

Trigger Stuck’s Solution:

When faced with a trigger stuck on your Smith and Wesson SD9VE, proper cleaning and lubrication are essential.

Clean the trigger assembly thoroughly to remove any debris or gunk, then apply a small amount of firearm-specific lubricant. Avoid overdoing it to maintain smooth action.

Taking care of maintenance issues like this sooner rather than later is crucial for reliability. Regular cleaning and lubrication ensure smooth operation. Consulting a pro for inspection and repairs is advisable if unsure.

However, if you’re experiencing persistent problems with your firearm, such as those with the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380, it’s important to address them promptly to maintain its functionality and safety.

3. Slide Pulling Issue:

Encountering a slide-pulling issue at the range is a frustrating hiccup I’ve faced firsthand. When loading my magazine, the slide failing to pull back after the last bullet was fired felt like hitting a heavy door that wouldn’t budge.

This beast of a problem not only leaves lovely dent marks on your ammunition but also compromises the integrity of your firearm.

Slide Pulling Issue’s Solution:

Finding a fix for the slide pulling issue on your Smith and Wesson SD9VE can be worth it for a smooth operation. Using files and sandpaper to smooth excess plastic on the magazine spring and follower proved effective in my experience.

Taking the magazine apart and removing excess plastic ensures the smooth operation of the slide. Once sanded, putting together the magazine becomes easy, ensuring effortless slide operation.

If you’re encountering any issues, such as those with the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems, this step can often resolve them.

4. Accuracy Issue:

When it comes to accuracy problems with the Smith and Wesson SD9VE, blame often falls on the shooter. However, as someone who spends time at the range, I’ve realized the issue can go beyond the shooter.

If your shots consistently land less than ideal, investigate what might be fishy. Check if the sights are aligned or if there’s any tilt in the barrel. Even experienced shooters can be thrown off by mechanical issues.

Accuracy Issue’s Solution:

When dealing with accuracy problems in your Smith and Wesson SD9VE, seeking a second opinion can be beneficial. While folks often blame shooter error for shots missing the mark, it’s worth brushing up on your skills.

Making sight adjustments can significantly improve your shooting. If needed, consider replacing the barrel for better results. With these adjustments and practice, you’ll be hitting targets with precision.

5. Stovepiping Problem:

Stovepiping can ruin a day at the range for any gun enthusiast. This issue occurs when a cartridge gets stuck in the ejection port, disrupting the shooting experience.

Experiencing a stovepiping can be unnerving. Instead of smooth operations, you’re left counting on luck to clear out the jam. Promptly addressing this issue is crucial for maintaining the reliability of your firearm.

Stovepiping Problem’s Solution:

To address stovepiping with your SD9VE, remember that cleanliness is very important.

And I’m not talking about ocassional cleaning: Regular cleaning is crucial.

Ensure a firm grip and avoid limp-wristing to prevent stovepiping. Consulting a gunsmith for advice may help. With the right form, stovepiping can be corrected, resulting in a clean shooting experience. For further information, read more about Ruger SR9C Problems.

6. Failing To Lock Back the Slide:

Experiencing the slide not locking back after firing the last round can be incredibly frustrating. Instead of the satisfying click indicating an empty gun, you’re left with an inconvenience during a vital situation. I’ve run into this issue with my SD9VE, and it’s a real downer. It’s crucial to troubleshoot this problem to ensure the flow of your shooting experience remains uninterrupted.

Failing To Lock Back the Slide’s Solution:

Addressing the complicated issue of the slide failing to lock back involves troubleshooting. Start by removing the magazine and inspecting the gun’s baseplate. A stretched or improperly seated spring may be the culprit. Adjustments here can make a world of difference.

If current magazines fail, consider replacing them with quality ones from trusted sources like Brownells. A smooth functioning slide lock adds to the shooting experience and instills trust in your firearm.

My Final Conclusion:

In the context of firearm ownership, the Smith & Wesson SD9VE emerges as a solid choice. Its affordable price tag doesn’t compromise on reliability, making it a reliable companion for both seasoned gun owners and newcomers alike.

Though some problems like stovepiping and slide issues may be encountered along the way, these are mere bumps in the road for a gun that’s built to last.

With time and proper care, the SD9VE proves itself to be a sturdy and dependable firearm, worthy of its place in any arsenal. The pros of this firearm undeniably outweigh the cons, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

My Friends Feedback:

Upon discussing various aspects of the SD9VE with fellow enthusiasts, a consensus emerged regarding its shooting performance. Some reported consistent low shots, prompting them to seek assistance from a gunsmith. Issues with the pistol’s barrel and bushing were commonly cited, contributing to a degree of inaccuracy. Suggestions ranged from investing in a Laser Boresight to adjusting the sights for better alignment.

Despite efforts to troubleshoot, the SD9VE failed to HIT the mark, leaving many puzzled about the root cause. One friend recounted his recent experience at the range with the SD9VE. After a spell in the gun case, he eagerly purchased the pistol and released a few rounds.

However, his excitement was short-lived as the rounds consistently struck low, deviating from the intended point of aim (POA). Concerns were raised about the barrel and recoil spring, with reports of FTF issues and ejection problems. Despite attempts to rectify the failures, doubts lingered about the reliability of this otherwise promising firearm.

Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems
Smith and Wesson SD9VE Problems

Common Questions Asked About Smith and Wesson SD9VE:

What is the difference between Smith and Wesson SD and SDVE?

Since 2012, Smith & Wesson has been producing the “SD VE” (VE standing for Value Enhanced) models, featuring stainless steel slides. Apart from variations in slide color, both the SD and SD VE pistols share identical mechanical components.

Can you conceal an SD9VE?

While the SD9VE wasn’t specifically tailored for concealed carry, its size can pose a concealment challenge. Nonetheless, pairing it with a suitable IWB holster enables concealed carry.

Is the Smith and Wesson SD9VE double-action?

The firearm in question is the Smith & Wesson SD9 VE, a double-action handgun chambered in 9mm, featuring a striking black and stainless finish.

How many rounds can an SD9VE hold?

The SD9VE typically comes with standard magazines that hold up to 16 rounds.

Is the SD9VE a full size pistol?

The Smith & Wesson SD9 VE is a full-sized 9mm pistol with a 16-round capacity, available at Academy.

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