4 Smith and Wesson TRR8 Problems: Solutions and Advice

The Smith and Wesson TRR8 Problems TRR8 stands out for its remarkable performance and reliability in most shooting scenarios.

Having started my journey with the TRR8, I quickly realized that while it can deliver perfect accuracy, unexpected issues arise, particularly with the cylinder and frame.

These scratches and lose components can occasionally affect shooting sessions’ overall performance and enjoyment.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’ll explain the issues and show you how to fix them so you can enjoy your TRR8 without any problems.

Let’s begin!

Problems & Solutions at a Glance

4 Problems With Their Quick Solution
Problem with the CylinderClean cylinder thoroughly and check latch engagement.
Scratches on the FrameUse a silicone cloth for minor scratches.
Loose Barrel ShroudTighten shroud screws with an Allen wrench.
Grip ProblemApply grip tape for better control.
Smith and Wesson TRR8 Problems

Smith and Wesson TRR8 Problems With Their Practical Solution:

1. Problem with the Cylinder:

The Smith and Wesson TRR8 cylinder is critical for its accuracy and performance but can occasionally pose issues.

From my experience, cylinder problems can arise unexpectedly, especially during crucial moments at the range. The cylinder is a must to ensure reliable performance.

However, there are times when it may fail to rotate smoothly or align appropriately with the barrel. In a high-quality revolver like the TRR8, encountering a severe cylinder issue can be frustrating.

Any cylinder malfunction during fast-paced action, such as competitive shooting or self-defense scenarios, can significantly impact accuracy.


To address problems with the cylinder requires a solution that ensures reliable performance. From my experience, a more straightforward approach starts with ensuring the gun is unloaded and the safety is engaged before proceeding.

  • Begin by thoroughly inspecting the cylinder for any debris or grime that may hinder its operation.
  • Meticulously clean the cylinder and its grooves using a soft cloth and light brushing. This routine cleaning helps maintain smooth operation and prevents issues from recurring.
  • Consider checking the cylinder latch for a more permanent fix to ensure it engages properly.
  • If the problem persists despite these efforts, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional gunsmith. They can provide a detailed inspection and offer a solution tailored to the specific issue at hand, giving you a heads-up on maintaining your TRR8 in optimal condition.

2. Scratches on the Frame:

The Smith and Wesson TRR8 boasts a beautiful frame that enhances its appearance and performance.

However, owners may encounter scratches on the frame over time, detracting from its aesthetic appeal. From my experience, using this firearm regularly requires being extra careful to avoid these issues.

Even minor scratches can accumulate, affecting the price range and potentially leading to long-term issues like rusting if brushed off.


So, here’s how to resolve the problem. As someone who values firearm maintenance, ensuring the firearm is unloaded and the safety engaged is a top priority before fixing scratched areas.

A silicone cloth can work wonders for minor scratches to prevent further damage. Consider using specialized firearm scratch removers to treat the frame and restore its original condition gently for more severe scratches.

To protect your firearm from future damage, storing it in a padded case provides additional protection against elements that could harm the metal. This proactive approach ensures your Smith and Wesson TRR8 remains in top shape for years.

3. Loose Barrel Shroud:

A loose barrel shroud on the Smith and Wesson TRR8 can be a pain for firearm owners. When noticed, a wobbly shroud affects the firearm’s accuracy, causing it to shoot less safely.

This issue becomes crucial during critical moments, impacting the stability needed for precise aiming and consistent performance. Using the TRR8 frequently may exacerbate the problem, causing the barrel shroud to loosen over time.

To address this, it is essential to ensure the barrel shroud is firmly secured to the gun. This stability is necessary to avoid rounds being off-target and potentially compromising the shots’ caliber.


Don’t worry; I have a solution for you.

When this issue is noticed, it compromises the gun’s stability and can affect accuracy. From personal experience, the most straightforward fix begins with ensuring the firearm is unloaded and the safety is engaged.

Using an Allen wrench, which can be found at any hardware store, carefully tighten the screws securing the barrel shroud. This trick ensures a tight fit without risking stripping the screws.

A loose shroud can sometimes be attributed to a manufacturing defect, which may require professional assessment and repair if the issue persists despite tightening.

4. Grip Problem:

Ah, the grip issue. A stock grip that feels slippery can be particularly problematic, especially in sweaty or high-stress situations.

This poor grip hampers aim accuracy and compromises overall security and comfort during use. From personal experience, achieving a secure grip is essential for maintaining control and confidence while handling the TRR8.

Upgrading to a grip that offers better traction can significantly enhance performance and handling, providing a more reliable experience in various shooting conditions.


What’s the fix? It’s essential to ensure the firearm is unloaded before exploring solutions.

One effective solution is applying, which enhances traction and promotes better handling control. Whether opting for aftermarket grips or textured rubber, choosing the right grip enhancement can be a game-changer in improving shooting performance.

From personal experience, the installation of grip enhancements can vary in complexity, often requiring professional assistance to ensure proper fit and functionality.

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My Final Conclusion:

Let’s summarize. Let being a piece of machinery many shooters admire; it’s not flawlessit’sit could be reported a cylinder issue and frame scratches that appear over time.

There are also occasional grip problems and a loose barrel shroud. However, these issues have straightforward fixes.

Overall, the TRR8 remains a reliable gun. It may need some fine-tuning, but it delivers on its promise of quality and performance.

It’s a champ when it comes to handling and accuracy.

My Friends Feedback:

When discussing the Smith and Wesson TRR8, my friends have shared various experiences, highlighting some problems and their fixes.

A common issue is the barrel shroud becoming loose after firing several rounds. John mentioned that the barrel nut can start wiggling, causing the shroud to shift.

To address this, he used a barrel wrench and red loctite on the threads, ensuring a more solid fix. Tightening the setscrews with proper torque also helped maintain stability.

Mike encountered issues with the cylinder face and cylinder gap. After a year of regular use, the cylinder showed signs of wear, affecting the gap between the barrel and the cylinder.

His solution was to use a shim for spacing and setscrews with red loctite to secure the cylinder gap, ensuring the gun maintained its accuracy.

Tom ordered a 327 TRR8 and noticed excessive wear on the finish and cosmetic issues in areas like the inside of the frame and the cylinder stop. Despite these issues, he praised the gun’s performance.

To solve the cosmetic problems, he contacted customer service and got a refinished barrel and, eventually, the whole gun. The customer service manager provided a replacement, resulting in a satisfactory resolution.

An acquaintance who daily carries an SW 586 L-Comp found the TRR8’s stock grip too slippery during high-stress situations. He opted for replacement grips with Hogue finger grooves, which significantly improved his shooting experience.

These experiences show that while the Smith and Wesson TRR8 may have some issues, many can be resolved with simple solutions and patience.

Whether dealing with a loose barrel shroud, cosmetic wear, or grip problems, the right approach can ensure a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience.

Smith and Wesson TRR8 Problems

Common Questions Asked About Smith and Wesson TRR8 Problems:

How much does a TRR8 trigger weight?

The double-action trigger pull measured 7 pounds, 11 ounces, while the single-action pull was recorded at 2 pounds, 4 ounces. The cylinder opens smoothly and can accommodate full-moon clips loaded with either .357 Magnum.

What is the difference between a S&W R8 and a TRR8?

The TRR8 features a gold bead front sight and square rear sight, while the R8 has a white dot front sight and V-notch rear sight. Additionally, the TRR8 employs standard rifling, whereas the R8 uses polygonal rifling. The R8 is distinguishable by its prominent M&P stamp.

What frame is a TRR8?

S&W constructed the TRR8 using their largest conventional revolver frame, known as the ‘N’ frame. Typically, N-frame firearms are among the heaviest traditional handguns made by S&W. However, the TRR8’s frame is uniquely crafted from a scandium alloy to reduce weight.

Is the TRR8 reliable? 

Yes, it becomes highly reliable once the initial issues are addressed.

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